……“The path towards the Sadguru is the real path, more so in this age of conflicts, contradictions and acute materialism. As Swami Vivekananda said like all rivers leading to the sea, all the paths that men take lead to Him, the God eternal. The paths that are mostly adopted by the seekers are Rajyoga, Gyanayoga, Karmayoga, Bhaktiyoga, Hathayoga, Layayoga, Nivriti Marg, Pravriti Marg etc. There are even Avadhootas, Kapalikas, Aghoris and many other types of seekers. Various religions have different approaches. In this multiplicity of approaches towards God realization, there has to be something common and universal that must be all pervading. The seeker of this universal path makes spiritual progress with comparative ease.

Sitting in Shirdi Masjid, Baba said that there are many paths, but one of the paths leading to God is through the Dwarkamayee. When one analyses how Baba led thousands of people towards God realization at Shirdi a certain pattern is discerned. The basic principles of the Sai path are based on the existence in physical form of a perfect being known variously as a Perfect Master a Sadguru or a Qutub as called by the Sufis. A Qutub simply means an axis, a pivot around which others, both living and non¬living, revolve. The Perfect Master, having himself experienced different stages of evolution including that of man, has at last reached the stage of God. However, those among these perfect beings, who, out of infinite compassion, make the greatest sacrifice of not enjoying the blissful state of God but incarnate on earth in a human body to serve the imperfect, suffering humanity, are called the Perfect Masters. As Meher Baba has said, at any point of time there are five Perfect Masters on earth in embodied form. In my view they are possibly more in number

When in human body, they act as both human beings and Gods. As Gods they have infinite power, infinite knowledge, infinite happiness and infinite existence. Like God they are Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient and enjoy the powers of the Almighty. They share their power, knowledge and pleasure with millions of human beings by certain methods unperceivable by human beings and are known as Leelas or divine miracles. All miracles are based on the laws of nature. Only one has to know, experience and master them. All the elemental and subtle forces of nature like fire, water, air etc., on earth, defined as deities by the Hindus, work under their command or wish. As Gods they see everything in themselves and themselves in everything. So they serve everyone without any differentiation as if they are serving themselves. They see God in everyone even though others may not be able to see God in them. They give infinite love to others and take infinite pain for others. Once any human being or any species is linked with them in any manner, they ensure that they are evolved, life after life, till they merge with God from where they came. This ultimate stage of evolution is ordinarily known as Mukti or Moksha.

These Perfect Masters alone are capable of leading human beings to God realization. They follow what is common and universal in all religions i.e. humanism based on love. Out of love they not only take care of the spiritual evolution of the devotees but also their temporal requirements. Once one has surrendered to them they look after all his needs as a mother would do for a child. They can go to any extent, even to sacrifice their human body; to protect their children. That’s what Baba did for many as can be read in Shri Sai SatCharitra and as experienced by many. To develop closer and closer links with Him, one has to patiently develop faith in Him even under the most trying circumstances. And also to develop the qualities of humility, sacrifice, tolerance and steadfastness in devotion and actions that are desired by the Sadguru. One will evolve earlier than others worshipping too many deities if he follows this path of Guru. Baba used to give visions to many people in the form of their deities like Hanuman, Ganesh etc., which convinced them that there is no difference between Baba and any other deity or even God. One can therefore, at the first stage, try to see all deities in Baba, and worship Him in the method in which other deities are worshipped. In short, one should try to see and seek everything in and from Baba. This path may be difficult at the initial stage but can certainly be achieved with steadfastness and faith in Baba. So let us try.”…….


