……"There has been no focused research on this aspect covering the lives of the Perfect Masters. Would anyone care to find out the effect that such thought processes of the devotees had on the daily life of some of these Sadgurus or Gurus; it would not only be revealing but shocking. To my mind what makes the Sadgurus so perfect and magnificent is not their power of miracles or knowledge of God but their infinite tolerance and compassion to satisfy even the smallest and undeserved demands of their devotees at a total sacrifice of their minimum comforts, out of their infinite kindness.

Let us take the example of Shirdi Sai Baba’s daily life when He was at Shirdi. Baba’s divine personality had influenced and advanced the lives and conduct of hundreds of families towards righteousness. Hundreds of people used to make a bee-line to Shirdi daily. Both spiritual and material help was being given to all whether at Shirdi or else-where by Baba and that too, many a times, through miraculous methods. People who surrounded Him from early morning till late at night for the fulfillment of their multi-faceted desires, failed to realize (except a few like Kaka Saheb Dixit, Mhalaspati, Buti, Chandorkar, Shyama, Tatya, Radhakrishnamayee, Baijabai, Laxmibai, Shelke, Megha, Bala Saheb Bhate and others) the amount of suffering Baba had to undergo due to their indiscretions over demands on Baba.

Baba used to get lots of offerings and Dakshina daily from His devotees who used to come to Him from different parts of Maharashtra and other places. The gifts were mostly in the nature of cash, food items, fruits, flowers, clothes, items for His personal use, items for puja and other rituals etc. He used to distribute most of it among the devotees, the destitutes and the poor. Money received as Dakshina by Baba used to be given-away not only to some of the daily receivers like Bade Baba, Tatya Kote Patil etc. but also donated freely to some individuals and groups who used to approach Baba regularly. Such groups included Kirtan groups, Mazlis groups, dance troupes, nomadic groups demonstrating rural sports, beggars, mendicant Sadhus and Faquirs, needy devotees, destitute women and children etc. Indeed Baba’s fame for charity had spread so far and wide that many families with children used to come and camp at Shirdi only to live off Baba's charity. By 1915/16 this number had increased to hundreds and their daily demands on Baba were ever on the increase.

Some of them would approach Baba on all sorts of pretexts to extract money and food. Knowing the attachment of Baba towards children some of them would send their children to Baba on the sly, so that whenever any devotee presented food items and Baba was about to start His meal, these children would appear on the scene and beg. The all compassionate Baba would distribute all the food items and many a times go without meals. Some times the food items, clothes as also the utensils would be stolen.

By 1915 there were more than 30 kirtan or singing parties (some of whom were of extremely poor in quality) who had mostly come from outside. They used to camp at Shirdi only to get money by displaying their forced performance before Baba at Dwarakamayee and also in the adjacent areas. Some local touts busied themselves in managing these nefarious activities and used to take a cut from the profited parties. Besides, there was another aspect which made Baba’s stay at Shirdi most uncomfortable. Baba used to get periodic attacks of Asthama.

Even when He was under such attack some callous devotees would bathe Him with cold water, apply oil and chandan all over His body and make Him take milk, curd, rice and fruits, which an Asthama patient should strictly avoid. All this they did just to satisfy their sentiments. Baba continued to suffer physically from 1915 onwards due to such whimsical treatment at the hands of His ignorant devotees.

When Baba used to actually suffer physically, some ignorant devotees took it to be His ‘Leela’ or Divine Sport. “How can the Master physically suffer when He is in a God state? It must be one of His Leelas”, they would say. Their abysmal ignorance did not allow them to appreciate even the most fundamental question that - can a perfect Master resort to lie or deception? And even if it seems to be so can it be for His own worldly interest?

Some of them brought down the concept of Leela to its meanest interpretation i.e. that the Master is behaving in such a cunning manner for the early disposal of the devotees or because he has some other job to do. Some of these devotees even used to disturb Him during his prayer times, creating scenes near Dwarakamayee Maszid on the distribution of spoils or squabbling with each other. They would often complain to Baba about the greed and misconduct of other devotees without looking into their own conduct. Each wanted more time from Baba even for his smallest needs, while pretending to be most considerate and blaming others for wasting Baba’s time.".........

Q & A

By what method Baba’s worship should be done at home?

There is a basic difference between the worship of Baba done at home or in the temple. The 'Praan Pratishtha' is not usually done of the idol at home, usually His photograph is worshipped. Therefore, any suitable method can be adopted to worship Baba. It is necessary to simplify the method of worship.

Most of the external rites and rituals are artificial if they do not evoke inner bhakti. Offering even a single flower with bhava and with unshakeable faith to the Sadguru is sufficient. If we are away from home for some reason, we can still worship Baba the same way as we do at home mentally, sitting in a place. This is called ‘Manas Puja’. At home this work can be assigned to anybody, Baba is beyond any discrimination of religion, caste or creed, small or big, rich or poor.

