……“The Sadguru or Perfect Master or Qutab or Adept as he is called differently, is the pivotal point in the administration of the perceptible and the imperceptible universe around us. In fact the word ‘Qutab’, itself means pivot. Many visible and invisible activities stretching to aeons of time are conducted by these Sadgurus or masters working in unison with each other for the evolution of the living and non-living aspects of Universe. It is difficult to believe that the human civilization on this earth of our’s, progressed exactly on the Darwinian presumptions of evolution. Modern historical research does not have the mechanism to delve into the vital role of these Sadgurus in changing the history of human societies in all its aspects. Some historians have briefly touched upon this subject, but none has really undertaken any serious research with this hypothesis or postulation that behind every temporal ruler there is a spiritual ruler or that all major changes in this world are programmed and got executed by the Sadgurus, directly through the rulers and indirectly through certain unknown methods and spiritual workers. Therefore, historical research on the visible and invisible roles of the spiritual masters or other spiritual personalities working under the command of the Sadgurus in bringing about fundamental changes on the earth is a need of the day. In rare cases like the effect of Sadguru Ramdas on the Maratha rule of Shivaji in India, one gets a glimpse of the overt influence of a Sadguru on the political, social and moral life of a society. Similarly the effect and influence of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti of Ajmer and of Nizammuddin Auliya of Delhi on the rulers of that time can be historically established. Even if a scholar has access to all the available historical data on the subject, yet a total comprehension of the role of these Sadgurus will be eluding him unless he has learnt about the secrets of spiritual science under the guidance of a Sadguru.

I have no doubt that behind every major and sudden happening on this earth the causative force emanates from these spiritual leaders. They programme, motivate, organize and precipitate these happenings in order to bring in a new order by changing the old. Changing of societal or world orders can occur only when a mighty spiritual thrust is given by the spiritual masters towards that direction. If Moses, Christ, Prophet Mohammed or Guru Nanak did not have the spiritual power with them, the changes they brought about and the religious orders they established would not have happened. Behind all such important happenings like wars, peace, change of rulers and forms of government, new discoveries and inventions in all fields of knowledge, particularly in all streams of science, their role can be seen. The unseen hands that write history are the hands of Sadgurus, the divine incarnates of the age. Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi used to say that Allah i.e. God has many officers all over. They are very powerful.

Centuries back, a western philosopher Hegel, had indicated about the movement of what he called ‘world spirit’ or ‘nature forces’ in precipitating major incidents like wars. However, he did not spell-out the mechanism by which and the process through which such changes take place. Hindu spiritual science explains these aspects in detail, which is known to a limited number of individuals in the spiritual path. Such knowledge is imparted by the Sadgurus to some deserving disciples only.

Avatara Mehar Baba of Pune, India authenticates that there are five Sadgurus or Perfect Masters at any point of time on this earth. These Masters carry-on their arduous, and majestic task of evolution of this planet, with the specific emphasis on the human race. Besides the evolution of the human race they are also busy in the evolution of all other living and organic aspects of nature like the plants, animals etc. It may seem surprising when it is said that each of these Sadgurus or Perfect Masters can know every detail and entire past of any person about whom either they hear, or see, or touch or think. The entire memory of any person in any way coming into contact with them as explained is transferred to them in the flash of a second. Since the memories of related persons and events are in the memory of the man, these also get transferred.".........


……“ On the 5th of December 1910, G.S. Khaparde visited Shirdi and found numerous officials, high and low, and masses crowding to the feet of Baba. Baba was teaching people in parables and was able to protect, for instance, police officers, such as a head¬ constable charged with extortion at a court, and to get them acquitted, and was rendering great temporal and spiritual help to all and sundry. By 12th December 1910, he got permission to go away and left Shirdi. It is after that date that the most serious time for G.S. Khaparde began.

The year 1911 was a period of trials for all extremists, as the Government had the support of the moderates for crushing the extremists and G.S. Khaparde being high up in the list of extremists naturally stood in the same perilous position. Any vigorous activity of patriots sufficed to increase the severity of the policy of repression which therefore attained Makshasic dimensions in, all Provinces. Khaparde realised his own danger. Though he had a very lucrative and roaring practice especially on the criminal side, part of his clientele fell.

