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……“Just before he had left his gross body, one devotee Keshav Nayak who was emotionally charged, asked “Maharaj, since you are going, who will give us protection?”. Swami Samarth gave him a pair of his sandals to worship. He told him “in future I will be staying at Shirdi in district Ahmednagar”. Another devotee, Krishna Ali Bagkar decided to go to Akkalkot and worship the padukas of Swami Samarth.

Thereafter he got a dream appearance of Swami Samarth who told him “now I am staying at Shirdi, go there and worship me”. Bagkar went to Shirdi where he stayed for six months. Later, when he wanted to take leave of Shri Sai and go to Akkalkot again Shri Sai told him “what is there in Akkalkot, Maharaj of Akkalkot is staying here”. Bagkar realised that there was no difference between Swami Samarth and Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi as he recalled his earlier dream.

The divine game (leela) of Swami Samarth did not end with his Mahasamadhi. His devotees continue to experience the miracles of his visible and invisible help even till today. It is exactly like the experience received by the devotees of Sai Baba of Shirdi after his Mahasamadhi in 1918. Many people have authenticated his appearance in physical form before them. These people are not the faith-blind rural folk. Many of them are well educated people like doctors, teachers etc. For example, Dr. S.V. Marathe, a private medical practitioner of Pune once underwent treatment in a Chest Hospital at a place Aundh in 1964.

Many of his friends were anxious to come and visit him. At this juncture, Swami Samarth appeared before many of his friends in a dream and gave the same message to all of them. He asked them not to worry about Dr. Marathe, as he was under His (Swami Samarth’s) protection and also not to come to Aundh. Once the doctor’s monetary difficulties were miraculously solved when he prayed to Swami Samarth. Having solved the problems, Swami Samarth appeared in his dream and demanded his dakshina saying “give me pedas” , exactly the way Shri Sainath is famous for asking for dakshina.

Hundreds of devotees continue to have miraculous experiences about the Perfect Master even today. But his miracles and those of Shri Sainath are so alike that one would be drawn to the conclusion that they are not two masters but are one and, perhaps, the ONLY ONE.".........

Q & A

At times our faith in Baba gets shaken up with the blow of a wind. How do we stop it and do not let it happen to us?

For these who want to come closer to Baba the only way is to keep unshakable faith in Him under all circumstances good, bad or neutral. But some people come to the Sadguru only with the desire of worldly gains or exhibit their devotion with such expectations hidden in their hearts. Sometimes, when their desires are not fulfilled or when they have to suffer the consequences of their own Prarabdha (past actions), they start blaming the Master and tend to lose faith. During the period of any Avtaar or Sadguru every wish of every man has never been fulfilled. Sadguru, never fulfills those desires, which would become barrier in the spiritual progress of the devotees. His hand can be seen behind both, the fulfillment and non fulfillment of the desires of the devotees. Therefore, one who can experience Baba both, in pleasure and pain, is the true devotee. The pleasure seekers are bound to deviate from the path as they don’t seek the love of the Master but the material benefits; they wish to get from Him.

BABA MAY I ANSWER book by Shri C. B. Satpathy released on Ram Navami For details see www.heritageofshirdisai.org


……The great question in the case of the lovers of Baba is, how can we possibly describe the extent of love and its intensity. Love is not a thing measured by a thermometer or by the quantity of good or sacrifices rendered, though all these do count. We may roughly begin a statement of how love works and then deal with Purandhare’s case.

When two persons are greatly attached to each other we find that no other expression would describe the situation than love. Friendship, admiration, gratitude, loyalty, faithfulness, regard, worship, all these blend together in many a case, as it did in Purandhare’s case also. So, let us begin an account of how Purandhare’s love began.

In the case of most people approaching Baba within the last decade of his life, they were impelled to go to Baba by hearing accounts of Baba. Das Ganu was mostly the source of this inspiration. Das Ganu, though himself not pre-eminent in his love for Baba, had the wonderful charm of eloquence and some amount of real bhakti. He was an expert in the Kirtankars’ line, that is, in telling Harikathas about saints and holy persons.