……“Regarding birth of a child, death of son-in-law, etc., about which Chandorkar was anxious to make Baba work on his behalf, Baba declared that they were the result of previous karma and could not be altered. In a sense that is true. Certain births and certain deaths are all fixed by series of antecedent events, but yet Baba is able to mould 'these and shape these at certain stages and modify these for the benefit of the concerned devotees. When talking of Dr. Chidambaram Pillai, Baba explained the correct doctrine. Dr. Pillai had intense suffering from guinea worm. He told a friend to go and report to Baba that his sufferings were intolerable and to request Baba to transfer these sufferings to some ten later births of his and leave him free from the sufferings in this janma. When this was reported to Baba, the latter sent for Pillai and told him, ‘What! you want ten janmas? What has to be endured in ten janmas can be crushed into ten days by the power of satpurushas.' So Baba ordered him to remain with his legs outstretched at Dwarakamayee and he told him that a crow would come and peck at his wound and cure him. In a few minutes, Abdul, Baba’s permanent attendant, carelessly put his foot down upon Pillai’s wound and crushed all the guinea worms out of it, merely by accident as he (Pillai) would have thought. But nothing done at the Mosque to Pillai could be considered as an accident, and Baba said that Abdul was the crow, and that no further crow was wanted to peck at Pillai’'s wound. Pillai was then asked to go home, and in ten days, the entire suffering from guinea worm was cured.

In another case, that of Bhimaji, who had serious chest disease, asthma, tuberculosis, etc., Baba first told Shama, ‘Shama, in bringing this thief to me what a load of responsibility you are placing on me!’ Baba meant that the tuberculosis, asthma, etc., from which Bhimaji suffered were the result of Bhiinaji’s karma in a previous janma consisting of theft. Bhimaji felt Baba’s declaration a blow. At once he surrendered himself to Baba and said, ‘Helper of the helpless! I am helpless. Pray show thy pity and grace to me’. Then Baba’s tone changed. Baba told him, ‘The Fakir (God) is merciful, and your disease will be cured’. He was suffering from the results of a karma, but that could be mitigated, and so the man was sent to live and sleep in a wet verandah. Bhimaji did so. There, he had two very dreadful dreams. In one dream, he was mercilessly birched by a school master. For, in the dream he fancied he was a boy and the master was birching him. So, he felt the pain in the dream and he roared out. In the second dream, it was even worse. He felt that some one was placing a stone roller and rolling it over his breast. He suffered all the horror of instant death approaching him. All the pain of a hanging sentence and whipping sentence were endured by this man in the course of one night. Baba thus changed the punishments which he had earned by his previous karma, and told him that he was thus free from karmic effects. He then recovered his health. The above instances go to show that most of our conceptions about karma are nebulous and ungrounded, and that the safest course for us to follow would be to be guided by the dicta of Satpurushas like Sai Baba.”……


My experience with Baba - I have been Sri Sai Baba’s devotee since 1998 – which was prior to my marriage. I got married in 2001 and moved with my husband to US. During our initial years of marriage we went through a lot of misunderstandings between us and both our families also went through some rough times. The gap between them had widened and my husband had also restrained himself from being cordial with my side of the family. The relationship between my husband and me had also become very fragile. In the meanwhile he had lost his job and it was the most challenging time for us. A friend had forwarded Sri Sai Chalisa in the email and I chanted it every Thursday, to this day. My husband got a job within 6 months by Baba’s grace.

I went through a phase where our relationship was on a downhill and had no hopes of anything at all. I prayed ardently to Baba during such times to help me get through it and to restore the family peace and build bridges between both the families again. The relationship between my in-laws and me had healed by that time by Baba’s grace, but there was absolutely no hope about my husband’s relationship with my side of the family.

I had heard through my friends that by reading Sai Charitra – one can find new meaning and wisdom about life/relationships/God. So I read Sai Charitra on Thursdays. I started seeing some positive changes. We had fewer disagreements and our relationship got a bit stronger. I started concentrating on my family life and gave up hope about my husband’s relationship with my side of the family.

My parents visited US in summer and they stayed with my brother and I had no hope that they would ever visit us. Things were changing slowly but steadily and then one day an unexpected thing happened – my husband personally invited them to our place and even booked the air tickets! This is when I realized that even though I gave up hope Baba did not give up on me. He taught me the valuable lesson of patience and perseverance. I have a stronger and renewed sense of faith in Baba and I thank Him from the bottom of my heart for restoring the family bond and peace. Baba’s mercy and grace has been with me all this while even in my most challenging times – I was ignorant not realizing it.

Thank you so much Baba!

Archana, Texas USA

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Dependance On God

Sometimes, life's filled with disappointments,
shattered dreams which have created great pain;

There are times we have to lose it all,
But those are the times when we can gain!