It was feared that the man who argued as a lawyer today would tomorrow be locked up in jail; at first as an under-trial prisoner and finally to be sent away to the Andamans or some distant prison. His income declined and with it also his health and the spirits of all the members of his family. But he had already known where his Palladium or Sanctuary was. So, on 6th December 1911, he arrived at Shirdi. Even at his previous visit, Baba had said on 9-12-1910. ‘This is your house. Why should anybody fear when I am here?’ This assurance was again given to Khaparde. But as his funds were low, he and the members of his family who often visited Shirdi, were very anxious that he should go back to Amraoti to resume his practice.

However clever he might be as a lawyer, he himself could not say when the Government might pounce upon him and send him to prison. But there was one person in the world who could say it, who had that knowledge and who could exercise his powers to snuff out all danger from him completely. G.S. Khaparde had ample proof that Baba had knowledge of everything that was happening everywhere and could control the minds of everyone and control objects also including the elements. So, he like others felt perfectly safe in Baba’s immediate presence.

Whenever he got letters or telegrams at Shirdi offering cases, the desire was strong to get back to Amraoti. So, his sons and relations and clients came to take him away. Shama on his behalf frequently asked Baba whether he could get back. Sometimes Baba seemed to encourage him by giving affirmative answers. But Baba would soon recall them and say, ‘Go tomorrow’, which was Baba’s way of saying, do not go.

Baba wished to make perfectly certain that Khaparde would not be prosecuted. ‘My eye of vigilant supervision is ever on those who love Me’, said Baba and he was perpetually watching the minds of the Governor and the Home Member of the Central Provinces government and else where; and he revealed to Mrs. Khaparde what he did and how he watched. It is quite evident that the Government Members were considering the prosecution of Khaparde for sedition in respect of many of his speeches.

There would be no difficulty in finding matter for prosecution under 124-A, of the Indian Penal Code, in the speeches of Khaparde or any other patriotic extremist, for anything and everything may be easily twisted and brought under 124-A. But the Government was noting that the sensation created in the public mind by the trial of Lokamanya was itself a powerful impetus to the demand for Indian Independence and, therefore, if possible, they should avoid sensational trials.

In the case of Khaparde, who came to Baba on 6th December 1911 and stayed on at Shirdi with Baba for 3 months or more, refusing to accept cases in various courts, rumors got abroad that Khaparde had got crazy and had been fascinated by a crazy fakir at Shirdi, and therefore, had refused offer of cases and given up practice, politics, society and every¬thing else, preferring the company of a fakir. Such rumors must have reached the ears of the Government Members or made to reach their ears by Baba, and Baba must have made them think: Let sleeping dogs lie.

That is, the foreign government had more advantage to gain by not ordering more prosecutions of leaders which would keep up political excitement in the country. It is this decision among high places which was obviously denoted by Baba’s words. It is noted in Khaparde's diary dated the 29th December 1911 as follows,

He, Sai Baba told my wife that the Governor came with a lance, than Sain Maharaj had a tussle with him and drove him out; and that he finally conciliated the Governor. G .S. Khaparde adds,

The language is highly figurative and therefore difficult to interpret.

Being too close to the trees, he could not see the forest. At this distance of time, there is no difficulty whatever to interpret the above words. Sai Baba had given him abhayam saying, ‘Why fear when I am here?’ and he was carrying out his duty of protection. That protection involved the prolonged stay of Khaparde at Shirdi, but with his extremely aggressive worldly attachment, the confinement within Shirdi was obviously irksome to the impatient spirit of Khaparde.”……


‘He who loves Him whole heartedly, gets response from Him at any time, at any place.’

I cannot clearly remember how and when I got a very small clay idol of my beloved Sai Baba. At that time I knew nothing about Him and placed Him in a showcase. Today, I realize, the moment he stepped into my house was surely the most auspicious moment of my life.

In the year 1998, Sonia, a very close fiend of my daughter gave us a photo of Baba and the holy book ‘Sri Sai Satcharitra’. Since then we are showered by His endless kindness and blessings. I have experienced many incidents that cannot be explained by practical aspects. From those precious experiences, one, I think is unbelievable.

A relative of mine was preparing to go to Bombay. As I came to know, I insisted that she go to Shirdi. I did not know how much she believes Baba. I gave her an idol of Baba and used to talk about Him and His kindness when she was in distress. The day she set out for Bombay, I felt very low.

I have a long cherished desire to go to Shirdi. I don’t know when He will allow me to bow my head down at His Holy Lotus Feet. I felt very low and wept a lot. The next day I found a saffron coloured multi-petalled chin rose has bloomed. It was the first flower of that tiny plant. The flower was exceptionally big and mesmerized me with its brightness. I plucked it and placed it on Baba’s Lotus Feet in my pooja room. It was 9 o’clock in the morning.

