KAKA SAHEB DIXIT - The devotee par-excellence of Baba

........"Let us examine the example given under the caption reading ‘Ordeal of Guru Bhakti’ in Shri Sai Satcharitra Chapter XXIII. Once Baba, asked Fakir Pir Mohammad of Malegaon alias Badebaba whom Baba used to provide with shelter, food and also pay Rs. 50.00 daily to behead a goat. Bade Baba flatly refused to kill it and confronted Baba with the argument ‘why it should be killed for nothing?’ Definitely full faith was lacking in Bade Baba.

Baba then asked Shyama another “close devotee.having lots of benefits, both material and temporal out of Baba to kill the goat. Shyama went to the house of Radhakrishnamai, another prominent devotee, got a knife and placed it before Baba. Now Radhakrishnamai, inspite of all the devotion she had for Baba, recalled the knife when she knew of the purpose. It was not that she was being asked to kill the goat but that only her knife was to be used by some one else.

Even that she would not agree to knowing fully well that it was Baba’s order. Shyama, took advantage of the situation and in the pretext of getting another knife stayed back to avoid the problem and returned after the problem was over. Undoubtedly, both these characters, inspite of their worshipful reverence for Baba had their own ideas about Papa and Punya. They certainly had not developed full faith in Baba by then. Then Baba asked Kaka Saheb Dixit, an educated Brahmin, a famous solicitor of Bombay to bring a knife and kill the goat.

Given the prevalent social condition in the first two decades of Maharastra, it would have been unthinkable for a Brahmin even to think of killing a goat by his own hands far to speak of actually doing so. But Kaka Saheb Dixit reacted quickly. He got a knife, positioned himself and raised it for giving the blow on the goat, and looked at Baba for the final signal. Baba was testing him, till the last moment when he said “What are you thinking, go on strike”.

When he was about to strike, Baba immediately asked him to stop and asked him as to how, being a Brahmin, he was trying to kill a goat. By this time Kaka had already passed the test having blindly followed the orders of the Guru but Baba wanted others present to kno.w about the thought process in Kaka’s mind, his level of faith in Him by putting such a question.

Kaka Saheb Dixit had revealed the quality of Bhakti and faith in him as spelt out in the Geeta and extolled by all saints. He said to Sai “your word is law unto us, we do not know or consider whether it is right or wrong to kill, we do not want to reason or discuss things, but implicit and prompt compliance with Guru’s order is our duty or Dharma”.

He did not try to bring in his reason like Bade Baba or think of right or wrong like Radha Krishna Mai or Shyama. He was a renowned solicitor of Bombay had become famous because he was the solicitor in Balgangadhar Tilak’s case and had profound capacity of reasoning and language. He had also read many many books dealing with religious and spiritual matters.

But when the order of Sadguru came he forgot all He knew and immediately got ready to obey the orders of the Sadguru, which was his only Dharma. In agreeing to kill the goat, he was not properly playing the role of a good Brahmin, an intellectual or a solicitor. At that moment he was purely and simply playing the role of a most faithful disciple carrying out the Guru’s commands.

It is because of this unshakable faith under all conditions that Baba promised to take him in a Vimana (i. e. Sadgiti) at the time of death. The manner in which Kaka sahib Dixit breathed his last in a moving train in 1926 (as mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharitra) lends testimony to the strength of his devotion, unshakable faith and his closeness to the Sadguru.

Therefore Kaka Saheb Dixit was made instrumental in solving most of the important problems regarding Baba’s affairs and giving a lead to other devotees after Baba had left his mortal body. It is he whose intervention settled the quarrel between the Hindus and Muslims at Shirdi on the issue of entombment/rituals concerning Baba’s mortal body.

It is he who was primarily responsible along with others in the creation of Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan at Shirdi and also starting the publication of the ‘Sai Leela’ magazine. Further, for the convenience and lodging of devotees visiting Shirdi, he had built a big rest house called Dixit Wada under the orders of Baba.".........

Q & A

We say that we are submitting our good and bad actions to Baba. At times knowing that we are committing a wrong deed we still do so. Why can’t we stop such actions?

Despite all our efforts if we are not able to control our negative thoughts and actions then it could be the effect of cause or our Samskara carried forward from the previous lives. What happens spontaneously is predestined. For example, we don’t want accidents to take place.