It is said in the Vedas that all the deities are inherent in the form of the Sadguru. So there is nothing wrong if Sadguru is worshipped keeping aside all the other deities or if he is worshipped in the form and manner of any deity. Sikh devotees sacrificed their lives happily for their Gurus because it was their belief that the Guru is eternal and will always be with them. It is absolutely necessary to have immense faith towards the Sadguru. Where as Puja is a methodology, Bhakti is the substance of spiritualism.


BABA MAY I ANSWER book by Shri C. B. Satpathy released on Ram Navami For details see www.heritageofshirdisai.org


……"Again, on one occasion, when Hemad Pant alias Anna Dabolkar came to him, there was in the fold of his coat some channa, that is, fried grain, and it fell from his coat; and people were joking about him. That was a day of the fair at Shirdi, and Dabolkar had perhaps been to the fair. Baba, wanting to have a joke at him, said, 'Oh! This channa shows that he is in the habit of eating things all by himself without sharing it with others'.

Dabolkar was upset and he protested that he had no such habit. But how the channa got into his dress, he could not explain. Then, Baba made further use of the occasion and told him, 'When you eat, do you give things to me? Am I not always by your side?' Thus impressing on him a very valuable lesson that Baba was present everywhere and that they should first offer their food to him as their Gurudeva. before taking their food. This is a sacred lesson, and this teaching is divine. But it came out as Baba's humour, and poked fun at Anna Saheb Dabolkar.

On another occasion, Baba wished to impress Dixit and Rege with his wonderful powers and teach them also some humility. Rege had prepared lime syrup and piqued himself on his cleverness in making such a fine syrup, for he had tasted it and found it excellent. So, he carried it jubiliantly to Baba. H.S. Dixit was there when the drink was brought to him, Baba, tasted a bit of it, put on a wry face, and told Kaka Dixit, 'Arre, Kaka see how acid this squash is that is given to me'.

Then Dixit tasted it and declared that it was acid, and he passed it on to Rege himself. Rege tasted it and found it was acid. He was mortified What? To present to his Guru such a severely acid drink! Immediately Baba smiled, and said, 'I am only joking. Now taste each of you. You will, find it sweet'. Then Dixit and Rege both tasted the very same liquid, and they found it sweet. We cannot say whether Baba's purpose was merely to play a practical joke or teach his devotees humility. Humour, we find was only Baba's kindly way of dealing with erring human beings.

On another occasion, Baba had to impress a stranger, Kaka Mahajani's master. That man would not easily believe in saints, but was prevailed upon by Mahajani to go with him to see Baba, whose powers were reported to be wonderful, and so he was anxious to see some chamatkars. On the way they had purchased Monakka dried grapes with seeds at a bazaar.

When that packet was taken and presented to Baba, Baba took some and gave a portion of it to Kaka Mahajani and his master to taste. The boss Thakersay Sait put the grapes into his mouth and ate. Being in a Mosque, he could not spit the seeds. So, he was obliged to spit them into his handkerchief and put that in his pocket. He was wondering how Sai Baba, who was said to be an All¬ knowing person could fall to understand this difficulty.

Baba knew at once everything that had passed in his mind, and immediately offered him some more grapes. The very grapes he had brought, namely, the grapes with seeds, were given to him, and Baba said, 'Eat'. So, he had to obey. He was annoyed at having to dirty his handkerchief. But lo! and behold! When these grapes were put into his mouth, they had become seedless grapes.

He had himself purchased grapes with seeds and here they were turned into seedless ones. Here was a chamatkar and he was satisfied, as he wanted chamatkars from Baba. But Baba enjoyed this spectacle of mental puzzles with amusement and also gave him an opportunity to study His power that comes to bhaktas who concentrate their minds on the Lord and whose every wish is therefore immediately effective.

Another case of practical joke is this. This carried with it a moral lesson also showing us the combination of the human and divine elements in Baba. M.B. Rege was a devotee greatly attached to Baba. Once when he sat by Baba's side, somebody brought a bunch of red plantains to be offered to Baba.

Young Rege was very fond of these fruits. He thought that Baba would, of course, distribute these plantains amongst them all, and he would have an opportunity of having his share of fine red plantains to eat. Baba read his mind at once, Baba then took up the plaintains, and after distributing. the fruits to all, and omitting Rege, he pulled off one fruit, and, having given the pulp to somebody else, threw the red skin alone Rege saying, ‘Khav. Khav’ eat, eat..