He generally began with an account of the day’s topic, say, Tukaram or Namdev, but he always kept Sai Baba’s picture close to him and never failed to refer to Sai Baba as the present day illustration of the greatness of the bhakti of the ancient or mediaeval saints. He would say, ‘Here is Tukaram’s great love and greatness in surrendering to God and getting the most marvelous benefits. If you wish to know if there is any such person now in the flesh who can give you the same benefit, then I will tell you 'Here is this Sai Baba. He is the present day representative of mediaeval saintship.

What Ramdas was to Sivaji, that Sai Baba is to innumerable people who approach him in the proper spirit'. Then he would give an account of some of the marvelous lilas and dealings of Baba with his devotees. Thus, besides the fact that thousands attended his kirtan, his account and inspiration would pass on from one to another, and after his kirtan people, having learnt of Sai Baba, would rush to see him. It is rarely that one gets a chance to meet a Tukaram in the flesh, a Namdev in the flesh, and if one gets a chance, surely one does not wish to lose it.

So, having heard of Sai Baba from Das Ganu and others, Purandhare’s nature was fired with the ambition of contacting Sai Baba. Purandhare’s own nature was very simple and highly emotional. He was a plain man and did not care to twist and turn phrases in describing things. When he found that Sai Baba was a powerful saint living in the flesh and was showering benefits like Ramdas, Akkalkote Maharaj and other Samarthas, he naturally wanted to take the earliest opportunity to go to Shirdi and that he did.

In his case, going to Shirdi was not an easy matter. He was only a petty clerk on Rs.35 per month. He had to support a family of four or five including his mother his wife, his brother and a child. Yet, the spark of enthusiasm in his heart did not find these to be difficulties. He fixed upon a certain day to leave for Shirdi, and if we see what he did, we will see exactly what love does.

He was naturally to go with his wife and mother. But his young child was unwell and the mother thought that it was foolish to risk taking a little child with fever for such a great distance – Bombay to Shirdi. Yet, Purandhare would not brook a denial of his wishes. He must go and he would leave and take the child with him inspite of his mother's protest. Look at this! He is taking risks with his only child’s health. And what for? To meet the great Sai.

The burning enthusiasm of his love for Sai bore down all considerations of ordinary precaution or medical advice and they did go. His love was accompanied by intense faith. So Baba justified his faith and his love in what followed. When the child was taken with an illness to Shirdi, it quickly regained health instead of suffering. This is a chamatkar of Baba and it is these chamatkars which first tell upon an emotional mind. Upasani Baba says,

Aneka Ascruta Atarkysa Lila Vilasam

Samavishkrita Isana Bhasvat Prabhavam

in his Sai Mahima Stotra, composed in 1912. That is, Sai Baba’s divine or superhuman character was evidenced by innumerable and unheard of miraculous achievements and chamatkars. Yet he was

Ahambhavahinam Prasannatmabhavam
Namami Iswaram Sadgurum Sainatham

Purandhare found that his child's health far from being ruined by the journey was set right completely at Shirdi. This in itself was sufficient to constitute one of those Aneka Ascruta Atarkysa Lila Vilasaih. Here is Baba's superhuman power. Here is kindness towards those that flock to his feet.

If supreme power and kindness are combined, what more is wanted to give us the idea of God's help? So, Purandhare was made firmer in his faith and deeper in his love of Sai Baba by this occurrence and this was not the only one. At every step he had full faith in Baba's omniscience and omnipotence and he found that his faith was fully justified by the subsequent events.

Baba knew exactly when Purandhare should start, when he should stay at a place like Nasik, a holy place of pilgrimage which his mother wanted to visit, and how long he should stay there. When Purandhare acted upon Baba's directions, it seemed to several that he was running foolish risks, but everything that Baba said occurred exactly as he said it would. He was told to stay one day at Nasik and to proceed on the next day.