Even then accidents do happen at times without any mistake from our side because the laws of Karma are inevitable. Our past Samskars or impressions which propel us to precipitate certain actions come from many births and they can only be removed through a protracted period of time.

The Sadguru says that, “I have no objections even if you commit mistakes a thousand times because I know that you will commit mistakes as you carry the impressions and seeds of Karma through thousands of births. But I expect only sincere efforts from your side to evolve in the direction of inner transformation through a process of self analysis and honest actions.

Go on trying as I ask you to do. Through this process you will surely evolve.” Sadguru knows that His devotees are bound to commit mistakes. Sadgurus are the incarnations of forgiveness, patience and peace. Therefore, their grace is necessary for evolving out of such a situation through Shraddha and Saburi as prescribed by Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. Through Guru Kripa, we are sure to evolve.


BABA MAY I ANSWER book by Shri C. B. Satpathy released on Ram Navami For details see www.heritageofshirdisai.org



……“Naamno asti yaavati scaktih paapa nirharane hareh
Taavat kartum nascaknoti paatakam paataki janah

This means, "No sinner can commit so many or so heinous sins as to make it impossible for God’s name to redeem him." It is folly and ignorance of a highly self-destructive sort on the part of a sinner to limit the power of God to redeem him. Hence neither Sai nor Chaitanya despaired of redeeming desperate characters. Just as Chaitanya drew Madho and Jagai from the depths of an almost bottomless pit to the heights of saintliness, so Baba has done in the case of Das Ganu.

The words used in the first stanza above quoted show the power of God’s name. It is just as well to point out that practically God's name and God are not different. The name has a power because it is God’s name. If it is the name of the devil or any other person, it would not have such power. But the name is so closely intertwined with the object that even philosophers confound the two.

There is a school of nominalist philosophers who say that everything is only name and that there is nothing beyond. Commonsense rebels against this view and most people join the conceptualist or realist school saying that objects exist apart from names and we have a conception of an object to which name is applied as a handle. No doubt the cleverness of songsters and poets makes them attach undue importance to the bare fact of the name as in the following stanza:

Ninyaako ranga ninhang yako
Nee naama bala ondu iddare sako

This means, ‘O, Ranga (or God), what is the use of your prowess or anything else except your name? The power of your name is sufficient’. The songster begins to instance the cases of Draupadi, Gajendra, Ajamila, etc., to prove that the name was sufficient in all these cases to save them and that God himself was not wanted for the purpose of saving.

This is obviously absurd in the case of Draupadi and Gajendra where God himself took action or appeared and saved the devotees. Only in the case of Ajamila, there is some degree of justification for the poetic flair, and perhaps some basis for it in the Bhagavata stanza which runs as follows:

Etavata alam agha nirharanaya pumsam
sankritanam bhagavato gunakarma namnam
Aakruscya putram aghavan yat Ajamilo api
Naarayana iti Mriyamanaiyaya muktim.

This means. ‘To wipe off sins of men, it is enough if they go on with sankirtanam, that is, good singing or recital of God's gunas, (qualities), karma (deeds), and nama (names). (For example) Ajamila, though a great sinner, by barely calling out the name of his child Narayana at the moment of death obtained mukti.

This seems a basis for saying that the bare utterance of God’s name, even though the utterance was only of the name of the child bearing God’s name, at the moment of death, would have the effect of saving a man.”……




Does Materialism Lead to Spiritual Progression?

People across the globe, have taken to worship of Baba in difficult times and have experienced His grace in resolution of their personal problems. Devotees of Baba know that Sai Satcharita parayan or Sai Naam jaap helps to resolve the problems. Even though the initial relationship established between the devotee and the God is conditional, the solutions and guidance rendered through the prayers helps in intensifying their faith in Baba and paves the way for spiritual evolution.

Baba, Himself encouraged devotees to come to Him to seek solutions for their monetary and other materialistic problems. After satisfying their wants, Baba encouraged devotees to move towards spirituality by worshiping Nirgun and Nirakaar form and reading sacred scriptures which help man, in understanding the purpose and aim of human life and its actual state.

