……“Whether the Masters reveal it or not, before these divine personalities, every one stands naked. The life histories of most of these Sadgurus are full of examples of the Masters having knowledge about the Past, Present and future of not only human beings but other species spontaneously without going through a trance or exercising themselves as oculists, hypnotists or Para-psychologists do. Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi used to tell his disciples that he was aware about whatever his disciples do or say even if they are thousands of miles away. No doubt there are thousands of incidents recorded about Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi in different books and journals.

The Masters are the precursors of the man of the fifth race to come. They have been carrying on this experiment on different planets not only of our solar system but also on planets in other solar systems. The present research of finding the existence of organic life on planets like Mars, Venus and Moon in particular will be successful as the Masters had earlier experimented on growth and sustenance of ‘organic life forces’ on these planets.

Spiritual secrets revealed by the spiritual masters indicate about the generation of ‘organic life forces’ on earth by a spiritual entity called ‘Dakshya Prajapati’. Till one understands and realizes the ‘Prajapati’ concept it will be treated as a mythological entity. It is believed that pre-birth and post-death conditions of all human souls have something to do with the Moon, the nearest Astral body to the earth. These aspects cannot be discussed in this article, as the main issue is regarding the role of the Sadgurus or Perfect Masters.

The Sadgurus are thus trying to advance the evolution by raising the potential of man-the best of nature’s creation on this planet. The blue-print of the future human civilization is already with them not only with a meticulously drawn plan to the last details but also a perfect time scheme. As all the astral bodies like the milky-ways, solar systems and planets have a certain periodicity of movement, changes in the solar systems and planets logically should follow certain time principles for the evaluation of both organic and inorganic matters. The ancient Egyptians, the Kabala thinkers, the Chinese Philosophers in the past attempted and some what succeed in understanding these time-cycles of evolution. The ancient Hindu scriptures have dealt with the cycles of time to the last minutes not only with reference to the past but also with reference to trillions of years ahead.

Having full knowledge and command on the souls of all living beings, the Sadgurus play a vital role in drawing unto them all their devotees at the time of death and evolve their souls even in the post death condition to higher levels of consciousness. They are the Perfect Masters, the perfect creatures of God anywhere in the universe. Their job is to bring perfection to anything and everything coming in contact with them, whether living or non-living cutting across all reference of time, distance and space.

Any one coming into their contact is bound to evolve whether he likes it or does not like it, whether it is to happen immediately or within a certain period of time. They are upholders of the ultimate laws of the nature and the divine principles. They are not limited by a human ego. They only work with a divine purpose. Their self is the divine self of God radiating only compassion and creativity of the highest order. All deities and nature forces known as Devas or Devis in the Hindu pantheon assist them in the performance of their duties. Their wishes are the law of nature and God’s command even if invoke in the name of God. Shri Sai always used to invoke blessings say “Allah Malik Hai” (The God is the Lord of all) or “lshwar Achcha Karega” (God will help).".........


……“ That Anna Saheb Dabolkar's thoughts were changed thoroughly, may be more amply set out in what follows. First when he went to Baba, he had just a bit of devotion to Baba and his main nature was still egoistic, combative and was large concerned with worldly ambitions. From 1910-16, his progress was hardly noticeable. But in 1917, a change came and he himself sets it out in chapter XVIII and XIX of his book, and therefore, we shall now proceed to refer to them.

When he was shampooing Baba’s legs, one Mr. Sathe had a problem and that was mentioned to Baba. Sathe was directed by Baba to read Guru Charitra he did so for seven days. At the close of it Baba appeared in a dream vision to him with the Guru Charitra in his hand. Kaka Dixit came and asked Baba whether he would explain to Sathe what the appearance meant. He asked ‘Is he to go on with a second saptaha of study of the Guru Charitra?’ Baba said, ‘Yes’. Baba also said, ‘If the work be studied carefully, the devotee will become pure and will be benefitted. The Lord will be pleased and will rescue him from samsara’.

