……“Sadgurus are hardly bothered about the social appreciation for their acts, because they know the ultimate reaction of all the actions which, what to speak of the society, the whole world may not be knowing. But, the fact remains that whatever they do is ultimately for the benefit of mankind, because they are in a state of complete selflessness. Their divine consciousness is so universal that it encompasses all the elements of living or non-living. Many people think that the Sadgurus always being aware about their infinite power pretend not to know about it. The truth is that they are in a state of pure consciousness not affected by the three gunas (Tama. Raja and even Satwa). They are like pure mirrors, when a person approaches them, like a reflection in the mirror a contact is established between the Sadgurus and the soul of that person with all his human traits.

As the mirror reflects exactly what the person is but does not add anything we call it only mirror. The Sadguru is thus in the state of only consciousness. This means-only existence. Therefore, whatever we project to the Sadguru, good or bad, will be accepted by him. He being in a state of only consciousness would absorb negative or positive traits of mind falling within the realm of three gunas, and would return pure consciousness as he is nothing but pure consciousness. That is why always think of Sadguru, keep him in mind in every small or big act you do in your life. Each step you take while walking along life make him a companion, for he is the only companion who will walk with you in this life and the life beyond.”.....


………..“We have already noted that the Guru has to be treated as not in the least different from God but as identical with God on the authority of the Upanishads and numerous other works. A proper sishya must have therefore ‘para bhakti’ and ‘Dridha sauhruda’, i.e., strong devotion and attachment to his Guru. The latter returns the love and proves it by looking after and undertaking to look after everything that concerns the disciple temporally or spiritually. Behaviour naturally follows this heart-felt love. The sishya feels there is nothing higher than the Guru (a) Na guror Adhikam Na Guror Adhikam (repeated again) (b) Idam eva Sivam, ldam eva Sivam, and (c) Viditam, Viditam, Vijanam, Vijanam. (Guru Gita, verses 122 to 124)

This means ‘There is nothing higher than the Guru. This is God; this is unique; this is known and experienced’. By meditation on God – Guru, jnana dawns upon the pupil (Guru Gita, verse 125). The Guru Upadishta Marga, i.e., the direction of the Guru has, of course, to be strictly followed for purifying the heart. The ever changing phenomena are fleeting and unworthy of attachment. Hence turn the mind away from them on to the real Brahman. This advice of the Guru must be followed. Peace of mind follows by Guru’s grace. The numerous directions in the Guru Gita as to the propriety of behaviour follow from the above attitude and relationship. The conduct rules are as follows:- (1) A sishya should not and can never be blaming his Guru (ninda), should not feel pride (mamata) envy (asuya), jealousy (matsara), hatred (dvesha), contempt or entertain any similar feeling towards the Guru; of course, he cannot threaten the Guru (Humkar), not treat himself as equal. But on the other hand he must fall at the Guru's feet, drink the (Padatirtha) water washing the Guru's feet and always think of the Guru as long as his body lasts. (2) Guru is the “Sathee Akaraka” i.e. last moment helper i.e., the one person or force that can help to save the sishya at the moment of his death and make that end happy, which wife, children, wealth, fame, etc., cannot positively do, which in fact they render painful. If the Guru has been rejected or forgotten, then at the last critical moment, the sishya’s mind will be greatly perturbed and agitated or frightened. (3) The Guru’s orders must be strictly obeyed and carried out personally and not delegated to others. Nothing should be done without consulting the Guru.”......



Face To Face With Truth


Sai Baba often said, that let my man be at any distance, a thousand kos away from me, he will be drawn to Shirdi, like a sparrow, with a thread, tied to its feet. It proved in our case more emphatically as we were dragged to Shirdi forcibly.

When I was a 12 year old, studying in the 8th standard in Nellore a district capital town in AP, India, I started visiting an old Sai Temple very regularly situated close to my house. I didn’t know anything in detail about Shri Sai till we were pulled to Shirdi in 1992. A visit to Sai mandir was like a visit to any other mandir. My uncle who has been an ardent Sai devotee brought the small black and white photo of Sai Baba way back in 1950s and the same is still there in our ancestral place in the village. My grandmother who was another sincere devotee of Sai used to bring a jug full of coconut water from Sai Mandir every Thursday during mid 70s. For about 5-6 years every Thursday I was getting Sai's Prasad in the form of coconut water regularly.

Some time in June 1992, when I visited Nellore,a friend of mine advised me to do Sai Satcharitra parayan and keep a picture of Sai in pooja mandir.
He took me to the temple and got a nice Baba's ashirvad picture, and then he tried to get Satcharitra but couldn't find one. As a last resort he said, that atleast he would borrow one from the library and give it to me, so that after parayan the book could be returned. Even that he failed to do. As Sai decided to present that Holy book, a small miracle happened, a few minutes before my departure. One of my friend's friend, was there accidently and my friend told him about how he tried to get Satcharitra for me which ended in vain. Then in a flash he left for his place and returned with a copy of brand new Sai Satcharitra. He told me to keep the book with me and wanted me to buy a few copies when I visit Shirdi and distribute them to people. I left for Tirupati, the place where I have settled down since 1988 with that beautiful picture of Sai and a copy of Sai Satcharitra.