It was the red exterior that had attracted young Rege, and the kind but jovial Baba was showing him what the red exterior was. It was no doubt unpalatable, but still Rege's bhakti rose equal to the occasion and he swallowed the skin as though he was a bull. Baba took up to a second fruit and a third and went on throwing them to Rege being in a mood for jokes.

But at last, he turned to Rege and said, 'Ha! have I given you no fruit?' Then, as he really loved Rege, and returning Rege's powerful love, he peeled off another fruit and asked Rege to bite it off, and then he himself bit off another portion and thus between them they finished the plantain.

This enjoying one plantain together was a sign of great love, and the joke also had the effect of impressing on the young devotee the important lesson that externals which attracted were really not worth having, as the attractive redness of the skin of the red plaintain would not give him joy when eaten by itself. Instances of Baba's humour and practical jokes are many.”……



One God, Many Sadgurus, One Energy, One Experience

Shri Shirdi Sai Nath has no name. ‘Shirdi’ is the name of a place; ‘Sai’ is how God is addressed, in many languages and ‘Nath’ is the name of a tradition, cult or a Panth. ‘Sai’ is not the name given to him by his parents. No one knows His real name, His real pedigree, and His real identity. For everyone He is ‘My Loving Baba’ or simply ‘Baba’. He is our beloved ‘Sai Baba of Shirdi’. All of us have felt the fatherly love and compassion emanating from Him and so the spontaneous utterance of ‘Baba’ and ‘Sai’ follows. We all know Him only through the feelings in our heart and experiences generated through his grace.

When one analyses the experiences of various people with their respective Guru, Saint, Deity or God, cutting across all religions, one finds a common cord - of a feeling of love, compassion, devotion and grace - running through these respective group of devotees, touching each one of them equally. Different experiences seem to melt away and merge into what is universally felt as the same kind of energy or a cosmic force functioning through varied personified forms.

It does not seem to matter at all, which Sadguru, Saint, deity or God one is following as the darshan of any Saint gives the same realisation. Darshan is in itself a very powerful learning tool for the one who approaches a Sadguru with an open heart and mind. Darshan very clearly brings forth the awareness of a Meeting of the Spirit.

Some of the experiences of devotees with Neem Karoli Baba are narrated below to illustrate the presence of the Universal Energy Force that operates through various channels and forms. Shri Ram Dass who was a Professor at Harvard University, in his book ‘Miracles of Love’, speaks of Him as ‘my guru’, or very simply as ‘Maharajji’. Like Shirdi Sai, no one knows the real name of Baba Neem Karoli. He got this name because He was initially seen in a village - Neeb Karori in Uttar Pradesh.

Read slowly and remember to listen to the silence in which the stories are set, for the true meeting with Baba lies between the lines and behind the words.

Darshan: A Meeting of the Spirit

Not everyone who met Maharajji was "awakened" at the initial visit. Many came, enjoyed a pleasant visit, and left apparently unaffected. They seemed to have "no business" with Maharajji, that is, they were either unready to be touched so deeply, or the vehicle of the guru or this particular guru was not their way.

Then there were those who while experiencing no dramatic "zap," yet responded to some subtle thread that drew them back to Maharajji again and again. I was astonished at the way in which tough people would melt as they stayed around Maharajji. True, many wanted something worldly from the "miracle Baba," but beyond that they wanted once again to taste of the nectar of being with him.

At one moment we saw ourselves and the other devotees and seekers as so many vultures around a piece of raw meat or like flies crawling over a piece of sugar. At those times we tried to protect him, and often we held ourselves back so as not to contribute to the scene.

But at other times we would realize how totally Maharajji had control of the situation. When he felt that people were, as he put it, "eating his head," he would simply go into a backroom and close the door, or send everyone away, or get in a car and leave without a backward glance. Once, after traveling many months to see Maharajji, we at last found him at a devotee's home in Delhi. We were allowed into the backroom with him for a few minutes and then were sent out to have tea with many others. About fifteen minutes later Maharajji walked out of the inner room and right by us, not more than two feet from our faces, with not the least turn of the head or signal of recognition. He went to a car in which a driver was waiting. He got in, and the car left for a destination unknown. Such a person was clearly not at our mercy!

Many Levels – Many Changes

One day he came out and all he said all day long was "Thul-Thul, Nan-Nan," repeating these words to himself like a mantra. Days went by like this and somebody finally said, "Maharajji, what are you saying?" And it turned out to be an old Behari dialect and all it meant was "Too big, too big, too little, too little. When he was finally asked why he was saying this, he said, "Oh, all you people, you all live in Thul-Thul, Nan-Nan; you live in the world of judgement. It's always too big or too little.