Hearing these words, Anna Dabolkar, Hemad Pant thought, ‘For the last seven years since 1910 to 1917 I have been serving Baba and have never got a vision, and this man, Mr. Sathe after a week’s stay at Shirdi gets his vision. Like a chataka bird, I am waiting for Baba to pour his nectar on to me and bless me with his instructions, this was his thought. Baba read his thought at once and told him, ‘Go to Shama. Get from him Rs.15 dakshina, stay and chat with him for a while and then come back’.

Accordingly, he went to Shama and asked for Rs. 15 dakshina. Shama, was a very poor man and said, ‘I send my 15 namaskars’. Then Hemad Pant said, ‘I am asked to chat with you and listen to you’. Shama then began to tell him the stories of Baba’s lilas, and the foremost amongst them that he mentioned was about. Mrs. Radhabai Deshmukin. Sham a said, ‘There was a lady, an old woman who came to Baba and who had resolved to get Mantropadesha from Baba. Baba did not give it.

She wanted to try satyagraha. She actually began to fast saying that she would fast unto death at Shirdi unless Baba gave her upadesha. After three days of the fast, I interceded on her behalf and requested Baba to take pity upon her and give her something. So, Baba sent for her, and told her this, 'Mother, why are you subjecting yourself to unnecessary tortures and meeting death. 'You are my mother and I am your child. Pity me. I will tell you my story.

If you listen to it, it will do you good. I had a Guru. He was a very great saint and most merciful. I served him very long indeed. Still he did not whisper any mantra into my ear. I was anxious never to leave him but to stay with him and serve him and receive some instruction from him. But he had his own method. He just got my head shaved and asked me for two pice as dakshina. I gave the same at once. If you ask 'how a perfect Guru should ask for dakshina, and yet be called desireless', I will explain to you that what he asked for was not coins.

The first pice that he asked for was Nishta or firm faith and the second pice he wanted was Saburi or patience or perseverance. These two I gave him and he was pleased. I served my Guru for 12 years. He brought me up. There was no lack of food or clothing. He was full of love. He was Love Incarnate. His love was in¬describable. He loved me keenly. Rare is such a Guru. When I looked at him, I was filled with bliss and he was in bliss. Night and day I gazed at him without thinking of hunger and thirst. Without him, I felt restless.

I had no other subject to meditate on. I had nothing but the Guru to attend to. He was my sole refuge. My mind was always fixed on him. That fixture is the first pice nishta. The second pice, Saburi, is my waiting patiently and very long on my Guru and serving him. This Saburi will take you across samsara. Saburi is manliness in man. It removes all sins and afflictions, gets rid of calamities in various ways, removes all fear and ultimately gives you success. Saburi is a mine of virtues and is the consort of good thought. Nishta and Saburi go together.

My Guru never expected anything else from me. But he never neglected me and always protected me. I lived with him and sometimes away from him. Still I never felt the want or absence of his love. He always protected me by his glance as a tortoise feeds its young ones. Oh, mother, my Guru never taught me any mantra. How can I give you any? Do not try to get mantra or upadesha from anybody. Make me the sole object of your thought and actions, and you will undoubtedly attain Paramartha, the spiritual goal of life. Look at me wholeheartedly, and I shall also do the same, that is, look at you wholeheartedly.

Sitting in this Masjid, I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. No sadhanas and no proficiency in sastras is necessary. Have faith and confidence in your Guru. Believe fully that the Guru is the sole Actor or Doer. Blessed is he who knows the greatness of his Guru and thinks him to be Hari, Hara and Brahma Trimurti Incarnate. Shama said, 'The lady then accepted the advice'.

After hearing Shama, Anna Saheb went to the Masjid, and there he sat next to Baba, and when the Arti was going on, Baba asked him whether he went to Shama and asked for dakshina and had a chat. Dabolkar said, 'Shama sent his 15 namaskars. In the chat, he gave an account of Mrs. Radhabai Deshmukin's incident’. Baba asked, 'What is it?' Dabolkar narrated the whole story. Then Baba said, 'Wonderful is the story. Did the story strike you, and did you catch its significance?'

