……“Pain and pleasure as defined by the rationalists are unwelcome and welcome experiences. When a man goes by this theory, he creates a small universe for himself in which he always tries to avoid pain and gain pleasure. In such a state of mind he restricts himself within his isotopic atomic individualism. The universes created by God and the Laws of Nature running these universes have limited use for him or so he thinks. But this not being the reality, he faces a situation of double pain when confronted with pain - the first pain is the one physical or mental, given to him and the second pain is the disintegration of the universe which he has built up so strenuously throughout his life, during the evolution of his life. It takes a longer time for him to adjust with God’s Universe as his own. However, those who view their little universes as parts of the God’s Universe are in a much better state. No doubt, they will also suffer pain of body or mind, which otherwise may be defined as disintegration but they will not see the breaking of their self-created little universe.

Numerous atoms and molecules are integrated to form the body and they are kept together by the life-force. An injury and death lead to partial or total disintegration of these body particles. One puts his life’s earnings in an integrated form in a bank account (i.e. adding one rupee to another) and when it exhausts, the life is disintegrated. A person through a process of manipulation and exhibition has integrated many persons to believe that he is good and noble and basks in that glory for some time. However, a single wrong action on his part has the potentiality of totally shattering this positive thought process of others. Human universes emanating out of their ego have the chance of disintegration.

Thus, disintegration of body and mind is a continuous process between the two terminal points called birth and death. With the death of his body his painfully arranged universe ends. However, the only non- disintegrating factor, i.e., the soul, after death goes back to the universe of God, leaving the universe of man, and is eternal.

To get into the universe of God, one has to break the universe of man. A sealed water container in an ocean needs to be broken if it’s water were to have universal expanse in the sea. Most of the people I happen to meet are asking me for various components required to build their own little universe like a child, a house, a job, money or honour. They pray to Baba for the same although, their emotional attraction towards Him can’t be denied. How unfortunate that the mighty divine power of attraction of Baba is converted to the attraction of money, job or land. The same spiritual force of Baba which can become the various forms of nature i.e., deities like Ganesh, Maruti etc., now is desired and prayed by devotees to convert into the state of money and land. In the quintessence, those who pray Baba for money want to experience Him as money, those who pray for land will experience Him as land and those pray Him for women will experience Him as woman. No doubt they are experiencing Baba, but at a much lower state of consciousness. Those who want to experience Him in a higher state will have to go beyond this state of mind. If they have to experience His original state (Swaroop) they have to focus their concentration i.e., power of attraction to Baba only and not other objects. Then they will get Baba in His Swaroop i.e. the original eternal form, and not His changeable and convertible form like money, land etc.

What should be the correct path then? To help them to create their own universe or to help them to break their own universe and merge in the universe of Baba?

Theirs is a highly individualistic and egoistic universe created by illusion (Maya). Sri Sai has the ultimate answer for His children. But here I am, standing miles away from a lamp-post, can’t clearly see the midway figures (in their own universes) better than I see the lamp-post.”…….


……“Another stanza, which may be quoted next, sets out the names of a number of loving bhaktas so that they may ever remain in one's heart and show how bhakti achieves its ends. The end of bhakti is not achieved by the offer of money to God or by mere learning or by age or beauty of a person, God does not want any of these. God wants only your heart, that is, your self, and he will not be satisfied with anything else. The stanza runs as follows,

Vyadhasya Acharanam Dhruvasyacha Vayah Vidya
Gajendrasya ka
Ka-jatir Vidhurasya Yadavapateh U grasya
Kim Pourusham
Kubjayah Kamaniya Rupam Adihikam
Kimtat Sudhamno Dhanam
Bhaktya Tushyati Kevalam
Natu Gunaih, .Bhaktipriyah Sripatih..

This means, as for the hunter Kannappa what Achara or religious course of conduct had he?

For Dhruva, what was his age?

For the elephant Gajendra, what education or degrees and titles had he?

Had Vidura favourite of Krishna any qualification in respect of caste? He was the son of a slave or dancing girl.

For the king of Yadavas called U grasena, who was favoured by Krishna what manliness had he? He was a great coward.

Fur Kubja also was favoured by Krishna, had she any great beauty? She was deformed in person.