When we have learned to be content
and let God have control;
Then we'll have gained that which will bring,
peace and contentment to heart and soul!

We tend to want to hold on to that
which we have always known;
It may be that we fear the thought
of having to face the future alone!

But our God will never forsake us
He's faithful and He's just;
He'll see us through the darkest night,
if in Him we will place our trust!

He is One Whom we can depend on
and He'll never leave our side;
In Him we'll find the strength we need
when at times we are sorely tempted and tried!

When we've reached a place
where we can't seem to cope,
We want to give up, for we've lost all hope;
If we'll call on His name, He will hear our plea
And will cause all the darkness of despair to flee!

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I am a simple person and at first instant I feel ‘Devotion’ is nothing but ‘Bhakti’. However, thinking seriously I feel that though ‘devotion’ sounds such a simple word but it is so profound and has such deep meaning that after looking up all dictionaries on the Web, I am still not sure whether I got the true meaning of this one single and simple word namely ‘Devotion’.

One could say that devotion is ‘pure unconditional love without expecting any return’ like a mother is devoted to her child, a wife is devoted to her husband and a son/ daughter is devoted to his/ her parents. And then there is devotion of a Bhakta to his/her deity. This devotion is so very different from the aforementioned devotion because a Bhakta worships his God with the belief that he exists and is taking care of him without even a single meeting with the God. I consider myself as a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee and am still trying to learn right method of devotion. To me, Devotion means - my relationship with SaiBaba, which has developed over the years.

When I was a child, I had this fascination for a particular filmstar. I would leave all my work and rush to TV every time his movie or song was being telecast. I thought I was so crazily devoted to this actor. Then suddenly one day I felt disgust at my behaviour and a thought came into my mind. Why am I wasting my time, energy and thoughts on a person I don’t know and haven’t even met. Simultaneously, I thought that if I could be even half as crazy for God Almighty, as I am for this actor, then I would be so lucky.

I remember as a kid, I had to accompany my parents to Shiva temple everyday, which I did not like. But today I am very thankful to them for showing me the right path at such an early age. When I got married my husband would take me to Saibaba Lodhi Road temple. I would bow my head down before Baba and silently talk to him ‘Baba I don’t know anything about you. I am coming here to you because my husband is coming here. If I could know something more about you and your Leelas then things would be different’. Luckily, after a few days, we had guests in our home, who spoke about Baba so lovingly and also discussed their experiences of reading ‘Sai Satcharita’. Internally, I wanted to have this book. I found one brand new Sai Satcharita in our home library itself. I read it in seven days and my life changed altogether thereafter. This was Baba’s first response to my sprouting ‘devotion’.

I felt myself drawn towards Shirdi Sai Baba. I felt Shiva, Krishna, Durga, Ganapathi, Hanuman – all are in Sai and Sai is in all. I understood meaning of ‘Oneness of Gods’. I became ‘devoted’ to Sai and started visiting Baba temples, read material available on him. I just started loving Baba.

Once I saw a beautiful Saibaba murti left by a devotee under a Peepal tree outside the temple because it was slightly damaged (one portion of middle finger was broken and base of stone on which Baba was sitting was slightly chipped off). I just could not stop myself. I picked up the Murti, hugged it and brought it home and kept it in my temple. If I were to suffer a fracture my family won’t discard me. So what one devotee discarded as inauspicious became a very auspicious blessing for another devotee. Does devotion have different meanings for different devotees?

I am blessed that Murti is still in my home and I can feel the change. Earlier Baba’s face looked grim but over the years, the murti has got luster and a smile on His face. I am very attached to that Murti. I feel immense peace when I hug this Murti in my good as well as bad times. I talk to the Murti as if Baba were alive in this Murti. Today it is placed at a prime place in my living room because I consider Saibaba as a family member- the head of the family. Sometimes I wonder if this is devotion or a crazy act.

One day I wanted to visit Saibaba temple very earnestly and requested my elder son to take care of his younger brother for at least one hour so than I could go to the temple. He agreed but also added ‘SaiBaba is in your Home Maa. Why do you need to go to temple’. Something hit me that day in those innocent words. I thought my ‘devotion’ towards Baba was actually ritualistic. Baba is inside me I just have to look inward and I’ll find Shirdi & Baba all inside me. I am also part and parcel of that ‘Oneness of Universe’. Thus Baba was working on me internally.