When he went there, he found that cholera was attacking some members of his family, such as his brother, and he was advised to get away. But he remembered that Baba had said that he must stay one day at Nasik. So he did stay. On the next day with ill-health in the family, he did proceed and reached his own home quite safe. Thus he found that he was perfectly safe in following Baba's directions to the very letter.

This confirms a man in the extent of reverence and faith that he has in Baba. Reverence and faith combined with thankfulness for the resulting good, form an excellent basis for the development of love. In this way, his love for Baba got more and more deep-rooted and his faith, being justified, was the means for so many others catching on to that faith.

Baba's kindness towards him was remarkable even from the beginning. Why should Baba care so much for this petty clerk who went to Shirdi for the first time? That is the question which anyone would ask. And one would like to know the root of that love.

The root of love is not always traceable, but in this particular case we have Baba's own statement to help us. When Purandhare's mother told Baba to look after him, Baba's reply was, ‘I have known him for generations. I have guarded him from his infancy in front and behind. I will not eat even a bit of food without him’. That is, as much as to say that Baba remembered the love relations between Purandhare and himself in former lives.

Purvabhysena Tenaiva Hriyate hyavasopisab
Tatra tam buddhi samyogam Labhate Pourvadehikam




Last month on the 7th of June 2008, we had the launch of our high fashion garments boutique "Samaira" at Malad in Mumbai. The president of the local cable TV network Mr. Paresh was also a guest at the event and at the same time he was covering the event to air it on the local cable network. He knew that my family and I are Sai devotees, so he had bought a Sai Baba idol as a gift for us on the occasion of the launch of the boutique.

He had gift wrapped the idol. But due to preoccupation with covering the event, he forgot to bring the Sai Baba idol for us. A few days later he even called my sister Vinita to inform about the gift but did not mention what the gift was. Nobody other than his wife knew that there was a Sai Baba idol gift wrapped for the owners of the boutique, kept at his house. Again, due to our busy schedules Paresh forgot to bring the Sai Baba idol to us.

On 29th of July 2008, Tuesday afternoon as Paresh's father was asleep in his house he had a dream in which he heard the door bell ringing and on opening the door saw Sri Sai Baba standing giving darshan. Baba asked him why have you kept me closed inside a box? Take me to my children for whom you have brought me. Immediately then the telephone bell rang and he (Paresh's father) woke up.

He ran towards the main gate of his house and then called his entire family and asked them where is Sai Baba? He narrated his dream to his family members and they were all wondering when and how have they closed and kept Baba in a box? Then Pareshs's wife after thinking for a while, suddenly realised that the gift for the boutique is a Sai Baba idol packed and gift wrapped in a box. Everyone in their family was astonished to see that gift. Pareshs's father got darshan of Sri Sai Baba and Sri Sai Baba blessed my entire family by coming into our lives and home. We received the idol from them and then performed puja and abhishek of Baba on His arrival.

Sai Baba is on "Jagrit Samadhi" and is continuously showering His love and blessings to His devotees and to the world. He takes care of all His devotees all the time. This was His biggest leela for me and my family and we got blessed. Just by surrendering completely to Sai and following his two divine words Shradha Saburi we will come closer and closer to our Perfect Master, our Sadguru, our God, Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Sri Sacchhidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Anand Joshi, Mumbai


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There Was a Time

There was a time, not too long ago, when I proudly thought
with a pretentious prayer,that I was a Good Disciple of Baba
and all of a sudden, He sent me a Test,
and I did not pass, and my Bubble burst!

I then read many a religious book and studiously
the lessons and preaching’s of great Saints
And again I thought I was a worthy Disciple of Baba
And again a test He sent, in the midst of my material peace
And again I did not pass, and my new Bubble burst!

Restlessly, I then went to famous Temples and Mosques
and in my quest, met many a religious Saint
And I improved I thought, to be Baba’s worthy Disciple
And as usual, He sent me another test
and history repeated itself. I failed!