My wife was extremely pleased to keep that beautiful picture of Sai in our pooja mandir immediately. The very next month another close friend of mine was leaving for Gaborone to settle down there as a Financial Consultant. He wanted to visit Shirdi with all his family members as he was leaving India once for all. He invited us to join him for that Shirdi visit. I was actually in no position to visit Shirdi. Apart from my official work I was pressed with other pre occupations. I just couldn't oblige him. But he insisted that I should visit at any cost. At last I told him to take my wife and 4 year old son, along with them. He refused and told me very firmly that we should accompany him to Shirdi. I was in a fix but he went ahead to make arrangements. At last I had to bow to his wish and all of us left for Shirdi.

The day we stepped on the holy soil of Shirdi, turned out to be Gurupoornima. It was a Thursday and Shirdi wore that festive look. It was virtually infested with large number of devotees. The whole temple was marvelously decorated and one could feel that divine energy emanating from the Samadhi Mandir. Truly it was a remarkable spectacle indeed. Baba's pallaki seva was in progress when we entered the temple. The whole place was reverberating with the sounds of drum beats and other instruments. It was a frenziedatmosphere as devotees kept shouting "victory to Shri Sainath Maharaj". We have experienced such divine joy which we have not tasted before at other places. After darshan we returned to the guest house where we were accommodated.

At the stroke of midnight, while all others, were fast asleep I got up and took bath and proceeded to Samadhi Mandir. The mandir was kept open as it was the day of Gurupoornima.I went inside and sat opposite the statue of Sri Sai. Some of the devotees were doing parikrama of the Samadhi. This was a sort of privilege for the devotees on three days a year Sri Ramanavami, Gurupoornima and Vijayadashmi only Samadhi mandir would be kept open through out the night and devotees could go round the Samadhi (parikrama). Now due to ever surging crowds to Shirdi this practice is done away with. So I was in a way fortunate to remain inside the mandir till 5 A.M. I sat gazing at the idol of Shri Sai and was shedding tears unknowingly. Baba had melted my heart and it was a kind of unknown joy that I hadn't experienced before. After spending about two hours in this fashion I started doing parikrama (pradikshina) of Samadhi. I did it for another two hours and left the mandir in a divine intoxicated state. Immediately I did parikrama at Gurusthan.

After the dawn I told my friend and others what happened the previous night. My friend wanted to spend time in the mandir the next day but the mandir was closed. Those days all the poor devotees and people from nearby villages used to sleep on hired beds which were spread in the open area around Samadhi mandir. We wanted to be amidst those common people and decided to spend the night there instead of staying in the guest house. Both my friend and I took two beds paying Rs. 4 and lay down in the open area. There were lot of innocent villagers and beggers around. It just reminded us of those days of Shri Sai when He was surrounded by such innocent folk all around. It was another pleasant experience that Shri Sai provided us.

After spending three fruitful days at Shirdi we were returning to Tirupati. There were old people and young children in our group and all of us comfortably, without any problem spent the time there savouring the divine grace of Sai. On the final day we were to catch Dadar express at Daund station. As per the railway time it was 19-30 hours, which meant 7-30 PM. But both my friend and I mistook it as 9-30 PM in the night. We left Shirdi thinking that we should reach Daund around 8-30 PM so that we could finish our dinner and board the train.

We reached Ahmad Nagar around 4 p.m. and just missed the 4 p.m. bus to Daund. The next bus was at 6 p.m. As the journey time was two and half hours from Nagar to Daund we thought it would be okay. In the mean while, some of us started enquiring whether there were any other modes of transport. The transporters quoted three times more than the bus fare. We didn’t want to go by the car as it was expensive. Suddenly one person approached us on his own and said that he had a van and he would take all of us to Daund. He demanded exactly the bus fare. It sounded good to us and the van was so huge that all the 21 members could be accommodated comfortably. He was driving it at great speed. It was a frightening sight. In between we wanted him to stop at a couple of places, but he proceeded straight. We were wondering as to what was happening. He took us straight to the station and it was 7-35 PM. One of the members, in our group, didn't have the ticket so my friend told me to settle the van bill while he proceeded straight to the ticket counter. When he asked for the ticket, he was told that the train was already there on the platform and was about to leave. He panicked as we were there on the other side. We had to cross a huge overbridge covering so many tracks. He was shouting while running towards us. Since there were old and small children we couldn't walk so hastily. There was darkness all around and how we covered the bridge with kids and luggage was a mystery. Though we took our own time to reach the platform, the train didn't budge even an inch. We had time to accommodate ourselves in our compartment and soon the train left the station.

All of us were moved by this incident. If not for the divine play of Sainath, we would have been left stranded at the station. It would certainly have been a horrible sight had we missed the train! All the money was exhausted and reservations would be one problem and on top spending the night at the station with kids and old people, it was unimaginable. We could visualize that, the person who dropped us at the station, was none other than Sri Sai who wanted to avert such an inconvenience to His Children. All of us gave up dinner that night. Baba filled our heart with his divine leela.

After this visit, Shri Sai has become an inseparable part of our lives. With every visit to Shirdi we started experiencing more and more of his divine leelas. As one thinks of Him in right earnest, so He manifests to guide and show the right path to His devotees.

Bow to Shri Sai and peace be to all.

By Raghunath Reddy


This is a fantastic webpage in first instance and stupendous initiation by the Organisation for the good of the mores. I feel everyone should at least click this page once in a day and it would have been fabulous if some selected excerpts was made available from "Sri Sai Satcharita" as the "theme of the day". But without this even the website's design and presentation are simply splendid. Jai Sai Ram

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