All day I was very busy. At about 10 o’clock at night I suddenly noticed that the flower was still as fresh as it was when I plucked it in the morning. It was paced in the dry surface at Baba’s Feet and it got the heat of the candle that I lit under the shelf in the morning and evening. It haunts me a lot. It is not possible for a tender flower to be fresh for such a long time.

I have a habit that when I wake up in the morning, I first open the door of the pooja room and give my pranam to Baba. As I opened the door I was astonished. The flower was just as fresh as it was yesterday morning. Tears came to my eyes. In my conscience as if I heard – “I am with you; My abode is in your heart and I am within you.” I was thrilled.

That day also the flower looked fresh. The next day at about 9 o’clock that is after 48 hours, the petals of the flower started drying up. Later I went to the Sai Baba’s temple where the pujariji insisted I buy an audio CD as I was asking him for another one. I came back home with that audio CD which pujariji persuaded me to buy. It was a VCD. The songs were picturised inside the Shirdi Mandir and the surrounding areas of the mandir. I was spell bound.

I asked my relative to bring Udi, Prasad and photo of Baba. She came back to Kolkata and left her bag over there in Bombay. But unexpectedly I got Udi, Prasad and photo of Baba from another person who also went to Shirdi at the same time.

As I am now unable to go to Shirdi, my generous Baba has accepted my pooja and darshan this way. Deep in my heart I consider all these incidents as His kindness. He is omniscient – He is everywhere, I realize. He surely sees all that we feel – all that we desire.


Rama Banerjee, Kolkata

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Baba, my Deva bless me with Thy grace
Through the trials and ordeals I face
May I be merged with patience and faith
And may more love for You in me grow

The devil is playing with my mind
Help me Father, to be rid of this maya
Purify my sight, help me to get an insight
And help me adapt to the way you want me to be

Help me to not walk astray
Stabilize my emotions and help me be Kind to everyone
For the joy that I receive from you
Gives me willingness to fight the rival in me

Your assurances and your Nirakara roopa
Stand by my side
And I find you reciprocating my prayers through Your loving face,
As Thy strong hand lift me from despair
Nevertheless I hope to get there

I need you Baba, all the time
You have never ever let me fear
In spite of my bitter moments and challenging times
You were always there
Cleaning me from my sins
Unfortunately Baba I misunderstood you
More of Thy will, I long to seek
Less of self, help me be cherubic and meek

Stupid that I am I always mourned
For the materialistic riches and searched for impermanent permanence
And yet I did not realize that I would find You
Day in and day out
in the life that I lead.

Baba, help me trod on for the road seems dark
Each step taken will leave a mark
I see you in the help you extend and
Of late learnt that you are in every obstacle
I know not what the future may hold
Days could be warm, or dreary and cold
But Lord, may I always remember thy blessings
For they are the one constant that always come my way

Minu Suravajhala, Delhi

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One who engages only in right actions is said to be upholding the Dharma or Values. Right conduct and right actions would help him, who wants to progress in his spiritual quest. Actions form an integral part of human beings. As Lord Shri Krishna says in Bhagvad Geeta that Man does not attain freedom from action (culmination of the discipline of Action) without entering upon action; nor does he reach perfection (culmination of the discipline of knowledge) merely by ceasing to act (ch 3 : stz 4). Basically there is action even in inaction.

The four objects in a man’s life viz Dharma, artha, kama and moksha can be attained by following any one of the following paths viz, karma, dhyan, yoga and bhakti. In present context it becomes impossible to sit in one place and concentrate on God or practice yoga whereas Bhakthi or pure devotion is achieved only when a man understands the mystic and divine creation of the God. This requires knowledge and also ability to perceive God in all beings which is difficult in the present world.

This leaves man with one choice, Karma. Karma is another way to reach the spiritual goal. Karma means engaging in actions which would enable a man to achieve all the four objectives in his life. One may ask how can performing action enable a man to achieve spiritual progression? All actions that man engages in must be done consciously with the objective of helping not just himself or his kith and kin but also fellow beings. A spiritual man understands that all pain and pleasure is the act of God and that to help others and ease their pain in the time of need, share the wealth among needy and extend love beyond his family members and consider everybody to the embodiment of the Lord such person is said to behold dharma, and every action of his drives him to achieving his chief objectives in life.