And Why not, even Baba has said that there is no distinction between God, Guru and Devotee. Now ‘devotion’ had another meaning for me – True love for Baba and considering the whole creation as Baba. I soon realized it was easier said than done. Though I could now compose and sing Baba’s Bhajans, participate in his Satsang but internally I was still expecting a response from Baba in some form or the other. Not that Baba was not responding. Baba always responded but sometimes when I did not understand this response I would feel Baba is not looking at me. All in all I was expecting Baba’s response in return to my devotion.

I was praying to God, thanking him but was also seeking favours in return because I always felt that I was a good devotee - going to God in good times and not bothering him during my bad times. I was exercising choice, discrimination in my ‘devotion’ to Baba. But still my internal communication with Baba continued. I conversed with Baba almost most of the day. I always felt him beside me and I was so satisfied in this feeling that I thought with Baba around me nothing can go wrong. Baba is the protector. After all, I was not seeking ‘big’ favours from him anymore. I thought I may not be the best devotee of Saibaba but still I was a good devotee.

Then came the biggest jolt in my life, a real test of my devotion, an eye (internal) opener. I lost my older son (18 years) in a sudden road accident. A few days before his passing Baba had appeared in my dream lying on the ground with a white cloth covering his body. I found my son’s lifeless body in similar position in the AIIMS mortuary. What was Baba trying to tell me? Suddenly, I felt my whole devotion had gone for a toss. It was so very painful for me. I could think of nothing but my lost son and my feeling of utter despair at my big loss. Where was my ‘devotion’? I was complaining. Why did Baba not save him?

And did Baba respond? Yes. All the way. I feel him much more closer to me now. I started reading material available on afterlife, NDEs, ADCs etc. As I got more and more insight into my tragedy I felt foolish for blaming Baba for this mishap in my life. Sai Satcharita is full of stories about Prarabdha and now I was actually understanding their meaning. Practical was absolutely different from theory. This ‘pain’ and ‘separation’ from my son awakened me to an entirely new understanding of soul (me), spirit (Baba) and spirituality which I had understood only at intellectual level till now.

Baba gave me answers to all my queries through so many methods including visions and dream visits. I was seeing my life in bits and pieces while Baba knew all past and future. Baba, very kindly, made me realize and understand that my son was with him – all safe, sound, happy and blissful. What more can a mother ask for? Baba gave to my son after his 18 years of earthly life what I have not been able to gain even after 40 years.

Nine months after my tragedy, I seem to have understood a new meaning of the word devotion. Now, devotion to me is loving SaiBaba, no matter what happens in my life, with complete faith and trust and without any expectation and return at all. Devotion springs from love and complete confidence in God. Devotion is my relationship with SaiBaba. I pray that Baba keeps holding my hand all the time for the fear that if I hold his hand, I might lose my grip when faced with sudden upheaval in life. But SaiBaba will never let go of this grip.

Idol worship, visiting temples, reading religious books, performing religious ceremonies are some acts of Devotion. Complete devotion could be something like - continuous offering of the whole of you – mind, thoughts, actions – with supreme love to the God who is creator of all animate and inanimate things. I cannot offer parts of my life to God.

I have to offer all my past, present and future - my entire being and existence to God. I cannot measure Devotion. All the time I feel something is lacking in my devotion. That others are more devoted than me. That I still have to refine my devotion towards my Baba. I have to live for SaiBaba while simultaneously fulfilling all my worldly duties and responsibilities efficiently. I have to believe and follow all the words that SaiBaba ever spoke. Only SaiBaba knows what is my qualification in his Darbar.

Devotion could mean anything to anybody. To me, Devotion means my relationship with SaiBaba. As this relationship evolves, so does my devotion to Baba and it continues to evolve. I have no idea where this relationship is going to end for I have surrendered all my intellectual and spiritual learning at the holy feet of SaiBaba. I feel that I don’t know anything. My Sadguru SaiBaba knows everything. He has taken care of my son, sorry His own son, in heaven. He will take care of me and my family too, on earth as well as when we cross over. But I have to continue to strive, to strengthen my devotion to SaiBaba. How? SaiBaba will grace me with his holy guidance from time to time as and when HE wills it for He alone knows what is suitable for an ignorant person like me.