For Sudhama, known as Kuchela who also was favoured by Krishna, had he any wealth?

Therefore, God is pleased with and wants only bhakti or devotion. God is captured by prem or love. The above stanza refers to well known bhaktas who received great help or favour from Krishna or God on account of their bhakti. One’s profession or conduct, that is, whether one is a hunter or a Vaideek Brahmin, whether one is young or old, whether one is highly learned or a creature without education, whether one is a high caste person or the son of a slave whether one is a brave man or a coward, whether one has beauty or wealth, none of these are the reasons for God's help and favour. God is pleased by bhakti alone and bhakti can capture Him. This contains the essence of the doctrine of bhakti or devotion, and, therefore, earnest readers who are anxious to study the history of Sai Baba, who realised in himself the perfection of Godhead by attaining Purnalaya, concentrating his mind always on God with intense love from his earliest period of life, and thereby attained Aikya, so that he could say Mainm Allahum, that is Aham Brahmasm and could exhibit all the powers of God; would find the use of the above stanzas. Sai identified himself with Krishna and with every other form of God. As the object of everyone should be to please God in Sai form or in any other form, one may note how in point of historical fact, from this biography, numbers of people were drawn to Sai Baba and achieved the love of Sai Baba, and thereby achieved every object of human existence. The succeeding chapters of this book would deal with the details of a large number of devotees being drawn to and benefiting from Baba, and would fully illustrate the truth of the above verses. At present we have sufficiently satisfied highly sensitive readers who wish to have the essence of Sai Baba's Marga placed before them, before we deal with the expansion of the Sai movement and the details of persons who approached him, and the problems that arise for consideration in the life of Baba.”……



Gifts of Love

Love is a gift from God to man.
Obedience is a gift from Master to man.
Surrender is a gift from man to Master.

One who loves desires the will of the Beloved.
One who obeys does the will of the Beloved.
One who surrenders knows nothing but the will of the Beloved.

Love seeks union with the Beloved.
Obedience seeks the pleasure of the Beloved.
Surrender seeks nothing.

One who loves is the lover of the Beloved.
One who obeys is the beloved of the Beloved.
One who surrenders has no existence other than the Beloved.

Greater than love is obedience.
Greater than obedience is surrender.
All three arise out of, and remain contained in,
the Ocean of divine Love.

Meher House Publications, 1963.

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Man is fortunate to have choices in life, using sense of discrimination he can evolve by making a right choice. Unlike in olden times man has the freedom to choose his religion as well. With his ability to rationalize and be informed about the values and practices and ideology of a particular religion, he chooses to move away from the religion he is born into.

The main aim of choosing religion is to follow and attain spiritual progress and be at peace. Often one mistakes religion and spirituality to be one and the same and uses these words interchangeably. There is subtle difference between both terms. Religion is a set of practices, rituals and beliefs that one conforms to either in an institutionalized setting or at home. On the other hand spirituality is the understanding and following the religious values in life, conforming more to the innate spirit of an individual unlike the temporal practices of religion.

A man initially follows a religion aiming at progression towards spiritual evolution. His spiritual progress is ascertained only when he is able to internalize the values governing that religion and apply it in day to day life. The basis of every religion is simple and it comprises being pure in thought and behaviour, love for all beings, compassion to fellow beings and being content with what one has and being charitable. These values are easier said than practiced. Living and being entangled in the materialistic world it is hard to be filled with pure thoughts and behaviour when the fight is for survival of the fittest.

For one who wants to progress in spiritual life, he has to constantly remind himself that in order to progress at the spiritual level one has to imbibe the values and live by them in one’s daily routine. One step at a time and one conscientious act of kindness with humility, love and generosity is required to tame our wild and erratic mind. For practicing these virtues and progressing in spirituality one need not be isolated from the world. All it needs is adapting these values in our daily routine. Hoarding is result of greediness and it pulls man to the lowest levels of behaviour. In order to get rid of his attachment to the materialism, charity is prescribed in scriptures. It is easy to love our relatives, but he who loves one who hurts him is the true devotee of God. It is difficult to accept one who harms us, but the greatness lies in forgiving such a person and winning him over with love.

