……“The real and divine Shakti, therefore, descends on the possessors of the non-contaminated minds, untainted hearts and pure souls like Tukarama, Namadeva, Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa etc. Since they do not have any ego, therefore, neither they ask for Shakti nor use it for their own purpose. These powers come to them automatically to be used universally as per God’s designs.

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba was in such state of divinity. He possessed such Shakti or siddhis which no one can imagine; however, he maintained a humble life. Humility, simplicity are no weakness, they are the biggest strength one can possess in the path of spiritual development.

Let us remember this.”…….


……“It is noted in G.S. Khaparde’s diary that Baba pointed out to him that his body had got emaciated, his digestion impaired, and his food reduced to bare bread and water, due to worries of looking after innumerable devotees. Yet in spite of this, he must, up to the time of his departure from this world go on doing his duty whatever be the consequences. Baba put his hand into the fire Dhuni at Dwarakamayee to save the life of a blacksmith’s child that had fallen into a blacksmith’s fire elsewhere. And, when asked about the pain and the trouble caused by burning. Baba said that he had saved the child and that God would cure his bum. It is believed that when Baba passed away in October, 1918 Tatya Patel was lying ill in a critical condition, and Baba gave up his own life to save the life of Tatya, his much favoured pupil to whose family he was indebted all his life, especially in his earliest days, for sustenance. Giving up life is very dramatic. But what is more painful and requires greater ability perhaps is to devote one’s life to constant service not minding any question of health or comfort. That is the real Seva referred to in the Bhagavad Gita, as commented upon by Baba himself. The sishya as stated by Lord Krishna has to render perpetual service to the Guru, having dedicated to him at the very beginning his Tan, Man, Dhan, and he must not retain any idea when rendering service to the master that he is free either to render or not to render service, but think he is only carrying out his surrender of body and mind by devoting every little power possessed by him to the service of the master.”……



April to mid-August, 2001, was a jinxed period for Sangeeta, as there were many hurdles but at last she could make it to Shirdi. Here is a first person account. On Thursday the 16th August where Baba gave her some extraordinary experiences:
? “As we went to the Samadhi, my daughter was carrying some sweets on behalf of my two nieces, one aged three and the other one-and-a-half years old. As she handed them over to the priest, he at once ripped open the packet, put some in the prasad container, distributed some to the other three priests sitting at the Samadhi and rolled up his own share in a polythene bag and hid it under the cloth which was covering the Samadhi which is not the usual practice. As he did this, I got a feeling as if Baba had shown extreme love and told us how much these sweets meant to Him”.

? "Then that night while doing Parikrama at Nandadeep, I saw two or three people coming with hands folded in Pranam and heard some one saying “Baba Aaa Gaye”. I saw that there were two security guards looking closely at the ground. I halted for a moment and saw a small snake wriggling at the sides of Nandadeep. I also folded my hands in pranam and continued my parikrama. Later, when I wanted to find out about it, I was told that the snake was escorted out of the gate of the Sansthan Complex and we returned safely to Delhi. It is as if Baba had arranged to take care of us from the snake through the guards. Had we come little earlier it could have been dangerous. We came back to Delhi on Saturday the 18th of August very fulfilled and satisfied by our Shirdi visit mentally thanking Baba for the time we got with Him.

? "On the following Monday, the 20th August, some time past noon, an incident took place which made us realise that Shri Sai had protected us from a calamity which was to befall us. On Monday, at my parent's house, two men rang the doorbell. They had a slip of paper, which had my father's name and home address on it. On the reverse were listed some items which they said were sold at their shop. They asked my mother “Bauji hain kya”? She answered "Abhi nahin aye". The next question was "Mataji?" She did not know what overcame her but for some reason she did not answer that question.. They handed over the slip to her. She put it under the idol of Ganeshjee, which is placed on a shelf at the entrance of the house, below a life size portrait of Baba in the Dwarkamai pose and was about to close door when they asked her for some water. She closed the door, went inside and got water for¬ them. As she was handing over the glasses of water, she saw another man standing at the foot of the staircase.

Just as she turned to close the door, they pushed her into the house. At this she shouted and cried for help but no one came. They pushed her into the kitchen and beat her up. They switched on the gas without igniting the burners and wanted to suffocate her by closing the kitchen door, but the door had been removed a few days ago to facilitate easy movement. Being frustrated, they pulled her hair, used abusive language and beat her up. During this period of nearly 15 to 20 minutes, she continued to scream 'Bachao Bachao' but no one came to her rescue. Baba had known of this all along, as how else would she have even have dreamt of getting the kitchen door removed about twenty days before the incident! This was the great Kripa of Shri Sai Nath who gave her the thought that there is no need of the kitchen door. The maid got so scared on seeing the scene that she hid in one corner instead of trying to raise an alarm to alert the neighbours. The intruders kept asking for the keys. My mother's gums were bleeding, there was a gash under her lips and though for a minute she felt that she would die, some great 'Shakti' overcame her and she kept fighting with them.

In the meantime the third person had entered the house and was rummaging through the two wooden almirahs in the bedroom, while these two men kept torturing and beating my mother. Then the most unexpected thing happened. Gauri (my three year old niece) came from her pre-nursery school. She normally comes by taxi and usually my sister-in-law picks her up but that day she was not at home and the maid who worked for my mother was supposed to go down to pick her. But since no one went, her taxi driver kept honking at the gate while she climbed the stairs. The door, which had been closed by these intruders just opened as Gauri pushed it and she came in when she suddenly saw these people beating up her grandmother (Dadi Maa). She started to cry loudly. The intruders by then had got a towel to tie up my mother's mouth and put their hand on Gauri's mouth to muffle her cries.

By now my mother was not only exhausted but also overcome with fear for Gauri's safety. She stopped shouting and became semi-conscious. Now see the grace of my Baba. The third man came running to his accomplices suddenly and said ‘Chalo' and in an instant all three men ran out of the house. The maid saw one of them mounting a bicycle and riding away. And in an instant they disappeared.

Later when things were checked to see what was missing from the almirahs, it was found that not a penny had been taken. Every thing was intact. The grace of my Lord had made the men blind or how else would they miss the cash and jewellery in the almirahs. Not only that, they also did not notice my mother wearing jewellery on her person. The most surprising thing ¬that they had left behind the crow bar; which they brought for opening the almirahs or safe at the feet a Sai. They just forgot to carry it back - it remained on the shelf right under the portrait of Shri Sai. Who else can take care of his children in the most miraculous way?

By Dr. Sangeeta Wadhawan

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“This magazine is indeed a great effort to spread the teachings and blessings of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. Every Sai devotee should try and contribute to this as much as possible. May Sai shower His blessings on all those taking this effort and reward them with all success in their life.”

Ashwani Sandhu Ghaziabad, India

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