You can never know, as you sit before Maharajji, who it is that he is working with in the course of a darshan. He may be talking with one person while another is being deeply moved in some special way. You yourself can't know what you are receiving from him. We took our cue in this respect from one of Maharajji's long-term, trusted devotees, called "Dada," who served Maharajji with a singleness of purpose that awed us. When Maharajji would compliment him, Dada would say, "Ha, Baba," meaning, "Yes, Baba," and when Maharajji would shout insults at him, sometimes upbraiding him from morning till night, he would reply, in exactly, the same tone," Ha, Baba!" Obviously, fame and shame were one to him, at least when Maharajji was the source. No longer, could Maharajji get Dada angry or guilty; over the years, it had all been burned out. For Dada, it was all grace.

There was the sport of watching the newcomers arrive, skeptical, with questions, and then seeing their hearts gently open and their soft, flowerlike quality emerge under the tender care of the master gardener.

Timeless Darshan

The minute you meet him, if you are ready, he will plant himself within you. And time is nothing. You would forget everything when you were with him. There would be nothing but Maharajji—total, effortless worship. That's the real puja. Sometimes we would sit up so late at night in Kainchi, talking with Maharajji, that we would lose all sense of time until we would hear someone taking their morning bath, and we would realize that the whole night was gone. It was one of those darshans where you think somebody must have put LSD in the tea. We would bask in His radiance.

Actually you can be more truly with Maharajji when you are away from his form. At a distance you can concentrate on him undisturbed.

Darshan of Intimacy

Maharajji reached each person's heart in a way special to that person. Everyone's experience with him was different. You cannot explain what it is like to be with him. It is a thing to be felt in your heart. He was so gentle that you weren't afraid of him at all. But sometimes you'd think that there must be a lion in there. Maharajji was sitting on the tucket and he leaned over and kissed Kabir on the head. That kiss affected everyone who was there. It made people feel really warm inside. Every time Maharajji would hug somebody, everybody in the room would go, "Ahhhhh.

Darshans of Love

All the love and affection and kindness that came from Maharajji—you cannot get these from man. You never have met one so lovable, so kind, so sweet. How could you not love him? You almost wanted to give up your breath to him if you could.

A devotee asked me if I had ever been caught by Maharajji's glance in a way that, as he briefly looked at me, I forgot everything but knew only Maharajji's love. The devotee said it is a wonderful and rare thing when he looks at you in that way, and you are very fortunate if you can hold his gaze in that state. He could go through your heart with just a look or a movement. The slightest thing could feel as if it were piercing you.

Talking at Darshans

He was always rattling on like a child, talking about this and that, most of which wasn't translated. It was like seeing a fine foreign movie where you don't really need the subtitles! In some instances he would say a thing only once. If you didn't catch it, it was gone.

When you were with Maharajji you talked about what he wanted to talk about. If you started your topic, Maharajji would ignore it or change it. There was no conversation around Maharajji other than with him. Maharajji would talk to one and be hitting another and only the one who was supposed to would understand.

Maharajji showed great interest in everything, just like an ordinary man. He had no pretensions, yet nobody could deceive him.

Touching His Feet

“Touching, holding, rubbing the guru's feet has always had profound significance in the Hindu tradition. To touch the feet of such a being is not only to receive this grace, but it is an act of submission, of surrender to God, for that is what the guru represents on earth.

How vividly I recall, after my first meeting with Maharajji, how all my disregard and arrogance disappeared before an almost overwhelming desire literally to be at his feet. On the second or third meeting, I was watching the man next to me, who was rubbing Maharajji’s feet. The expression on his face suggested that he was experiencing waves of ecstasy, and as I watched him out of the corner of my eye, I felt jealous. Before us, sitting on the table cross-legged was Maharajji, well wrapped in a bright plaid blanket, so that only his head showed above the blanket and a bare foot stuck out beneath. It was this foot that was the source of both the bliss and the jealousy, for the man was massaging the foot with great tenderness and love, and I was yearning to be in his place. How bizarre to find myself sitting in a tiny Hindu temple halfway around the world, jealous because I could not rub an old man's foot!

“As I reflected on this strange turn of events, Maharajji talked to people gathered in the small room at the back of the temple compound, but he seemed to be asking one a question, scolding another, joking with a third, and giving instructions to a fourth. In the midst of these conversations, I saw him move ever so slightly, and his other foot appeared beneath the blanket just beside me.

“I suspected that only people who had been around him for some time were allowed to massage his feet—and I was the newest comer—but I decided I couldn't be faulted for trying. So slowly, my hands went up, touched the foot, and began to massage. But instead of waves of bliss, my mind was full of the sharp edges of doubt and confusion as to whether I should use my fingers or my palms. Just as suddenly as the foot appeared, it was withdrawn back under the blanket. My mind was filled with self-pity about my own impurity wondering if I was pure enough to be doing this.
“As the visit went on, Maharajji took me more and more out of my self-consciousness and into a space that had no familiar boundaries. I experienced waves of confusion, bordering on madness. And that was the moment the foot reappeared before me. And again, I reached for it. But this time my mind was too overwhelmed to analyze procedure. I just clung to the foot as a drowning man would to a life preserver.