A man who makes such a conscious effort to live a simple life by accepting everything as the will of God and follows values as laid out in the religious scriptures, such a man progresses faster spiritually. Of course one needs guru’s blessings to overcome obstacles and also to persist in the efforts to follow these spiritual values in daily life.

O Master! Give us your blessings to practice spiritualism in daily life.

Anitha Kandukuri, Canberra

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OM SRI SAI RAM, I would like to share my recent experience with Sai Devotees about how Shri Sai helped my friend overcome a very critical situation. It was in the month of April 2000, I called my friend’s home in Canada to learn that he has been in the intensive care unit (for two months) with a massive third Cardiac arrest followed with multiple ailments. Doctors had not given any hope and were waiting to let the critical period pass. I rushed to their house with Sai’s picture and Udi (sacred ash) in my pocket and with prayers to Baba. I went to the hospital with his spouse and two little kids. I silently prayed in my heart that if “Sai if You are here, You must help to revive the condition of this patient”. I took out the Sai Picture and Udi from my pocket, which was then mailed by an ardent Sai devotee in New Jersey USA, I requested the ailing patient’s spouse to place the Sai Picture on his chest and sincerely pray Lord Sai “Please reconcile the condition of my Husband and I shall be ever indebted to you”. The lady did prayers and took a pinch of Udi and put it in his mouth. The patient was on an intravenous diet and oxygen pipes. Then with closed eyes I prayed “O Lord Sai, please shower your richest blessing on this traumatic and depressed family. Reassure your faith and miracles on this patient.”

The miracle of Sai happened on the next day, the patient was able to move and open his eyes slightly, which gave everyone a ray of hope for survival. Doctors declared that critical moment had gone. They felt he would revive in a couple of days. Since then I kept on inquiring about the condition of the patient. One week later I could directly speak to the patient in hospital over the phone and was glad to hear his voice once again, "Ravi I am improving now." If BABA had not showered his Blessings, the whole family would have been in distress by now. Now the patient is at home and living a normal life with slight care and supervision on and off from the specialists. However, those moments in the hospital are unforgettable for me. PRAY SAI THAT RICHEST BLESSINGS BE WITH HIS FAMILY FOREVER AND ALSO SAI DEVOTEES.

Ravinder Thota

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It is sometimes really difficult to bring spiritualism regularly in daily life but whenever we do some work we can chant our Guru SAI name in our heart or we can write also, Babaji You are here for us. We just have to take one step towards Him.


From the time I have brought the Photo of Sri Sai and become a member of Sri Sai Sansthan and read the book on Sri Sai, all my problems are solved and all my family members are happier and business too has improved. I am tension free and all my work gets done smoothly. I visited Shirdi some 30 years earlier and will visit again with the permission of Sri Sai Nath. Udhi has cured many of my mental and physical ailments. Jai Sri Sai.

Vinod Khullar, India

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Thank you for sending Shri Sai Baba's Newsletter. Since I do not get the hard copy of the issue (as I'm in the US) it is good that at least I get to read the online version.

You and the team are doing excellent work in promoting interest and awareness of Shri Sai Baba. I am a devotee of Baba and have supreme faith in Him. He has never failed to help me in times of my need!

Samir Vyas, Durham, NC

This is a good website and Sai photos are realy beautiful

Nandakishore A.R., Bijapur.

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Annadaan Service – Charitable Food Drive, Toronto, Canada
Annadaan or food giving has been recommended as a means of charity since ancient times. Baba also said , "Sitting in this masjid (dwarkamai) I shall never speak untruth. Take pity on me like this: first give bread to the hungry and at yourself. Note this well" (Shri Sai Satcharita). Shri Sainath also further said, "Know for certain that he who feeds the hungry, really serves Me with food. Regard this as an axiom truth". (Shri Sai Satcharita).

Keeping that tradition alive, Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan of Canada will be performing annadaan service by Participating in Charitable Food Drive this Maha Shivratri Celebration.

Please Drop off Non perishable food items at the Lower Level on February 18th 2007 between 9:00am to 12:00pm - Location: 207 Queen's Plate Dr. Etobicoke M9W 6Z7 ( East of Hwy 27/ south of Finch)

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