Vandana Ritik, New Delhi

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As much as I know my Sai-He is the creator of this universe, He is the preserver of this universe, He is the bright light of the sun, He is the soothing enchanted moonlight, He is the Guru and the ruler of all the five elements of the earth, viz: fire, air, water, earth and ether. He is the God who is kind enough to come to earth, incarnate as a human being and live with foolish people like me who are constantly surrounded by ego, attachment, greed, jealousy and who failed to recognize His divine light hidden within myself.

His stories alone satisfy the thirst of my soul. Singing his glories makes me feel close to his humble feet, which are my destination to mukti; His grace alone can pull me away from the miseries of this earth and my own bad karma. To such a Guru -To such a Sai ,whose heart is as soft as the petal of a rose ,whose heart is so big that He chooses to overlook my flaws, whose heart is so kind that he understands my desires and fulfills my wishes, whose heart is as innocent as a new born child-what is it that I can give to my Sai as dakshina that would qualify me as His true disciple.

What is it that is mine and I am in a position to give it to my Sai, My Guru, as Dakshina---the only thing that comes to my mind is my devotion for Him, my complete surrender to Him and my total faith on Him. With all His greatness this would just be a little tiny token of love from me to my Sai.

Oh my dearest Sai , I have nothing besides my devotion and myself to offer you as dakshina. In all my future lives shower your kind grace upon me and give me a small place to rest at your lotus feet. With a thousand pranams - I offer my complete surrender to You. I was yours to begin with, even before time existed but some how I lost myself at the hands of Maya and my own karma in my past lives but today once again, I am yours forever and will continue to be, even after the time will stop to exist.

Deepa H, Seattle, Washington, USA

I started my Sai devotion by seeing the Hindi movie on Sai. Then I came to know about the Satya Sai Baba from others. But I was not satisfied. Then I came to know about the Sai Satcharita. And after reading that I really pray Sai. I used to send some money and used to get udi from Shirdi. One day my father had training in Nasik and I had given him 30 rupees to give to Shirdi if he was lucky enough to go there. While he was waiting for the bus one man came and told him he doesn't have the money to go to Shirdi. So my dad asked him how much he wants. He said 30 rupees and when I heard that I knew that He is for real.

Now I pray him as my God and may be not praying other Gods or not giving that much importance may be I don't know. So my mother feels that Sai has the position of a Guru and we need to pray God. I am confused and I cannot think that he is not my God. When I am in tension I pray Om Sree Sai Nathaya nama. In the morning and evening I pray everybody. And I have this feeling that Sai is there for me whatever happens. I just cannot change that he is just a Guru for me He is my God. So somebody please help me understand.

Smitha, USA


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I am very thankful to all the people of this Sai Parivar who regularly share their experiences of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. The miracles you write touch my heart and make me to cry sometimes. The love and devotion for him increases everyday. Oh Sai Baba you are the creator of this Universe and you are omnipresent. All people in this Universe shall receive your blessings.

Sunanda, Mumbai

Heritage of Shirdi Sai magazine is a direct blessing of Shri Shirdi Sai not only to his devotees but the entire mankind. The team of this magazine is a bunch of blessed devotees who are chosen by our lord Shri Shirdi Sai himself to do this service to mankind. This magazine is getting us closer to our master Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Shri Satpathyji's message in the magazine as well as the newsletter to the Sai devotees is a real margdarshan in today’s materialistic world and a great guidance to the Devotees for progressing in the path of spiritualism and practicing Baba's Teachings and philosphy in the day-to-day life. Devotees experience column is the best, which clearly proves that Sai is always near and he is taking care of all His children no matter which part of the world they live. All we need is Shraddha and Saburi the two divine words given to the world by our Sai Baba of Shirdi.

I’m blessed to receive my first copy of the magazine and look forward to receive it always. I am a true Shirdi Sai devotee and don’t know any God other than Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Keep up the good work and please give me a chance to do any seva for Shri Sai Baba.