Reading Sai Satcharita has many benefits and one should turn to reading it for solutions to problems. However the devotees entangled with materialism, forget that Baba came down on the earth in human form with a purpose. Baba's aim was to remove our ignorance and give permanent relief from the mundane problems through spiritual evolution. Baba gave us subtle hints about the spiritual process through parables as well as through practical examples. Baba's core teaching constitute -

"Fakir (Mendicacy) was the real Lordship as it was everlasting, and the so called Lordship (riches) was transient".

Detachment to materialistic things and people.

Charity should be done with pure detachment and generosity and awe.

Baba never encouraged people to buy expensive things for Him when He was in physical form in Shirdi. Baba said money and women were bar to spiritual progress (chapter 14). Mahalsapathy, ardent devotee of Baba was very poor. When Hansraj, the rich merchant, wanted to give money to Mahalsapathy, Baba prevented Mahalsapathy from accepting that money.

What was the reason behind this? Baba may have wanted to establish the fact that spiritual progression is independent of the materialistic needs. Baba made sure that Mahalsapathy always had basic needs for discharging his duties as a family man, so there was no need for money which would bar his spiritual progress.

In present times affluent devotees of Baba create a big fuss and make a public show of donating things to Baba when the same can be done anonymously. A few devotees like to let the world know that they are associated with the gifts given to Baba. Such acts makes one think that there is a secret agenda behind giving gifts to Baba and announcing their act to the world at large.

The desire to be recognised by the society as a philanthropist or establish connections or contacts and buy their way into the elite society, or it could be as simple as fulfilling a pledge to God. However, this does not need publicity. Such acts breed competition among other well to do devotees, who want to surpass the generosity by giving more expensive gifts. There is a paradigm shift of detachment, the move is away from the attachment from money to that of fame. There is no spiritual progression when such attitudes prevail.

The prime focus of modern man is on wealth and materialism. To progress and evolve spiritually one must step out of the box of materialism. This move happens only when one understands the significance of Baba's teachings as mentioned in the Sai Satcharita. God does not show discrimination; neither is He swayed by the riches and gifts offered. What God seeks is pure love.

In chapter 4 of Sai Satcharita, Hemadpant describes the personality of Baba “The rich or poor people were the same to Him. He did not know or care for honour or dishonour. He was the Lord of all beings.” Would such a Master be moved by the riches of this world? No parent would like to live in riches whilst His children suffer. Can Baba, our father, who is always thinking about the welfare of the devotees, be happy sitting on a flashy golden throne studded with jewels and be adorned in dainty clothes when His children are dying of hunger, abuse and poverty?

The concept of “Manava Seva is Madhava Seva” – service to man is service to God, inspires the genuine spiritual aspirants to come up with ways and means of attaining spiritual progression through acts of kindness. Sincere spiritual aspirants set up family trusts to spend on the genuine causes, or adopt their native villages to develop them, help getting girls married, sponsor a child or provide scholarships to economically disadvantaged children and help them to study.

The reason why not many affluent devotees take to these acts is due to the fact that the world does not know and appreciate their acts when done anonymously. There seems to be a misplaced idea that acts of charity are done to please and impress the world at large rather than impressing Baba and earn honour in His durbar.

Baba cautioned “..Do not be deluded by worldly honor. The form of the Deity should be firmly fixed in the mind. Let all the senses and mind be ever devoted to the worship of the Lord, let there be no attraction for any other thing; fix the mind in remembering Me always, so that it will not wander elsewhere, towards body, wealth and home.

Then it will be calm, peaceful and care-free. This is the sign of the mind, being well engaged in good company. If the mind is vagrant, it cannot be called well-merged." (Chapter 6 Satcharita).

Next time while doing Sai Satcharita Parayan one should to reflect on Baba’s teachings. When we stop making a show of our spirituality and lead a simple life and help others, Baba showers His grace upon us. Let us be honest.

We cannot please everybody we meet even if we were to sacrifice all our wealth or life, but when we make Baba happy by serving at least one person by praying for them, donate a very small amount or give a meal to a hungry child by keeping their dignity, Baba is pleased. When Baba is pleased He returns what we give Him in manifold. Earning the grace of God is the biggest wealth.

It is not easy to lead the life as described by Baba. Hurdles and failures are common. But a small step at a time is sure to lead us to success. Let us remember the effort of the squirrel in building a bridge for Lord Rama in Ramayana – Lord Rama was pleased with the effort of squirrel and blessed it abundantly.

