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The Absolute Consciousness or the divine form of the Divine Player is the real entity behind the manifestation, sustenance and transformation of this phenomenal world. Whether we consider the created world to be the reflection of God’s unlimited intellectual brilliance and enlightenment or simply Divine Play, it is based on this Divine Consciousness, which manifests itself at different levels and in vivid forms. Everything that exists in this world, whether inanimate object or animate, object or not object (Vastu and Avastu) - all the species, existent or nonexistent, are amalgamated or embedded within the divine Super Consciousness.

Since pre-vedic times India’s seers gave prominence to concentrating or meditating on “Tat Twam Asi” or “Thou Art That” or “You Are That.” The evolution of civilization may also be termed as the evolution of consciousness. The pre-supposition of the creation of the entire phenomenal cosmos is borne of that ‘Aham’ or ‘I’ of that Divine One. However, this ‘Aham’ or ‘I’ is not the same as commonly understood, but it is the fundamental power which is the root of the process of creation. ‘I am in everyone, everyone is Mine, and therefore, everything is within Me’, this is what Lord Krishna preached Arjuna.

The human being is a very tiny particle of that Super Consciousness or the ‘Absolute One’. Generally, his life is based on a very narrow thought process and he remains caught within the extremely limited boundaries of his self-centred role in life – himself, his family, his desires, his achievements, and that is all. Growth of God Consciousness occurs in the human being only when he expands his horizons beyond this limited boundary of his own and his family’s needs and desires. Once this happens, his concern and sensitivity extend beyond himself and his family and include other human beings and creatures. Then the awareness of divine existence and power are awakened in him. This awareness enabled this small particle of the vast universe to become a part of the world creative process, the galaxies and even travel into and walk in space.

As soon as human concern and sensitivity, based on the power of love and power of desire, arises to work for the whole of God’s creation, all conflicts come to an end and the jiva attains pure divine consciousness. This stage marks the end of the cycle of creation, sustenance and dissolution along the time continuum.

After transcending the concrete phenomenal world, the human being enters the world of Vijñayan or knowledge and then transcends the world of ‘knowledge’, he finally enters the world of ‘Bliss’. Then, the individual ‘self’ exalts itself to a state of cosmic consciousness, which is the state of Paramahansa, Brahmastha, Jeevana-mukta, Tureeyaateeta, and Trigunateeta (the self emancipated from the bondage  of the body despite being in the body) and attains the state of Sachchidananda, i.e. the ‘Real’, the ‘Consciousness’ and the ‘Bliss’. Once this happens, the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna in the Gita becomes meaningful, ‘I am in all, and all are Mine’. This is the real form of Sai Baba of Shirdi. Let us meditate upon Him all the time.

C. B. Satpathy, New Delhi









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