Of what use I thought, in a pensive mood,
is reading books and Divine Preaching’s
of what use is my going to Temples and Mosques
and meeting many a religious Saint
if a test by Baba I cannot pass?

And then one day, while I was praying
In the puja room, it struck me quite clearly that
It is not enough to go to Temples and Mosques
To read books and spiritual teachings
To meet Saints and listen to discourses…

All you need to do is to live according to Baba’s laws
And to chant his name with love and devotion, as
given so simply in Sai Satcharita to follow.
And guided by Him, you will be on the right path, surely
and all the tests you will happily take and pass, and truly
you can say, you are a worthy Disciple of Baba!

M.D.Kumar, Patna


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The Powers of Udi

It is not ordinary ash. It is the ash from the dhuni, which Baba lit by his yogic power. Hence the Udi has all the powers of Baba. It has banished the agonies and cured incurable diseases of innumerable persons. Here are a few real instances.

A certain doctor's nephew had bone-cancer. The doctor tried all remedies, including surgical operation, but in vain. With acute pain, the boy cried pitiably. At last the doctor brought the boy to Baba and threw all burden on him. Daily Baba placed a blessing glance on the wound and applied Udi on it. Within a week, the boy was completely cured.

Another doctor had a guinea-worm in his leg, which was terribly swollen and caused intense pain. He approached Baba with a request to release him from his mortal coil and thus end his agony for good. Baba daily applied Udi to his leg and also administered it orally. One day, an attendant inadvertently stepped on the doctor's affected leg with the result that the wound burst open and the guinea-worms was driven out. The doctor was soon cured.

There are countless instances of this kind. But I will tell you one, deserving special mention. Nanasaheb Chandorkar, one of the earliest devotees of Baba, was a mamlatdar at Jamner, about 24 miles from Jalgaon in Khandesh. One can go upto Jalgaon by railway and then take a tonga. Nanasabeb's daughter, Maina had come to Jamner for delivery. For fortyeight hours, she was in labour and her very life was in danger. Nanasaheb was appealing to Baba to come to her succour.

Sai Baba as if 'heard' it in Shirdi. Ramgir, a resident bhakta, was then inspired to go to his village in Khandesh. He came to ask for Baba's permission. Baba said, "Yes. Start immediately. But first go to Nanasaheb at Jamner, givehim Udi and Arati, and then proceed home".

Baba gave him a packet of Udi from the dhuni with his own hands and the Arati on a piece of paper to be recited at Maina's bedside. Ramgir took the two things, but, in a tone of anxiety, he asked, "Baba, I have only two rupees with me. With this much I can barely go to Jalgaon. But how could I make a detour to Jamner and thence to my place ?" "You need not worry," Said Baba, "You only go to Jalgaon. Everything will be arranged thereafter."

With firm faith in Baba, Ramgir started. He had to pay Rs. 1-14-0 for railwav ticket and only two annas were left with him. About midnight the train reached Jalgaon and Ramgir got down. Just then a sepoy in Khaki uniform approached him and said "Sir, are you are Ramgir from Shirdi?" Ramgir said he was. "Then come along," said the sepoy, Nanasaheb has sent me with a tonga for you." Ramgir thought that as Baba had hinted he must have sent a word to Nanasaheb and asked him to make these arrangements.

The sepoy gave him a few snacks, which he said, were sent bv Nanasaheb. Then the tonga started and by dawn, it arrived at Jamner. The sepoy, pointing to a distant building, said, "That is Nanasaheb's office." Ramgir alighted there to ease himself and went behind a bush. But as he came out, what did he find ? No horses, no carriage, no sepoy. All had disappeared. Dumbfounded, he went to Nanasaheb's office and, obtaining Nanasabeb's address, went there.