Every small gesture of service to the needy, offered with humility, pleases Baba more than a pompous show of wealth which is a waste. Let us think of Baba when we eat, while embarking on a task, discharging our duty, and talk to Him as we would to a parent living with us. A humble request, let us ponder and analyse our acts and seek Baba’s blessings to guide us in the right path to progress and evolve spiritually.

Anitha Kandukuri, Canberra, Australia




Prior to coming to Spain my mother used to reside in Mumbai in the company of her grandfather who was a very spiritual person and used to take her to a Sai temple. We have a Sai Murti in our home but we do not consider this to be a statue but Sai himself. Getting the Sai Murti was a dream coming true of my mother.

After visiting India in the year 1978 she received it in a wooden box as a gift from a relative. The weight of the statue was exactly 26 kg as seen by my mother in her dream. Daily pooja was performed at home and we all visited Shirdi a few years later when we travelled to India.

This year on the occasion of Sai's Puniya Tithi (Maha Samadhi) we have kept Sai Charitra Parayan, Abhishek Pooja, (Sai's Bath) Bhajan/Kirtan and Prashadham distribution at home as we have been doing for the past 26 years now with Sai's Grace.

When I was almost 13 years old I had a little accident and had to undergo a couple of surgeries of my foot in Spain. The pain and damage caused to the tissues remained and someone suggested that we visit a very good surgeon in Mumbai. He admitted me in his clinic immediately in order to operate. After the operation he insisted that I should stand up and start walking. I had lost my confidence.

However, a couple of days after I was discharged from hospital, I had visited a small Sai temple in the (Khar west area) in Mumbai. While climbing the first step to access the temple a man said in hindi, looking at my mother "she will be fine. She is blessed by Sai"and gave me the prasad he was carrying. There was no way he could have figure out that I have had a surgery as I was wearing socks and he could not see the bandages etc..

A few weeks later, my mother, her cousin brother, his wife and I rented a car and a driver and travelled to Shirdi. As we reached Shirdi there were tons of people queuing at the samadhi temple and there was water running on the floor. The security guards had just closed the main gate entrance and were pushing all those ladies, men and little kids who somehow wanted to cross the metal bar gates and jump to enter the Temple.

My mother and her cousins were quite concerned as I could not stand for very long and we had come all the way to take His darshan and they had closed the doors till the next Morning Aarti which takes place at 5 o'clock.

I had an intuition that I was not going to wait till the next morning. My mothers cousin explained that we had come all the way etc... etc... but they couldn't careless. Those were the rules and they were a lot of ill people, handicapped and others waiting for so long too. They suggested we find a place to stay or just to wait outside as others were doing. In the old days you could wait sitting on the floor, but nowadays it is different as the entire pilgrimage area is closed inside a complex.

I kept on watching everyone’s faces but deep inside, I knew that something was about to happen. Some young guard wearing a green uniform without even talking to my mother or asking for permission lifted me up in his arms and told my relatives to follow. As we reached upstairs he said I would have to walk a little. I said but the floor is wet and he said do not worry; take His darshan.

He lifted me again as we came close to the Samadhi and the pandit who was still there wearing kind of a red dhoti, gave me a rose flower and prasad from a big metal circular deep vase. I was also taken to a back room which is still there in the Samadhi Temple was given vibhuti and coconut. My mother’s relatives believed it was a miracle and so did my mother and I.

We were about to leave when someone suggested we should stay overnight. The next day we visited Dwarkamai Temple and Gurusthan. From that day until today, I have experienced an unlimited number of Sai leelas. Whatever I am today is only thanks to Sai. Whenever I have found myself in tension or trouble He has come to rescue me. "Sai ki Leela Hain Aparampar".

For the past 31 years now He has been showering His Grace on all the members of my family, friends and visitors who have come to take His darshan at home. I would like to convey a message to all Sai devotees and to those who are getting to know Him, never to lose hope and to keep their faith firm and have patience.

Even if you feel things are going wrong, have patience. Just call for Him and He will always be there with you. Do not remember Him only when you are in trouble and when you suffer. Chant His name and practice His teachings in daily life, it is only then that you will feel His presence everywhere you go.

