VOL27, APRIL 2007


……“So far so good, but does it prove the end of the role of the Sadguru in relation to the souls that He had drawn towards Himself from far and near and with whom He had ‘Rinanubandha’, a karmic relationship established during many past lives? Although, many religious and spiritual people hold the view that a master after leaving his human body cannot help the disciples yet in the case of Sri Sainath the experience of the disciples has been quite different. I have had the opportunity of knowing some of the devotees of Baba who had been with Him before His departure. I have spoken with some of them and also got their experiences recorded through some ardent devotees. All of them categorically confirmed that many unexplainable and miraculous events with relation to Baba are still happening around their existence as used to be earlier when Baba was there in His physical body at Shirdi.

Most of the books written on Baba’s life history and devotee’s experience undoubtedly establish the happening of certain miracles experienced by Sai devotees, not only before the departure of Baba but even today. Earlier, there were thousands of devotees mostly confined to Maharashtra. But, today the increase in the number of Sai devotees is an astounding phenomenon which is difficult to explain, but more difficult to deny. More than a thousand temples of Sri Sai have come up in India and hundreds are in the process of construction at various stages. Where it is not possible for devotees to build Baba’s temples separately, small and big statues have been installed inside precincts of temple complexes housing other deities.

The activities concerning Sri Sainath today are so multi-dimensional and widespread, all over the country and abroad, that one cannot comprehend their total effect in the lives of the devotees and on the religious spiritual life of India and other places. The researchers on Baba in India and other countries, who have written a number of books on Him, need to take up thorough research on this aspect.

This logically brings to mind one question - if after His departure, the spirit of Sri Sai is not active, then how are all these happening? Can it be believed to be a mere chance occurrence or is there a bigger or subtler law of nature, which is manifesting through these activities. Any sensitive mind with some amount of understanding of the spiritual history of the world will surely perceive the reality of a quietly emerging Sai movement. This movement is based on the principles of humanism, universalism, tolerance and mutual co-operation of the highest order. These are principles on the basis of which any civilized society exists and any religion continues. We are all waiting for “dawning the Age of Sai” who, I believe, is the “Incarnation of the Age”. In this decade the world will see the emergence of international Sai movement and hundreds of temples will be built in a number of countries. History indicates that the role of the incarnations has been more pronounced after they had left their gross body.

The world needs someone to lead it and bring about unity among the strife-ridden and mutually intolerant religious, social and racial groups. Sri Sai preached and practiced the unity of the highest order based on the principles of love and tolerance in the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century. In this millennium it will lead the world in the path of peace and progress.”…….


……“Daivi hi Eshaa Gunamayee Mama Maya Duratyaya
Mameva Ye Prapadyante Mayam Etam Tarantite.

that is, This three fold Guna constituting My Maya is hard indeed for anyone to cross. But he who takes refuge and surrenders Tan, Man Dan to Me Iswara crosses this Maya. So, Niranjan is one who has crossed the three-fold Maya who has identified himself with Iswara and is possessed of Ashtaiswarya divine powers that can bear every responsibility of another soul without regard to place, time, or extent of time, that is, whether it is generations or centuries. One may be aghast at the idea that any responsibility can be undertaken indefinitely or for centuries. But Baba, being a Niranjan expressly undertook such responsibility. When Mahlasapathy was afraid that the Muslims would come and beat him for worshipping Baba with sandal paste after he left the Mosque premises, Baba assured him that neither those nor any other persons could molest him either in this life or in any future lives of his. Baba told the Bandra youth, who prayed to him that he should be always with him in future lives, that he had already been along with him in previous lives and had been looking after him, and that for the three more lives that were necessary for him to be born to work out his remaining karma, Baba would be reborn and be with him. Similar assurances were given for indefinite periods to M.B. Rege. One reading the Gospel of Sai Baba would notice that Baba referred to ten thousand years back, saying ‘I was here ten thousand years ago’. He told Shama that for 72 janmas or births he had been with him and that he had never touched him at all till then. That is, he recalls events of 72 janmas, and knows he has been protecting his devotee all these janmas that is, over 2,000 years. Especially in this janma when Shama, an almost illiterate and helpless villager was obliged to depend entirely upon Baba, Baba looked after all his interests and provided him and his children also with means of subsistence, with comforts, with safety, and position as he provided so many others. When G.G. Narke was introduced to Baba, Baba declared that he had known him for 30 janmas. If a janma is roughly taken to be even 30 years, this takes us nearly a thousand years back. Hence, to give an undertaking which appears to be indefinite in point of time is nothing for a Niranjana. The undertaking is also unconditional and indefinite in respect of the sort of attacks that may befall a sishya. Sri Rama said,

Sakrudeva Prapannaya Tava Asmi Iticha Yachate
Abhayam Sarva Bhutebhyo Dadami Etat Vratam Mama.

this means, If a person once surrenders and takes refuge with me saying, I am yours, I undertake to protect him from all creatures. This is my vow. Sri Rama does not limit either the time or the nature of the attack upon his dependants seeking protection. Similarly Baba, who is nothing but Sai Rama, gave undertakings indefinite in point of time, persons, or things, attacking devotees or the place. As far as we are able to see, both Ayodhya Rama and Shirdi Sai Rama kept up the promises that they made. See how Baba protected Gowri and the coward Basappa, birth after birth.”……