Anna Saheb said, 'Yes. The restlessness of my mind has vanished. I have got true peace and come to know the truth path'. Then Baba said, 'My method is quite unique. Remember well this one story, and it will be very useful. To get knowledge or reali¬sation of the self, Dhyana is necessary. If you practise it continuously, the Vrittis, thoughts, will be pacified.

Being quite desireless, you should meditate on the Lord who is in all the creatures, and when the mind is concentrated, the goal will be achieved. Meditate always on my formless nature, which is knowledge Incarnate, Consciousness and Bliss. If you cannot do this, meditate on my form from top to toe as you see here night and day. As you go on doing this, your vrittis will be one-pointed and the distinction between the Dhyata the medi¬tator, Dhyana the act of meditation, Dhyeya the thing medidated upon will be lost, and the meditator will be one with the consciousness and be merged in Brahman.'

The mother tortoise is on one bank of the river and her young ones are on the other side. She gives neither milk nor warmth to them. The mere glance gives them nutrition. The young ones do nothing but remember and meditate upon their mother. The tortoise glance is, to the young ones, a downpour of nectar, the only source of sustenance and happiness. Similar is the relation between the Guru and his disciples. Baba gave him sugar candy and said, ‘If you take this story to heart, remember it well, your state will be equally sweet. Your desires will be fulfilled and you will be happy. Meditate on the story, assimilate its spirit, then you will always remember and meditate on the Lord who will manifest himself to you.”……


This happened two years ago on a Ganpati Visarjan here in Aruba (Dutch Caribbean) where I live with my wife and son. Over here the Arubian roads are not very hard roads. There is always some kind of sand on the road and there are lots of accidents every week.

My son Aditya did’nt know how to swim in those days. After lots of persuasion from my wife and son, we went for the Ganpati Visarjan to the beach where this small function is done by group of Indians here in Aruba every year. My wife and I got busy in the final aarti done before Visarjan. I had warned my son not to go into the water, but after few minutes we heard a commotion and saw somebody from the group was holding my son’s hand and bringing him out of the water.

We were told by the group that my son was almost drowning since he had gone little bit far and had shouted for help. I prayed to God and at the same time was very angry. We immediately left from there. My wife and son were sitting next to me in the front passenger seat. I was in a horrible angry mood and I was scolding my son and talking to him with my face turned towards him and at the same time I was driving at speed.

Suddenly I saw a roundabout right in front of me and had to brake very hard. The car hit the cemented roundabout and turned to the right side towards the sandy off road and stopped right in front a huge rock. If we had hit the rock we would have had a really horrible accident. Everybody was in a state of shock. I checked on my wife and son. We all were perfectly fine. Normally in this kind of accident I have heard from many people that it is possible to smash the head and nose. We had a very luck escape and the only effect was that the front right hand side wheel (tyre and rim ) had broken. Even this was fixed by the insurance company.

"Ek baal bhi banka nahin hone diya Sai ne". I always have a small marble Sai murti installed on the dashboard of my car which I had got from Shirdi when I had gone for vacation in 2003. I had put a small nice dress on it. So only the face of Sai was visible and not the entire body seated on His royal rock throne.

One month after this incident I was cleaning my car and thought of changing the dress of my Sai Baba on the dashboard. As soon as I took the dress out I saw Sai’s leg was completely broken, but He was sitting in his perfect posture and looking at me as if to say (as quoted from Sai Satcharitra) “…So saying, He lifted up His Kafni up to the waist and showed to all present, four fully developed buboes, as big as eggs, and added, ‘See, how I have to suffer for My devotees; their difficulties are Mine.’ Seeing this unique and extraordinary deed (Leela), the people were convinced as to how the Saints suffer pains for their devotees. The mind of the saints is softer than wax, it is soft, in and out, as butter. They love their devotees without any idea of gain, and regard them as their true relatives. "

I get goose pimples when I think of that incident; my eyes become watery remembering what my Sai did for me. Oh Baba what would I do without you. I am zero. I am nothing. You are the one; You are mine; You are everybody’s.