Kantu Motwani, Ceuta - Spain

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A Prayer

O Sai,
Thou art my father, my mother,
My Lord, my Master, my everything.
Make me but a blade of grass
Under Thy lotus feet
For Thou to tread upon.
Ruffle Thy kindly fingers
Through my scarce hair
In silent Blessing.
O Icon of compassion,
Accept this tiny bouquet of flowers,
Offered at Thy lotus feet.
Fan the dying embers
Of my weak fluttering heart
For just a little while more
Only to serve Thee
To my heart's fill.
Light up my twilight sky
With variegated sunset colours,
Ere the Night falls
And I remain no more.

Satyendu Narayan Mishra, Bhubaneswar, Orissa


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“Sabka Malik Ek” the words uttered by the Holy Master Shirdi Sai Baba not only sums up the whole truth of the concept of national integration but also that of universal integration. There is One God, the Eternal, the only Being, none exists save He.

The God is the god of every creed, the god of all. Names make no difference to Him. Allah, God, Gott, Diew, Khuda, Brahma, Bhagawan…..and yet God is beyond the limitations of name. He is in the sun, wind, water, fire and in all forms. God in all and all in God.

Sai Baba’s teachings and philosophy show that all sacred scriptures speak the same truth. The paths may be various but the goal is the same. All paths integrate in the same knowledge and truth of the only Almighty God. The message brought by the many prophets, saints sages, seers and divinities are all the same.

India is a land of various races, various religions and various languages. These diversities, which should be celebrated, have actually caused further divisions not only economically but also spiritually. We live in a highly materialistic world and the urgent problem facing humanity is to devise ways and means of eliminating competition, conflict and rivalry in all subtle and gross forms which they assume in various spheres of life.

Dividing and distinguishing is the chief activity of the mind and it is the most powerful tool we have. It is indeed the major barrier to our understanding things as they actually are. All of humanity are quarreling over issues of “my god and yours.” Today religion to a large extent has become a divisive rather than a unifying force.

Instead of bringing about an end to violence and hatred through realization of the fundamental oneness of all life, it has brought more violence, conflict, turmoil and hatred. National integration in India is a crying need of the day. Today, there is more division between people, as well as between different religions and even within the same religion.

This scenario brings to mind the following parables told by Maulana Jelaluddin Rumi in his “Mathnawi”. Four people were given money. The first man was a Persian. He said “I will buy some Angur”. The second man, an Arab said “No, I want Inab”. The third man who was a Turk wanted to buy some “Uzum” The Fourth, a Greek wanted to buy "Stafil”.

They started to fight because they did not know what lay beyond the words. They all had information, but had no knowledge. One man of wisdom could have reconciled them all, as such that each man could know that each in his own language wanted the same thing - “Grapes”

Baba’s durbar in the dilapidated Masjid which He called “Dwarkamai” was a reflection of not just his preaching but the actual practice of religious, economic, social and national integration. The original photograph of 1916 along with Sri Booty and Sri Bhagoji Shinde is a reminder that He truly practiced what He preached.

All who stepped into His Durbar were treated equally irrespective of exterior differences of caste, creed and socio –economic status. The Sai Satcharita mention” Princes and Paupers were treated alike by Him”. Sai Baba like Buddha practiced the truth of “One Brotherhood”, the human brotherhood which unites the children of earth indiscriminately in the Fatherhood of God. His mission was to free oneself from national, racial and religious boundaries and unite ourselves in the “human brotherhood which is devoid of the differences of caste, class, creed race and religion.

Baba's life is a portrayal of his tolerance and understanding and He allowed everyone to have his own path and did not compare the principles of others with His own but allowed freedom of thought to everyone. All places were considered sacred enough for His worship and to Him all religions conveyed the religion of the soul. “I saw Thee in the sacred Kabba and in the Temple of the idol also Thee I saw.”

To Him all were like the beads of the rosary. He never claimed to belong to any particular religion. His devotees belonged to different religions. Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, and Christians came for His darshan. Baba Himself did not profess any particular religion but confirmed each in his own. His mode of teaching and instruction were borne of love and compassion as per the mental make up and capacity of His devotees.

There are moral principles taught to mankind by various teachers, by many traditions, each one differing from others, like separate drops coming out of the fountain, but when we look, we find there is but one stream although it turns into several drops on falling.