Sai Satcharita tells us how to uphold dharma by right conduct; it tells us how should a man conduct himself in the world while engaging in his day to day activities. All actions of a sincere devotee arise for the purpose of following the Dharma. Dharma and Karma are two sides of the same coin and go hand in hand. Indulging in one leads to establishing the other. In order for a man to uphold Dharma he has to take the help of his intellect and engage in actions (karma) that would enable him to act in a way to be able to establish righteousness in his life. Right action leads to right conduct which thereby establishes correct values in life. In Chapter 1 of Sai Satcharita, Hemadpant writes about Baba, who says that Knowledge or Self-realization is not possible, unless there is the prior act of grinding of all our impulses, desires, sins. The action of grinding our undesirable virtues constitutes Karma.

Sai Satcharita has the life stories of followers of Baba who in their simple love for Baba and engaging in their activities have attained the chief objectives of their life. Baba, the Lord God on this earth has set an example for His followers to act accordingly. In answer to the prayers of the sincere and humble devotees, God comes to the earth in the form of a saint to remove their problems and guide them in the right path as promised by lord Krishna in Bhagvat Geeta For the protection of the virtuous, for the extirpation of evil-does, and for establishing Dharma (righteousness) on a firm footing, I am born from age to age (Bhagvad Geeta ch 4 : Stz 8).

The trouble with man is that when he knows or learns too much he thinks he knows it all. One drawback of a learned man is his inflated pride or ego. P.K Shaw once said the trouble with the fertile mind is that the weeds grow as prolific as the pastures. The weeds, in the spiritual context are ego, pride, and anger at not being acknowledged that he is more learned than others. One might wonder, being a divine man, Baba could have sat at one place without having to indulge in any action but why did He not do so? What is the purpose behind such an action from Baba?

The answer is simple, Baba wanted to set an example for His followers that one has to indulge in action in order to achieve the spiritual goal. Also Baba wanted to teach His followers that one should use intelligence to discriminate from right action from wrong and always consciously serve Baba by serving His children. Events in the life of Baba, as depicted in Sai Satcharita remind us that one should remain unperturbed in the face of adverse situations, Baba was called a mad fakir, He was stoned, and when He went to collect oil from shopkeepers to light the lamps in His masjid, they refused to give any oil. Inspite of all these hurdles Baba moved not an inch from His routine. He did what He was doing everyday. Of course being a divine satpurusha, He was able to light the lamps with water.

Sai Satcharita shows that if one were sincere in devotion and love towards Guru or God then all the powers of the God will come to such a person without him striving for them. Baba also showed us how to conduct oneself as a devotee and as a disciple in the story of Pseudo-Guru Javhar Ali who was puffed with pride about his learnedness and even called Baba his disciple. Baba knew the defects of the so called Guru, still He never disrespected him, observing carefully His duties. He even served the Master in various ways. This shows the humility and simplicity of Baba. In order for a man to achieve the highest goal in life one has to be humble and sincere in their quest for truth.

Our actions (prarabdha karma) performed today form the basis of the life we lead tomorrow or in next birth. All the examples in Sai Satcharita point us to one direction - that Karma has a priority in our spiritually quest. Doing right actions would enable us to uphold right values.

Baba bless us and guide us always in doing right actions to uphold dharma.

Anitha Kandukuri, Canberra, Australia


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Arun N Reddy, London

Life is a campaign against one's inner foes; it is a battle with obstacles, temptations, hardships and hesitations. These foes are within man and so the battle has to be incessant and perpetual. Like the virus that thrives in the bloodstream, the vices of lust, greed, hate, malice, pride and envy sap the energy and faith of man and ruin him.

Naresh Kundanani,Mumbai

We talk of Faith, Love and Devotion, but do we really possess these qualities? If our concentration deviates for a second and if we doubt the workings of God even for a minute, and get frustrated in life and question the ability of God and look yonder to seek sources to fulfill our whims, then such qualities do not befit a devotee who has unflinching faith and love towards Sadguru. Let us stop speculating and be prepared to accept things as they come - that is the first step towards developing faith. May Sri Sai Baba give us this ability.

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Yashika, Birmingham

I always like the section written by Guruji and I feel I am getting Baba's blessings when I am read this section. Baba has blessed you by giving you this opportunity to spread His message around.

Abhi Goel, Delhi

Sai E-zine the Heritage of Shirdi Sai newsletter is really good and helpful and it gives us a teaching every time.

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