Relevance of Sai in Today’s Society

With my Sastang Pranam to Sadguru Sri Sai Baba I feel that today’s society very much needs Sai awareness, Sai’s blessings, Sai Margdarshan and over and above Sai Kripa to cope up with the all evils that are prevailing. Whenever we do something wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, we should seek the pardon of Baba who is so kind that he always forgives our wrong doings and treats us as His children. All our achievements in today’s competitive era depend on the blessings of Baba. Whenever we feel stress, pressure, tension, Ashant Mann, Baba’s Chintan leads us to the peace. Baba’s thoughts are our guiding factor, his darshan is the source of peace in our life and Baba is the purpose of our life. His Chintan can develop so much creativity in us that we may automatically move towards the Sat Path. As the child goes to its mother whenever he/she needs any thing, in the same way we have to approach our Baba whenever we need anything, without any second thought in our mind. He is so kind and He has always assured, even in his 11 Vachans, that he will run to help His Bhakta whenever His Bhakta prays whole heartedly.

In today’s society all types of evil are present be it crime, corruption, moral deterioration, selfishness, rudeness towards mankind or evil thoughts. It is Baba only who can lead our Uddhar or put us on the Right path. And then take us towards the Moksha from the bonds of the Moh-Maya of the human birth. There is no question of relevance. It is the only way for today’s society that we go to the Sharan of the Baba. As is the saying “better late than never” whenever we get the chance we must move towards Baba in whatever way we like because ultimately all the ways lead us towards Baba if we keep Him honestly and whole heartedly in our mind. Jai Sai Ram!!

P. K. Das, Ahmedabad

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A great experience of Sai's miracle in our life

This is the greatest experience I have faced in my life - The Blessing & Miracle of Shirdi Sai, The Great.

My husband and I were going for a walk one early morning around 5 am a few years back and it was pitch dark with very few lights on the street. Suddenly one bike came and two men were on it with face covered and only their eyes could be seen. They got down from the bike and asked for an address. We said we do not know and started walking. They followed us and one guy held a sharpened knife on my throat. He wanted to take my chain. My husband held my hand tight and was about to run. I was in panic and words were not coming out of my mouth. Then suddenly my husband started shouting at the top of his voice 'SAIRAM, SAIRAM, SAIRAM, SAIRAM' They just stood stunned for a fraction of a second. Due to the noise made by my husband, the lights were switched on in one house. The two guys then started the bike and ran away. I was shaking with fear. The inmates of that house took us inside and to our greatest surprise we could see Sai Baba in the front room with the wordings 'WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE.’ I started crying with joy. They gave us milk and gave Sai's udhi and then we came back home.

Chandrika, Chennai

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Maya or Reality? Life is an imagination and body is an image, millions are awake for actions, but one in a million for effective intellectual exertion only one in a hundreds of millions to a divine life. Shirdi Sai can be counted as one in billions who is a great dispeller of darkness.

Mind is slave to the body. We worship the body. Finally the body wears away. At that time we realise the power of mind. The journey was to discover the self, but we have been cheating ourselves and cheating others, glorifying the self called ego. The death of ego is the birth of divinity. It has no beginning, no end. It is eternal. In our finite body the eternity hid, and mind limited itself to mind body nexus of limited consciousness. We searched the mountains, sea, everywhere, in search of the divine. But where was divine? In the cave shaped heart. The heart is the reality, mind is transience phase, cosmic consciousness is the quest. Shirdi Sai the blessed had realised and made devotees know that he was one in many and many in one, the Best.

Jagannathan Padmanabhan, USA

Pranams to Shirdi Baba.

This world is Mayaajaalena Mohitam. Only those who have experienced this in their own life can understand the influence of maya in everyday life.
The moment the desired will and target in mind is attained, we say God has helped. The moment the expected advantages fail to get accomplished, dejection is the result.

It is at this moment, the Great Guru comes to instill in us the righteous path.
Eeswara Prerana Aajnaa. None lives inactive.

Willingly or unwillingly/unwittingly, everyone does something. When the mind sets out on its journey in absolute surrender to reach the great Guru (like Arjuna before Lord Krishna) and pleads for instructions about the righteous path and actions, which He deems fit to be taken in the battlefield (of life) then there dawns in his mind a spark of intuition leading him to initiate action. The results of such directions will be fair, just and pleasing to one and all.

T R Meenakshinatha Iyer, Trivandrum

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Thank you so much for sending me Heritage of Shirdi Sai magazine. It came just in time when I needed it. It is so beautiful in every way. The pictures add extra beauty to the magazine. The cover is sooooo sweet, Baba's blessing Hand and His Lotus Feet on a real peacock feather!
Wow! Hats off to the great and wonderful idea!
At His Divine Lotus Feet, a lotus

Neeraja, USA

My heartfelt thanks to you all for starting this magazine and helping me feel closer to Sai community and thereby Lord Sai. I know I have miles to go before I can call myself a true Sai devotee; Your magazine is helping me in this endeavour.

Shilpa B. Roy, Mumbai


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