My Baba took this on Himself for me and He is still doing this in all corners of the world for His countless devotees who regard Him as their own.

Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai. I Love My Sai Baba , My Sai Baba Loves All.

Dhanesh Ahuja, ARUBA(Dutch-Caribbean)


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Life sprouts from the unknown
ends in unknown.

All comforts acquired
for the body fade.

All the money and materials in life
are nothing but passing clouds.

The riches remain here,
do not go beyond this life.

Everything in life is transient,
even our body changes every minute.

All colours fade, flowers dry
and fruits decay.

Nothing belongs to you,
friends, relatives or foes.

The life in this world is hollow,
it is an empty dream.

All of us think and live
in our own small world.

A doctor's world has patients,
medicine and diseases.

A teacher has students,
classroom and lessons.

A devotee thinks of God,
love and devotion.

All troubles and difficulties of life,
make us realise our errors.

But life cannot be interesting,
without troubles and difficulties.

Each right action
changes and improves the life.

Each life we learn, experience
and move towards Him.

S. Modi, Delhi

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The words I, Me and mine take precedence over other issues in the modern world. With the evolution of nuclear families there has been a massive increase in selfish attitude and indifference towards others in this world. Self-reliance and independence is good, but that should not pave the way to greed, self-centred behaviour among human beings and unmindful of basic human values of love, kindness, compassion and empathy.

Let us stop and think why there is so much restlessness in this world? Why is there competition among siblings? Why is healthy competition replaced by obnoxious harmful behaviour in our society? What is the reason for increase in crime in our society?

It is ironical that the values that any corporate organisation considers as essential for recruitment are being trustworthy, loyal, responsible and accountable. We demonstrate these with words and convince officials to get selected for a job, but do we really have these qualities in our lives when we interact with the people around us?

Instead of making life easier, the technological revolution seems to have created an insecure world where we fear our parents, children, relatives and neighbours. When we do not trust our own family, parents or siblings whom we have seen and with whom we have shared good times and bad times, how can we place trust in something that is not visible to the eye, i.e., God.

God has bestowed us with intelligence to be used to attain God vision and appreciate the marvellous creation. Instead we use our intellect to discriminate and differentiate between people. We assign ownership, name gender, and place to every object we see. We differentiate between human beings based on nationality, religion, region, caste, language and even colour!

When we see so many differences is it possible for us to identify with other humans? When one is at a party you find people divided into small groups scattered in corners. Group are based either on a common native place, or language or they belong to one caste. Amazingly enough we, who call ourselves spiritual and take pride in calling ourselves children of Baba, are equally guilty of the act. Rarely do you find a group with a mix of religion, dialect, region and colour.

Let us break the barriers of limiting our understanding to bonding only with our family, friends, relatives and neighbours. Firstly we have to realise that there are only two classes of humans that exist worldwide - vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This broad concept will lessen the gap between the human paradigms. And now to lessen the gap further, the difference between vegetarians and non- vegetarians, is based on the choice of an individual and their likes and taste.

Since some people eat meat and drink alcohol despite being born in a caste or religion, which forbids them to do so, these choices are not dependent only on family or caste or religion. These are acquired tastes in life based on life style, personal likes and dislikes. When we acknowledge that there is basically no difference between humans then the gap is bridged. As humans we develop respect towards each other and none of the heartbreak or trauma occurs when there are inter-caste, inter-religious, inter-regional marriages.

If we acknowledge that all individuals irrespective of their demographic differences are just like us and have emotions, feelings and are subjected to pain when hurt, this will help us to empathize with others and feel their pain and pleasure. When we are involved in an act we should analyze the impact of our action, words or behavior on others and outcomes of such an act.