Saluting Nanasaheb, he said, "Baba has sent me here from Shirdi and has given you these things." A thrill went through Nanasaheb on hearing this. He said, 'Oh Baba, Baba! What should I say to you? I called your name here and hearing my call in Shirdi, you at once ran here in the form of these things. A million pranams to you! "

Nanasaheb applied the Udi to his daughter and put a little in her mouth too. Then he sat by her bedside, reciting the arati. And would you believe it? In half an hour, Maina delivered safely. Ramgir was waiting outside. Nanasabeb came out and thanked him profoundly. Eagerly Ramgir asked, "Nana, your tonga brought me to Jamner all right. But then as I got down to ease myself, it suddenly vanished. Where is that tonga ?" "Which tonga ?" asked the puzzled Nana. "Your tonga which you had sent for me to Jalgaon Station. Your sepoy met me there, gave me your delicious snacks and brought me here with great speed."

With tears of gratitude, Nanasaheb said, "Ramgir, I had not the faintest idea that you were coming. So how could I have sent the tonga ? This is all no doubt done by Baba. How unbounded is your kripa, Oh mother Sai !"
Later, Nanasaheb himself related this whole incident to the people assembled at Shirdi. It therefore bears the stamp of authority.

Swamy Mahadevan, Cochin


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Roopa Somasundaran, Gurgaon

Life is a cycle created by God and if you try to change it by incorporating your own innovations, you may break the flow of this cycle. You may either increase the speed of this cycle, and rush to your destiny by losing out the best moments of life or you may completely puncture it and bring your life to a standstill. Either way, the underlying truth is – you will not enjoy the ride in anyway. Hence, never try to change the law of nature – it is indeed, written by God.

Vishal, Mumbai

God will respond to your prayers for succor only when you respond sympathetically to the needs of others. Life should not be wasted in selfish activities, blind to others' distress and deaf to others' groans. Treat joy and grief equally. This according to Sri Krishna Sai is equanimity. Practice this equanimity - this is the way to win His Grace. You may not be rewarded materially for your compassionate acts but there is no greater reward than the joy that you derive by alleviating others sorrow.


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Anuradha Mal, Gurgaon

I find the Heritage of Shirdi Sai magazine very enriching. You are really doing a great job. The Sai Heritage E-zine is a very good effort and we feel tremendously enriched by reading it.

The article by Satpathyji is so simple and clear that it actually makes a mark on the mind. I have read this chapter so many times in Sai Satcharitra but never understood it so well. Indeed, only a Guru can explain it like this. Keep up the good work!

Ashalatha, USA

Thanks a lot for such an enlightening Maha Samadhi Message, Sai Ezine Vol 66. I really liked the statement "We usually say we forgive someone/some act but cannot forget their mistake". May Baba be with us and guide us in everything we do.

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Heritage of Shirdi Sai is a quarterly publication that brings to its readers, all over the world, Shirdi Sai Philosophy, which transcends time and place. There are four issues in a year.
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You may have given many different gifts to your friends and loved ones, but giving a subscription of "Heritage of Shirdi Sai" magazine would be a unique gift as it connects the people you love with SADGURU SHIRDI SAI and brings His blessings with the gift.
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We invite you to send articles, experiences, poems and news on events from your part of the world to us.
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Topic of Discussion feature is intended to initiate useful discussions on topics related to Shirdi Sai Philosophy and His teachings, Guru Tradition, Teachings of the Sadguru, the nature and functions of the Perfect Masters, true devotion, qualification of a disciple, etc.


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We look forward to your valued  suggestions, feedbacks, and  contributions, anything that will help us enhance the quality of the magazine.
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Send your poem, article or drawing on SHIRDI SAI BABA and the best ones will be showcased in Heritage of Shirdi Sai Magazine and in the Children section on our website. Anybody upto 18 years of age can send in the material. 

Send News on events related to Shirdi Sai from your part of the world to us so that we can share it with all the Sai Devotees.


In order to ensure that Heritage Of Shirdi Sai sustains itself and is available to devotees at affordable rates, we do solicit advertisements. However, in keeping with the magazine’s philosophy and approach, the advertisements would be displayed as banners and not creative commercial product.

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