VOL1, JUNE 2006


"Some people believe in living for today only. The wiser men have always lived not only for yesterday and today, but also for tomorrow. Tomorrow will justify today as today explains yesterday. Therefore, it is good to live today but in a way that one does not die tomorrow. The essence of humanity or a human being which is the latest development in the process of evolution of nature, lies in its contribution towards the growth of nature in the fellow beings and also all other living creations."




...."God-realisation is a personal experience and cannot be obtained or explained through the written word. Those who are familiar with Hindu thought and in fact with religious thought generally can realise the importance of a Guru and absolute faith in a Guru for the quickening of spiritual growth. “All things are possible to him that believeth”. But faith is founded on experience and confidence is increased by tangible proofs. To create such faith and evoke such confidence, God or a God-­man Guru has to confer wished for benefits on the disciple or devotee and the conferring of such benefits is the instrument with which God works. The less care a devotee has about his bodily or material comforts, the more perfectly he can carry out His will and programme. Sai Baba took upon his shoulders the responsibility of looking after the maintenance, health and prosperity of his disciples and devotees." ..........





I have been worshiping Baba for the past 10 years. Baba has given darshan to me in many ways. I would like to share few of them with you because there is no end to His miracles. Once I went to a hotel with my friend. I parked my vehicle, went inside the hotel, had my lunch and came out. When I was nearing my vehicle I was trying to find my key in my purse and to my shock I could not find it. Then suddenly the security guard asked me if I had forgotten my key. I said yes. Then, he handed over the key to me and said that the old man sitting over there had given it to him. Meanwhile, the old man came to me, spread his hand out in front of me and asked me to give him something. I just gave him whatever money was in my hand. It was 3 rupees that I had given him. The old man took whatever I had given him, and went away without even speaking a word. While driving back, I was thanking Baba that I got the key back, and suddenly I remembered that it was a Thursday. Every thursday I used to offer 2 rupees dakshina to baba and rupee 1 to Guru Raghavendra. and to my surprise (or shock) I realized that on that morning I had forgotton to offer that dakshina of 3 rupees. Baba, disguised as the old man took exactly rupees 3 from me and went away without speaking a word.

You just need to call Baba once, but with full love. He would never ever leave you and would always be with you, protecting from all the evils.

C. Usha Kiran Reddy




“I wait for Sai Heritage every Quarter. I look forwards to Guruji’s message. This time I devoured every word of Sai Prabha and I do not think I have patience to wait for the next one. I like the quality of the paper, print, style and contents of the magazine. My favourite is the write up and photographs of events in different temples and works. It takes me to those places when I see that section.

I think Magazine is just right though I like to see more articles about BABA, but that again is subject to your financial feasibility. I personally think the magazine should be as you are doing now and different from what you have in Website. This whets people’s curiosity to read the magazine. Keep up the good work. I look forward to it always. Congratulations to the Heritage of Shirdi Sai team for the wonderful service to the whole community.

I like the New Year 2006 edition’s cover page. It is fantastic with the colour combinations and the picture.”

Anitha Kandukuri




I belong to the Shirdi Sai Group (registered as Persatuan Shirdi Sai Baba, Selangor), Malaysia. Here we undertake programmes like bhajans, satsang, prayers, charity work, etc. I would like to know if you include activities undertaken by Centres like ours in your magazine. Also if any Malaysian devotees come across you, please direct them to us. Our contact address is - No.73, Jln Selasih, Taman Gembira, 41100 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 006-03-33717540; 0122739486. Email:

Thank you.




Who I Think SAI BABA Is

BABA is a God who helps people in need with love and affection. He does not like people who lie and cheat in tests and exams. He has special powers that could help people in tests and exams. The followers are called Devotees they write things about SAI BABA in books.

Shanmuk Sai Kumar Kandukuri 7 years.

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