The spiritual concept that the whole universe is one and there is no distinction between individuals makes sense when we identify ourselves with others. This process helps us to understand the spiritual concept better. The same is explained by Baba in Chapter 39 from the Shri Sai Satcharita. Baba says the root cause for the ignorance that gives rise to human misconception, resulting in inflicting pain on self and others by humans is due to the following:

1 - I am a Jiva (creature)
2 - Body is the soul (I am the body).
3 - God, world and Jiva are different.
4 - I am not God.
5 - Not knowing, that body is not the soul.
6 - Not knowing that God, world and Jiva are one.

The above-mentioned are some of the ideas that result in our seeing duality in all elements. Spiritual aspirants will need to destroy this sense of duality and understand that the whole universe is threaded by the common energy of God. When this truth is acknowledged and assimilated and the mind is constantly trained to recognise the divinity in oneself then this knowledge will reduce pain, anger, and chaos in world.

Man will then develop more endearing relationships towards others and the world will become a better place. This understanding does not happen overnight. Man has to be constantly reminded of this concept. For this, a learned guru is needed who can help us to understand these principles and be reminded when faced with troubles and hurdles in this mundane world. Often we get disappointed and overwhelmed with the problems and lose sight of the reality. In such circumstances, the company of a guru or Satsang or group of people with common spiritual goals is essential.

Let us not wait for somebody else to do this for us. It might be too late. Once having chosen to tread on the spiritual path we should know that it is not an easy path to tread, neither has Baba promised that it will be a path of roses. To quote Lily Tomlin I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that.

Then I realised I was somebody. Let us make the difference. As humans we are ambitious, so let us show our eagerness to progress in spiritual context by embracing the concept of non duality by showing love towards humanity, love and serve one another and help each other in times of need, which would be loving and serving God. When we believe in ourselves, our uniqueness and in our innate qualities, which are divinely ordained, then we are filled with love for mankind, the quality shown by God. The easiest path to reach God is by loving our fellow beings. Let us not delay further and embark on making a new beginning and seek Baba’s blessing in setting out in this path.


Anitha Kandukuri, Canberra Australia

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As life goes on and the meaning of life changes, Baba be there with me. Life is to short to understand what you want us to learn, for grasping bit of dhyan, Baba be there with me always.

Shalabh, Delhi

It is said that everything is in man’s hands and hard work and talent can make him reach everywhere. Then why do children of the same household get different results with same efforts? When all members of a family consume the same diet, why is one person prone to cancer? What answer does science have for this? An innocent girl gets kidnapped and is sold. Why? A very good wife may have received no love whereas a cunning woman had all. Prarabda is riches gained by you if you believe in your past life, they give you what you deserve no matter what and where you are now and what you do now is carried over to your future.

Aruna, Visakhapatnam

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Thank you very much for publishing my experience in the Heritage Magazine and wish for Baba’s blessings so that I have the strength and inspiration for writing more articles in future. My sincere support and best wishes for the entire Heritage Team collective for their outstanding efforts to reach the mankind.

Shiba Prasad Rout, Rourkela

Thank you for publishing my contribution to the Topic of Discussion. Writing down my understanding of various topics from the Sri Sai Satcharita makes my thoughts clearer than if I were to just read it. It is wonderful that I have this opportunity through the Heritage of Shirdi Sai. Is it also possible for me to write and clear doubts that may arise while reading Baba’s Sri Sai Satcharita ?

Nirmala Pandit, Chennai

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Topic of Discussion feature is intended to initiate useful discussions on topics related to Shirdi Sai Philosophy and His teachings, Guru Tradition, Teachings of the Sadguru, the nature and functions of the Perfect Masters, true devotion, qualification of a disciple, etc.


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Send your poem, article or drawing on SHIRDI SAI BABA and the best ones will be showcased in Heritage of Shirdi Sai Magazine and in the Children section on our website. Anybody upto 18 years of age can send in the material. 

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In order to ensure that Heritage Of Shirdi Sai sustains itself and is available to devotees at affordable rates, we do solicit advertisements. However, in keeping with the magazine’s philosophy and approach, the advertisements would be displayed as banners and not creative commercial product.

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