The moral principles may be many but the source of all is Love. It is love that gives birth to hope, patience, endurance, forgiveness tolerance, understanding and faith. In the present atmosphere of disturbing communal propaganda, it needs to be remembered that Sai’s teachings of love, peace and tolerance are what the present humanity needs.

The Sufi bhakti movement of medieval India navigated by Hindu and Muslims mystics articulated a powerful vision of amity and co-existence challenging caste and community division. Poets like Tulsidas, Surdas, Dawood and Kabir wrote in the language of the masses.

Baba too spoke in the language of the masses which left many people wondering if He was a Hindu or a Muslim. Guru Nanak was asked “What is superior? Islam or Hinduism? The Guru replied “Devoid of good deeds none will find place in God’s court. He alone, O Nanak knoweth the way, who earns with the sweat of his brow and shares with others.”

Sai Baba respected other religions and expected His followers also to do the same. Once Baba came to know that one of His favorite devotees had recently talked ill of Christ and Christianity at his lodging. When the devotee came to massage Baba's feet, Baba shouted “Get away! Do not massage me”. The devotee understood and repented.

Baba then allowed him to massage His feet as usual. Similarly, Baba did not like anybody changing his religion. Baba’s mission was to convince all that all religions are nothing but different paths leading to the same goal, i.e., realization of God. He wanted His children to live in peace and harmony. India needs the same harmony and brotherhood today to preserve unity and integrity of the nation.

This is the path of Shri Sai Baba where religion is redefined from inside out after replacing the outside authority by one’s conviction of his own potential that can be realized in this life span through interacting with other human beings in a humanistic way.

After all we are here to celebrate the same party in different outfits. One should be free to enjoy his stay on this planet and be allowed to grow on his own amidst the company of other growing souls. We, Sai devotees therefore must make sincere efforts to put His teachings into practice and pray to Baba for his love and guidance.

Renuka Arun, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


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Poonam Suri, UAE

Ninety percent of all health, marital family and financial problems is rooted in unforgiveness. Unforgiveness not only makes you a prisoner to your own past but also produces bitterness. The longer you remember the offense the more data you accumulate it and occupy your thinking, the more it shapes your person.

Bitterness is not just a sin; it is an infection and will infect your whole life. It makes you become sarcastic, condemning, creates a nasty disposition, harassed by the memories of what you can't forgive, your thoughts become malignant toward others, you get a distorted view of life and you have literally diseased your whole existence.

Anger begins to rage in you and it can easily get out of control. Your emotions begin to run wild. Your mind becomes the victim of your emotions. You entertain continuing thoughts of revenge. And what happens? Even casual conversation becomes a forum for slander, a forum for gossip, a forum for innuendo against the offender and your flesh not spirit has gained control.

According to Dale Carnegie, "When we hate our enemies, we are giving them power over us: power over our sleep, our appetite, our blood pressure, our health, and our happiness. Our enemies would dance with joy if only they knew how they were worrying us, lacerating us, and getting even with us! Our hate is not hurting them at all, but our hate is turning our own days and nights into a hellish turmoil."

To forgive is to release people from your judgment. Give up the right to pay them back. Decide to stop playing videotapes of the offence over and over again in your mind. Forgiveness is not a feeling but rather it is a choice.

Meena Gupta Seth, Delhi

My wish for all: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life.

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Pritam, Canada

I am very thankful to receive "Heritage Of Shirdi Sai" magazine and Sai Heritage E-Zine. By getting Heritage of Shirdi Sai I feel like I am being blessed by Shri Sai Baba through His kind divine mercy and love., I also would like to thank each and everyone who is working so hard for this excellent web site.

Please keep up the good work and may Sai Baba’s blessing be on you all in this world and the next. Please pray that I can soon do the darshan of Sai Baba in Shirdi. Thank you and merci!


These days a lot of devotees have made Baba a personalized God. although there is nothing wrong in it, but spreading the teachings in a sense to grant it a status of religion should be curbed because it is a beautiful spiritual philosophy and should remain like that………

Heritage of Shirdi Sai is a magazine which inspires lot of people to join the wave of Saism, however the standard articles should also include certain topics on deeper spiritual and philosophical thoughts concerning the essence of teachings of Baba in the strictest spiritual sense.