Sita would always sit on my right, and being a greedy, obnoxious Leo, I'd push my way up front and grab Maharajji's foot. Sita would always want the same foot, so I would have a shoving match with her. She would say, "Get away from here. You don't belong here. "And she'd throw her shoulder down to block me. Sometimes Maharajji would give his foot to me and sometimes to her.

Have you felt that you are not reading about Baba Neem Karoli but your own Guru? Haven’t we all experienced such events before or heard about them, happening with someone else in the company of our Baba. Isn’t Sai Satcharitra full of such narrations? We all have experienced the presence of the same form of energy with our Guru and God, as devotees felt with Baba Neem Karoli. All are One and All are connected to each other. That is why Shirdi Sai never encouraged anyone from disrespecting or leaving one’s own Guru for His sake or for anyone else.

What was it about the Darshan that captivated us? Was it the many levels and changes, or the moments of timelessness, or perhaps the intimacy and love? Or was it the talking and kidding and humor, or maybe the purity? Then, of course, perhaps it was the touching of the feet. Or was it all of them? Or none of them? Was the connection perhaps a subjective one, beyond our dualistic experiencing? Maharajji, who are You? Baba, who are You?

There is no Name. No Religion. No Caste. No region. Are you other than our very selves as you are felt within us only? That is why Shirdi Sai has no Name. That is how all Gods exist, not in mythology but in the hearts of people, who experience them. There is a need to make and preserve Setu between us and Sai Ram, through our hearts and not otherwise.

There are no words. There is no answer. There is no question, really. There is just darshan, which is grace. The First Step rightly taken. Sagun disappears, Nirgun appears and there is Light.

Ritu and Shantanu Dhamija, Delhi




The Day I Lost 'My Baba'!

I start each day with seeing Baba in my cell, wishing Him good morning and kissing Him, singing His songs, and thinking of Him all the time and doing His puja with Him on my mangalsutra.(one Sai devotee from India sent me a small silver pendant of Baba to put on a chain, and I added Him on my mangalsutra with a small gold color safety pin).

I leave Him on my mangalsutra at His Lotus Feet of Palarathi Idol (He looks so loving and handsome with a gold color kireetam and a grand garland around Him) on my dresser when I go to work. He came from Shirdi to come into our own house!

I have on my cell phone Baba's picture and I call my cell as 'my Baba'. I take 'my Baba' everywhere I go. On last Rakhee day, I was working; and when I was closing the register at Macy's, my mom called me and I told her that I was coming out of work so I would call her from the car, and being in a hurry to go somewhere else, I put 'my Baba' on the counter and walked out, completely forgetting Him. The time was 7 p.m.

As I started the car, I looked for 'my Baba' and couldn't find Him anywhere, in my purse or in the car. I felt a sharp knife in my heart and as if I lost everything, including my heart and felt a big black hole inside, completely empty. I ran frantically into the work place and started asking everyone if they saw my cell.

Then I remembered I put Him on the counter and ran there, only to find the counter empty. I asked another employee if she saw my cell. She said no. Then I saw two Chinese women walking towards me from the fitting rooms, and one lady said to me, "here is your cell phone, I saw it here and thought of giving it to someone".

My heart jumped a beat as I looked at 'my Baba' in her hands, I took it and hugged her and said " may God bless you both" and went to my car. I started thinking... I lost 'my Baba' and that Chinese woman took it knowing its not hers but Baba made her come back and give it to me. I thanked Baba for coming back to me and opened 'my Baba' and kissed Him. My heart felt normal...

At home my daughter was getting ready to tie Rakhee to her brother and wore a saree and was looking for a safety pin on my dresser and saw a small gold color pin and felt that was too small so she took another regular sized safety pin from a box. When I came home and after my shower took my mangalsutra to wear for His puja, I was shocked to see He wasn't on my mangalsutra. Baba's pendant was still on the dresser near His palarathi idol.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart and looked at Baba and said " Oh no Baba , You are not leaving me," and saying so I took Him and looked for the gold color safety pin, and it was next to the idol and the pin was closed! I just took Him and put Him back on my mangalsutra and went to do His puja.

I was thinking someone in my home wanted a safety pin so took out Baba and took the pin but changed their mind and left it there.

Later during dinner, I casually asked my husband if he took the safety pin holding Baba on my chain. He said no. I asked my son, he also said no. But my daughter told me that she went to my room, looking for a safety pin and took a big one but not the small one.