Anand Joshi, Mumbai

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Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, Canada, (Toronto) cordially invite Devotees to attend - participate -Receive Baba's Grace and be Immersed in Divine Bliss on the AUSPICIOUS day of THURSDAY 6:30PM at the GUR MANDIR 207 Queen's Plate Drive., Etobicoke (South of Steeles on the East side of Highway 27 on Queen's Plate)

Invocation of Baba's Divine Blessings Ceremony will be conducted with Sacred Ashtotra Namavali to the accompaniment of, Bhajans, Satcharita Paraayan, Naivedaya Offerings Dhoop Aarti and Mahaprasaad (Preeti Bhoj) Naivedaya Offerings: Devotees are welcome to bring a dish for Naivedaya Offerings as inspired by Baba.


DEVOTEES in TORONTO, are invited to participate in Shri Shirdi Sai Ceremonial Yatra currently underway in Toronto.Invite Baba to your home and invoking His Grace immerse in Divine Bliss. For Program details and Location call 416-294-4804 or saileela99@yahoo.com


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By the grace of our Shirdi Sai we are happy to announce the inauguration of Shri Shirdi Sai Temple in LA region in the city of Montebello. We need the support of all Sai Devotees. For more information please email krishna@shirdisaila.org



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Temple is open from
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7:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Sai Bhajans followed by Mangal Arati and Shej Arati at 9:30 PM.

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6:15 am – 7:40 am: Kakad Arathi at 6:30 am
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The North America Shirdi Sai Temple is located at 700 James Burgess Road,Suwanee GA 30024.Temple is open all seven days of the week. Baba's Kakad Aarti, Abhishek Puja, Madhyan Aarti, Dhoop Aarti and Shej Aarti are performed every day. Bhajans are sung on all thursday and sunday evenings. For information regarding the daily schedule, temple activities and events please visit Mandir's website: www.templeofpeace.org or call 678-455-7200



No.744-1, Tingkat 1, Jln. Sentul Selatan, Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This is a new Shirdi Baba center in malaysia. We conduct weekly prayers/arathi at the following times:
Friday - 7pm - 10.30pm
Sunday - Noon - 2.30pm

Our official centre website is http://saisamaj.blogspot.com/
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This is to inform all of you that we have a Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Malaysia. Here we have daily prayers and special prayers on thursday mornings 9.00am and bhajans and satsang from 8 pm onwards. Also breakfast, lunch and dinner, cooked by our seva-group is provided to all devotees. other than that first thursday of the month we have talk on spirituality, second thursday on health, third thursday satsang on Sai Satcharitra, fourth thursday talk on general topics, by experts in the respective fields. Lot of charitable activities are conducted by our Centre,like sponsoring immediate services to childrens\' homes, old-folks homes, sick and needy, etc. etc.

If any devotee, from Malaysia or Singapore likes to join our Centre, please contact Mr.SP Kannan at Mobile -012-2739486; usha - 006122392911; Res: 03-33717540. Our Centre address is : Persatuan Shirdi Sai Baba Selangor, No.2574, Jalan Seruling 59, Taman Klang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.Thank you and Sai Ram.



The dream of having a full fledged exclusive Shirdi Sai Temple in Singapore, will soon come true. Thanks to the efforts of a Sai devotee in making this happen. The Shirdi Sai Baba Centre in Singapore is now live with the 3rd floor function hall, Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman temple, being secured and converted to a full fledged exclusive Shirdi Sai worship centre. The Centre will be devoted to celebrating the life & teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba only. For more information visit our website http://www.saisansthan.com/


Bhajans Every Thursday
Venue Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, 13 May Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland

7.00 pm - 7.50 pm Sai Bhajans,
7.50 pm - 8.10 pm Pravachan and Sai Ashtotharam
8.10 pm - 8.30 pm Shej Aarthi
8.30 pm - 9.00 pm Prasad distribution.
For more details Contact us Amar Alluri(President) Mobile: (+64) 27 230 5360 Email: President@shirdisaibaba.org.nz or Srinivas Sadam (Secretary) Mobile: (+64) 27 463 0175 Email: Secretary@shirdisaibaba.org.nz
Address: Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan of NZ, P.O. Box: 16142,
Sandringham, Auckland, New Zealand. Visit our website www.shirdisaibaba.org.nz

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