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Located at SAI KA MADHUBAN in Unionville - Three Annual Events celebrated: Ram Navami Guru Purrnima, and Vijay Dashami, Monthly Weekly and daily Activities: Abhishek - Akhand Parayan - Bhajan Sandhaya - Aarti - Annadaan..."Prepare a Meal" - Chitra Yatra - Paduka Puja - Palki Pothi & Portrait Procession - Volunteer Sevices - Character and Moral Values. A Youth Program based on Baba's Teachings and Shri Sai Ceremonial Yatra. For event updates visit www.shirdisainath.org


Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, Canada, (Toronto) cordially invite Devotees to attend - volunteer - Receive Baba's Grace and be Immersed in Divine Bliss on the AUSPICIOUS day of THURSDAY 6:30PM at the GUR MANDIR 207 Queen's Plate Drive., Etobicoke (South of Steeles on the East side of Highway 27 on Queen's Plate). Invocation Ceremony of Baba's Divine Blessings will be conducted with Sacred Ashtotra Namavali to the accompaniment of Bhajans, Satcharita Paraayan, Naivedaya Offerings Dhoop Aarti and Mahaprasaad (Preeti Bhoj) Devotees are welcome to bring a dish for Naivedaya Offerings as inspired by Baba. Details at www.shirdisainath.org


Maple Crest Private School 28 Roytech Road. Woodbridge, ON L4L 8E4 PHONE - 416-294-4804 (by appointment only). Complementary copy of "Sai Satcharita" (one per family) in all languages is now available, excluding Pothi in Marathi, Indira kher ji's English Version and Hindi Pothi by Kakaria ji,. Reserve your copy today. For pictures - posters - CD's - VCD's- Baba Murtis and other books on Baba visit the Resource Centre. On Line Shopping coming soon at www.shirdisainath.org . HERITAGE OF SHIRDI SAI MAGAZINE is now AVAILABLE IN CANADA: Send your request for subscription. Limited copies only. Email: saileela99@yahoo.com


2721 Markham Road, Unit# 8, Toronto, Ontario, M1X 1L5 (North East corner of Markham Road and Nashdene), Tel:647-444-4724, Email: info@theshirdisaimandir.ca Website:www.theshirdisaimandir.ca

Daily Operating Hours: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Extended hours on THURSDAY and SATURDAY: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Baba's Kakad Aarti, Abhishek Puja, Madhyan Aarti, Dhoop Aarti, Satcharita Reading and Shej Aarti are performed every day.

Bhajans and Sai Naam Sankirtan are offered to Baba on Thursday and Saturday evenings.

Various resources such as Satcharitas, Photos, CDs are available.
Please visit our website for information on Mandir activities.



Shirdi Sai parivar in Vancouver holds Satsang on Thursday (6.30-7.30pm)and Sai abhishek and aarti first Sunday of every month at 8571, 118A St, Delta, V4C 6L2. For further details contact (604) 592 4182 or email, say.sai.sai@gmail.com.


Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir Edmonton, Located at 3036 - 106 Street. Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Operating Hours: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. (Monday to Saturday except Thursdays)
Thursday and Sundays: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
For Program details visit the website or call: Tel: 1-780-757-3333, Email: shirdisaibabaedmonton@yahoo.ca or visit website: www.shirdisaibabaedmonton.com


By the grace of our Shirdi Sai we are happy to announce the inauguration of Shri Shirdi Sai Temple in LA region in the city of Montebello. We need the support of all Sai Devotees. For more information please email krishna@shirdisaila.org



Location:7674 Sawmill Road, Dublin, OH-43016

Daily timings and activities:

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM 9:00 AM Kakad Arati, 12:00 Noon: Madhyan Arati 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm: 6:00 PM: Dhoop Arathi, 8:30 PM: Shej Arathi


Temple is open from
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Every Thursday:
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Sai Bhajans followed by Mangal Arati and Shej Arati at 9:30 PM.

For more information please call at 614-799-8411 or visit http://www.saibaba.cc/.