She also said she saw the gold pin next to Baba's idol at the same time. I got curious and asked her at what time. She said exactly at 7 pm! Then it struck my matti burra, that at my work I lost 'my Baba' at 7 pm and at home too He went away from my mangalsutra at exactly 7 pm too! What can I say?

Neeraja, Texas, USA

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The Pretender

Baba, the love you have shown me, I do not want to squander
As taught by you, I am trying to be gentler and kinder
Not to hurt anyone, and to all, a warm service render
I see people pray and then with tongue and hand they plunder
Of what use is such a prayer, I always wonder
And all that you have taught, can I practice? I ponder
In spite of myself, I notice my mind continues to weakly meander
And makes me think, that for your Divine Love, I am just a pretender

The eternal Maya, makes one do things, which one does not realize, is slander
To reach you, how long and far do I have to anxiously wander?
And to test my love, how much will you make me run? I wonder
I think, many a time I do not have the strength to truly surrender
I always seem to be battle weary and walking on a thread so slender
So, please call me Baba, hold me in your arms and take me yonder
Because, I do not want, anymore, for your Divine Love to be a pretender

M. D. Kumar, Mumbai


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Sai's Message To The Children

The word “Children” immediately brings to our mind, tiny tots and children below adolescent age. We selectively forget that we, the adults, are also Children of God. What is true for us has then to be true for the small kids too.

Sai’s message is Universal. To attain the goal of “Vasudeva Kudambakam”, meaning the world must be a place for peace lovers belonging to one and the same family. It is said that the birth of a human being is the most prized award; each soul gets in response to its deeds and misdeeds in earlier lives. If that be so, it can not be wasted away in peripheral anxieties and so called worldly pleasures, which are invariably short-lived. We must always be looking for salvation, to avoid re-birth and to be one with Sai forever.

Sai’s guiding principles towards this end are:-

(a) To serve humanity, and to serve with unconditional love.
(b) Partake in sufferings of less privileged and up-lift them in their life.
(c) Always work with dedication and commitment.
(d) Develop patience and “vairagya” to complete any task undertaken.
(e) Never publicize your good deeds.
(f) Never desist from sharing your bounties.
(g) Have unstinted faith in Him – why fear when He is there?
(h) Aspire for everlasting peace and a place next to Him.
(i) Follow His eleven prized Do’s and Don’ts publicized in all Sai Mandirs.

Sai’s message to us, the Children, in nutshell is to serve, serve, serve and serve the humanity ever.

Lt Col (Retd) RVS Mani, Muscat

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RVS Mani, Muscat

While reading Mrs Lalitha Katthula's posting, about her son not believing in Baba - if that had been destined by Him, why to bother and pray and make him believe. Despite this one short coming, the letter briefly says that the boy is fine otherwise. Let him not believe in what we believe. But train him; make him understand that he should serve others; that he should look after the needy, and help people who are suffering.

Make him contribute to the welfare of the society. He is a youngster. There is lot of life left for him. Who knows? If Baba wants there may come a time, He will make sure the boy reaches Him with his family. Dear Madam, please do not worry and keep insisting that your son must believe. Do not thrust your views on him.

Shilpa B Roy, Mumbai

I don't know of any formal method of prayer to Sai Baba. Just meditating on His name constantly will make you feel closer to Him. Also, you should get and read 'Sai Satcharita”, which I am sure, will help you immensely. The book is like a bible and gives you the answers to all the problems in life.

I hope and pray that you find solace soon. I realise you must be going through a lot of pain. It is often said that you can't change the world. I suggest you look inward to see what changes you can bring about in your personality that can make you suffer less pain. With this self analysis and Sai's grace, things should fall in place for you.


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I am receiving all the editions of the Sai Heritage E-Zine newsletter and I also get the Heritage magazine. It is actually wonderful and very good. I am waiting for every issue. I am reading the contents with interest. Everything is very, very good.

The last issue of the magazine tells us how will we get Shradha, Bhakti, Patience, Faith etc. This will help every devotee to learn from Sai Babaji. Thanks once again for this.

Valsala Sivadasan, New Delhi

I really look forward to get Sai Heritage E-Zine newsletter on Thursday. I always feel a wave of joy overpowers me after reading the newsletter, as if Sai Baba gives me instructions through the newsletter. I always try to correct myself through the message I get by your mail.

Your mails have become a medium or a platform through which My Lord Shri Sai Baba communicates with me.

Gurur Brahma,Gurur Vishnu,Gurur Devo Maheshwara
Gurur Sakshat Param Brahma,Tasmaye Shri Guruve Namah

Rajesh Sharma, Mumbai


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With the blessings and grace of Shri Shirdi Sai , the first ever online Shirdi Sai baba radio will be broadcasting,- leela's of Baba thru His bhajans in Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and Gujrati, Sai Mahima , Sai amritwani, Sai mantra ,Sai Satcharitra prayaan ,discourses ,Geeta Gyan , Vishnu Sahasaram and much much more. I will be hosting it from this thursday. I will also be sharing my experiences and experiences of other Sai devotees thru this media.

This is the first ever online radio dedicated to the lotus feet of Shri Shirdi Sai baba. Just by listening to this radio, Sai devotees will feel the bliss of Baba and His leela's around them. You can go to http://debu7366.blogspot.com/ to listen to this radio [ password- omsrisai ]or for knowing the weekly program guide and to post your request, suggestions ,feedback and comments- plz visit http://sairadio.blogspot.com/ . You will also find a lot of important information at this site in the coming weeks.


Located at SAI KA MADHUBAN in Unionville - Three Annual Events celebrated: Ram Navami Guru Purrnima, and Vijay Dashami, Monthly Weekly and daily Activities: Abhishek - Akhand Parayan - Bhajan Sandhaya - Aarti - Annadaan..."Prepare a Meal" - Chitra Yatra - Paduka Puja - Palki Pothi & Portrait Procession - Volunteer Sevices - Character and Moral Values. A Youth Program based on Baba's Teachings and Shri Sai Ceremonial Yatra. For event updates visit www.shirdisainath.org


Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, Canada, (Toronto) cordially invite Devotees to attend - volunteer - Receive Baba's Grace and be Immersed in Divine Bliss on the AUSPICIOUS day of THURSDAY 6:30PM at the GUR MANDIR 207 Queen's Plate Drive., Etobicoke (South of Steeles on the East side of Highway 27 on Queen's Plate). Invocation Ceremony of Baba's Divine Blessings will be conducted with Sacred Ashtotra Namavali to the accompaniment of Bhajans, Satcharita Paraayan, Naivedaya Offerings Dhoop Aarti and Mahaprasaad (Preeti Bhoj) Devotees are welcome to bring a dish for Naivedaya Offerings as inspired by Baba. Details at www.shirdisainath.org


Maple Crest Private School 28 Roytech Road. Woodbridge, ON L4L 8E4 PHONE - 416-294-4804 (by appointment only). Complementary copy of "Sai Satcharita" (one per family) in all languages is now available, excluding Pothi in Marathi, Indira kher ji's English Version and Hindi Pothi by Kakaria ji,. Reserve your copy today. For pictures - posters - CD's - VCD's- Baba Murtis and other books on Baba visit the Resource Centre. On Line Shopping coming soon at www.shirdisainath.org . HERITAGE OF SHIRDI SAI MAGAZINE is now AVAILABLE IN CANADA: Send your request for subscription. Limited copies only. Email: saileela99@yahoo.com



2721 Markham Road, Unit# 8, Toronto, Ontario, M1X 1L5 (North East corner of Markham Road and Nashdene), Tel:647-444-4724, Email: info@theshirdisaimandir.ca Website:www.theshirdisaimandir.ca

Daily Operating Hours: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Extended hours on THURSDAY and SATURDAY: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Baba's Kakad Aarti, Abhishek Puja, Madhyan Aarti, Dhoop Aarti, Satcharita Reading and Shej Aarti are performed every day.

Bhajans and Sai Naam Sankirtan are offered to Baba on Thursday and Saturday evenings.

Various resources such as Satcharitas, Photos, CDs are available.
Please visit our website for information on Mandir activities.



Shirdi Sai parivar in Vancouver holds Satsang on Thursday (6.30-7.30pm)and Sai abhishek and aarti first Sunday of every month at 8571, 118A St, Delta, V4C 6L2. For further details contact (604) 592 4182 or email, say.sai.sai@gmail.com.


Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir Edmonton, Located at 3036 - 106 Street. Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Operating Hours: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. (Monday to Saturday except Thursdays)
Thursday and Sundays: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
For Program details visit the website or call: Tel: 1-780-757-3333, Email: shirdisaibabaedmonton@yahoo.ca or visit website: www.shirdisaibabaedmonton.com


By the grace of our Shirdi Sai we are happy to announce the inauguration of Shri Shirdi Sai Temple in LA region in the city of Montebello. We need the support of all Sai Devotees. For more information please email krishna@shirdisaila.org



Location:7674 Sawmill Road, Dublin, OH-43016

Daily timings and activities:

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM 9:00 AM Kakad Arati, 12:00 Noon: Madhyan Arati 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm: 6:00 PM: Dhoop Arathi, 8:30 PM: Shej Arathi


Temple is open from
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Every Thursday:
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Sai Bhajans followed by Mangal Arati and Shej Arati at 9:30 PM.