Location: 897-B E. Kifer Rd, Sunnyvale, CA - 94086

Daily timings and activities:

6:15 am – 7:40 am: Abhishekam and Kakad Arathi at 6:30 am
11.45 am – 12:30 pm: Madhyan Arathi at 12:00 pm
6:00 pm – 9:30 pm: Dhoop Arathi at 6:30 pm and Shej Arathi at 8:30 pm

6:15 am – 7:40 am: Kakad Arathi at 6:30 am
11:00 am – 9:30 pm: Madhyan Arathi at 12:00 pm, Dhoop Arathi at 6:30 pm and Shej Arathi at 8:30 pm

Every Thursday:
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Shirdi Sai Bhajans

For more information please call 408-705-7904 / 408-564-6704 or send email to saibandhu@yahoo.com or visit our website at http://www.shirdisaiparivaar.org/


Location: 700 James Burgess Road,Suwanee GA 30024, USA

The North America Shirdi Sai Temple is located at 700 James Burgess Road,Suwanee GA 30024.Temple is open all seven days of the week. Baba's Kakad Aarti, Abhishek Puja, Madhyan Aarti, Dhoop Aarti and Shej Aarti are performed every day. Bhajans are sung on all thursday and sunday evenings. For information regarding the daily schedule, temple activities and events please visit Mandir's website: www.templeofpeace.org or call 678-455-7200



Location: Sri Shirdi SaiBaba Temple in greater Detroit 28875 W SEVEN MILE RD, LIVONIA, MI 48125, USA

Daily timings and activities:

Kakad Aarti 09:00 AM; Abhishekam 10:00 AM; Archana 10:30 AM; Mid-day Aarti 12:00 PM; Temple Closed 12:30 - 5:30 PM; Dhup Aarti 6:00 PM; Archana & Bhajans 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM; Sai Chalisa 8:00 PM; Shej Aarti 8:30 PM


Hanuman Chalisa 6:30 PM (Tuesday); Lalitha Sahasranamam 6:30 PM (Friday); Vishnu Sahasranamam 6:30 PM (Saturday);


No.744-1, Tingkat 1, Jln. Sentul Selatan, Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This is a new Shirdi Baba center in malaysia. We conduct weekly prayers/arathi at the following times:
Friday - 7pm - 10.30pm
Sunday - Noon - 2.30pm

Our official centre website is http://saisamaj.blogspot.com/
For more information, please email mailto:hyperkinetix@gmail.com


This is to inform all of you that we have a Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Malaysia. Here we have daily prayers and special prayers on thursday mornings 9.00am and bhajans and satsang from 8 pm onwards. Also breakfast, lunch and dinner, cooked by our seva-group is provided to all devotees. other than that first thursday of the month we have talk on spirituality, second thursday on health, third thursday satsang on Sai Satcharitra, fourth thursday talk on general topics, by experts in the respective fields. Lot of charitable activities are conducted by our Centre,like sponsoring immediate services to childrens\' homes, old-folks homes, sick and needy, etc. etc.

If any devotee, from Malaysia or Singapore likes to join our Centre, please contact Mr.SP Kannan at Mobile -012-2739486; usha - 006122392911; Res: 03-33717540. Our Centre address is : Persatuan Shirdi Sai Baba Selangor, No.2574, Jalan Seruling 59, Taman Klang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.Thank you and Sai Ram.



The dream of having a full fledged exclusive Shirdi Sai Temple in Singapore, will soon come true. Thanks to the efforts of a Sai devotee in making this happen. The Shirdi Sai Baba Centre in Singapore is now live with the 3rd floor function hall, Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman temple, being secured and converted to a full fledged exclusive Shirdi Sai worship centre. The Centre will be devoted to celebrating the life & teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba only. For more information visit our website http://www.saisansthan.com/


Bhajans Every Thursday
Venue Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, 13 May Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland

7.00 pm - 7.50 pm Sai Bhajans,
7.50 pm - 8.10 pm Pravachan and Sai Ashtotharam
8.10 pm - 8.30 pm Shej Aarthi
8.30 pm - 9.00 pm Prasad distribution.
For more details contact us Hari Gangisetty (President) Mobile: (+64) 21 629 993 Email: President@shirdisaibaba.org.nz or Bhaskar Reddy Duvvuru (Secretary) Mobile: (+64) 21 292 3807 Email: Secretary@shirdisaibaba.org.nz
Address: Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan of NZ, P.O. Box: 16142,
Sandringham, Auckland, New Zealand. Visit our website http://www.shirdisaibaba.org.nz/

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