For more information please call at 614-799-8411 or visit http://www.saibaba.cc/.



Location: 897-B E. Kifer Rd, Sunnyvale, CA - 94086

Daily timings and activities:

6:15 am – 7:40 am: Abhishekam and Kakad Arathi at 6:30 am
11.45 am – 12:30 pm: Madhyan Arathi at 12:00 pm
6:00 pm – 9:30 pm: Dhoop Arathi at 6:30 pm and Shej Arathi at 8:30 pm

6:15 am – 7:40 am: Kakad Arathi at 6:30 am
11:00 am – 9:30 pm: Madhyan Arathi at 12:00 pm, Dhoop Arathi at 6:30 pm and Shej Arathi at 8:30 pm

Every Thursday:
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Shirdi Sai Bhajans

For more information please call 408-705-7904 / 408-564-6704 or send email to saibandhu@yahoo.com or visit our website at http://www.shirdisaiparivaar.org/


Location: 700 James Burgess Road,Suwanee GA 30024, USA

The North America Shirdi Sai Temple is located at 700 James Burgess Road,Suwanee GA 30024.Temple is open all seven days of the week. Baba's Kakad Aarti, Abhishek Puja, Madhyan Aarti, Dhoop Aarti and Shej Aarti are performed every day. Bhajans are sung on all thursday and sunday evenings. For information regarding the daily schedule, temple activities and events please visit Mandir's website: www.templeofpeace.org or call 678-455-7200



Location: Sri Shirdi SaiBaba Temple in greater Detroit 28875 W SEVEN MILE RD, LIVONIA, MI 48125, USA

Daily timings and activities:

Kakad Aarti 09:00 AM; Abhishekam 10:00 AM; Archana 10:30 AM; Mid-day Aarti 12:00 PM; Temple Closed 12:30 - 5:30 PM; Dhup Aarti 6:00 PM; Archana & Bhajans 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM; Sai Chalisa 8:00 PM; Shej Aarti 8:30 PM


Hanuman Chalisa 6:30 PM (Tuesday); Lalitha Sahasranamam 6:30 PM (Friday); Vishnu Sahasranamam 6:30 PM (Saturday);


No.744-1, Tingkat 1, Jln. Sentul Selatan, Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This is a new Shirdi Baba center in malaysia. We conduct weekly prayers/arathi at the following times:
Friday - 7pm - 10.30pm
Sunday - Noon - 2.30pm

Our official centre website is http://saisamaj.blogspot.com/
For more information, please email mailto:hyperkinetix@gmail.com


This is to inform all of you that we have a Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Malaysia. Here we have daily prayers and special prayers on thursday mornings 9.00am and bhajans and satsang from 8 pm onwards. Also breakfast, lunch and dinner, cooked by our seva-group is provided to all devotees. other than that first thursday of the month we have talk on spirituality, second thursday on health, third thursday satsang on Sai Satcharitra, fourth thursday talk on general topics, by experts in the respective fields. Lot of charitable activities are conducted by our Centre,like sponsoring immediate services to childrens\' homes, old-folks homes, sick and needy, etc. etc.

If any devotee, from Malaysia or Singapore likes to join our Centre, please contact Mr.SP Kannan at Mobile -012-2739486; usha - 006122392911; Res: 03-33717540. Our Centre address is : Persatuan Shirdi Sai Baba Selangor, No.2574, Jalan Seruling 59, Taman Klang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.Thank you and Sai Ram.



The dream of having a full fledged exclusive Shirdi Sai Temple in Singapore, will soon come true. Thanks to the efforts of a Sai devotee in making this happen. The Shirdi Sai Baba Centre in Singapore is now live with the 3rd floor function hall, Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman temple, being secured and converted to a full fledged exclusive Shirdi Sai worship centre. The Centre will be devoted to celebrating the life & teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba only. For more information visit our website http://www.saisansthan.com/


Bhajans Every Thursday
Venue Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, 13 May Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland

7.00 pm - 7.50 pm Sai Bhajans,
7.50 pm - 8.10 pm Pravachan and Sai Ashtotharam
8.10 pm - 8.30 pm Shej Aarthi
8.30 pm - 9.00 pm Prasad distribution.
For more details contact us Hari Gangisetty (President) Mobile: (+64) 21 629 993 Email: President@shirdisaibaba.org.nz or Bhaskar Reddy Duvvuru (Secretary) Mobile: (+64) 21 292 3807 Email: Secretary@shirdisaibaba.org.nz
Address: Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan of NZ, P.O. Box: 16142,
Sandringham, Auckland, New Zealand. Visit our website http://www.shirdisaibaba.org.nz/

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