……“The main problem is the conviction of the people about their faith and surrender to Baba. The qualities, sacrifices and time needed for establishing closer contact with a Sadguru cannot be done in the way we do in our ordinary life with people around. In a social relationship people generally have a limited approach pre-calculating mutual benefit. Any deviation or non-fulfillment of anticipated reaction from the other side spoils and stops such a relationship easily. Today even in a family set-up, relationships in a large number of cases are built on such a considerations. These norms are changeable from society to society and from time to time. But when these norms are applied in relation to the spiritual world or in relation to a Sadguru, they become a non-starter from the beginning.

Bhakti Marg at its highest point leads to ‘surrender’. Surrender means giving-away our mind, body and soul to the deity or Sadguru. Having given, the devotee is to realize that what ever happens to his body, mind and soul is done by the Sadguru. Also, he has to use these three for the work of the Sadguru. Since anything and everything happening to him is done by the Sadguru, he has nothing to be happy about, nothing to be sorry about, nothing to complain against and nothing to desire - not only materially or mentally but also spiritually.

The state of actual surrender can be achieved by only a few among millions of spiritual aspirants over a few lives and that too, with the help and kindness of a Guru.

How many people, who say that they have surrendered to Baba fall in this category? Baba was once sitting in Dwarakamayee Masjid relating about his relationship with His Guru who had given Him severe tests. Baba was tied by His legs and hung in a well for a few hours. When the Guru on return asked him as to how he felt, Baba said that he felt fine. He had nothing to complain about and was content with what the Guru had done. In this context Baba asked the devotees sitting around Him as to how many of them can be His disciples in the way in which He was a disciple of His Guru. None had the courage to come up to that expectation.

Therefore simply to say, or show that one has surrendered is not good enough because a man who has surrendered will have no desires and no complaints. He would only follow the path laid down by Baba expressed in two words i.e. Shradha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience).

Shradha - Means devotional faith
- faith that Baba is the almighty and Protector,

- that both the good and the bad happening to the devotee’s life are controlled by Him,
- to happily acknowledge and patiently tolerate all vicissitudes of life with equanimity,

- to realize that Baba is always with him, around him,

- to be able to sacrifice anything and everything for the cause of the Master in the manner prescribed by Him,

- to follow His dictates in letter and spirit, whatever be the consequences,
- to hold on to Baba exclusively and not to run to different deities / temples for different purposes.

Saburi - i.e. patience means following actions as mentioned before without complaint, either external or mental and live normally everyday with faith in Baba.

How many people can really do this? If not, one should think on the word ‘surrender’ continuously before considering himself to be a great devotee. It is wiser to think of what we can do for Baba’s work instead of thinking what Baba can do for us.

To get perfect association with a Perfect Master, the person concerned must be a perfect devotee. Baba used to say that a devotee will experience Him as per his bhava means inner thought process. Imperfect minds will reflect an imperfect image of the Sadguru and the person will get imperfect results. It is not easy to achieve this state of mind and it is also not correct to use the word surrender so easily without understanding its full implications. The better path would be to develop the qualities prescribed by the Sadguru gradually living in the world like an ordinary man enjoying and suffering happiness and unhappiness with the Guru in the heart.”…….


……“‘For 12 years I waited on my Guru who is peerless and loving. How can I describe his love to Me? When he was in Dyanastha that is love trance I sat and gazed at him. We were both filled with bliss. I cared not to turn my eye upon anything else. Night and day I poured upon his face with an ardor of love that banished hunger and thirst. The Guru’s absence for a second made me restless. I meditated on nothing but the Guru, and had no goal, or object, other than the Guru. Unceasingly fixed upon him was my mind. Wonderful indeed, the art of my Guru! I wanted nothing but the Guru and he wanted nothing but this intense love from me. Apparently inactive, he never neglected me, but always protected me by his glance. That Guru never blew any mantra into my ear. By his grace, I attained my present state. By making the Guru the sole object of one’s thoughts and aims one attains Paramartha, the Supreme Goal. This is the only truth the Guru taught me. The four sadhanas and Six sastras are not necessary. Trusting in the Guru fully, is enough.’

The above is a true narration of the actual facts by Baba, the soul of truth. It is by learning these facts that one can understand and appreciate texts like Narada's Bhakti Sutras, for example.

Having which, Bhakti or Love one relinquishes all desire, grief, hostility indulgence in worldly pleasures, and all efforts at selfish advancement.

Knowing which, one becomes ecstatic, quiet, and happy in oneself,

One renounces all worldly concerns and even Vedic rites.

Concentration on love, apathy towards everything against it.

Giving up all other supports than love, that is, having no other sadhana.

Narada says Love surrenders all actions to God and feels extreme restlessness in being without Him.

God and his devotee are the same.”……




Om Sri Sai Ram
Om Sai Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai

Om Sai Namo Nama
Sree Sai Namo Nama
Jai Jai Sai Namo Nama
Om Sree Sadguru sai Namo Nama

The Guru Shishya relationship commences when a disciple contacts the Guru for his materialistic problems and later this culminates into a spiritual relationship. The Guru is a formless element before which a disciple makes complete surrender. Therefore, initiation by the Guru is considered to be a basic requirement for the spiritual aspirant. Systematic learning is possible only through a Guru.

On receiving initiation, the Guru-disciple relationship is established. In Gita, Lord Krishna says, "You can consider me as a father, brother or husband which implies that I shall bestow my grace in accordance with your views and feelings".

Some people seek initiation from Guru for their selfish interests, such as for getting cured from diseases whereas there are some people who sincerely desire to attain salvation. When strong links get established between the souls of disciple and Guru, their inner conscience gets merged together. Consequently the Guru has to pay in terms of difficulties and pains for the misdeeds and sins of the disciples. It is because of this fact that a Guru initiates a limited number of disciples so that the Guru's sufferings on account of the disciple's sins are minimized.

Baba said:-"He always protected Me by His glance, just as the tortoise
feeds his young ones, whether they are near her or far away from her on the
other side of the river bank, by her loving looks".

Baba is everywhere just feel him and keep on saying ‘Om Sai Ram’ to whom so ever you meet.

OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI!!! Let us pray at the lotus feet of Bhagwan Baba
who is the incarnation of all gods and protector of all, to show mercy on
us, and increase our devotion towards him.

Bow to Shri Sai-Peace be to all
Baba Bless you ever!!!

Swamy Mahadevan, Cochin

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My husband is a heart patient. On a Saturday morning he started bleeding from a small vein on his ankle. He had not scratched or hurt it with anything, so we could not understand why it was bleeding, but I quickly put some haldi powder on it to stop the bleeding. It stopped bleeding, thank god.

He went to work and I had asked him to try and be seated at work as long as he could and not to put too much pressure on his foot. All was well till the afternoon - no blood, no pain. We thought all was good. He had to go to buy some wires for my electrician for some work in the store. There in the store, as he was talking to the attendant, he felt his foot was wet. He thought he had stepped into some water on the floor, but the floor was dry. He looked again and saw that his shoe was full of his blood. His vein had started bleeding very badly. Being a heart patient he is on medication all the time. One of the medicines is a blood thinner and the doctor had warned us that he should be careful and try not to get hurt as he would bleed very badly. He called me at work and asked him to meet him at the hardware store as he was bleeding. I was scared and the only thing I could thing of was, "Baba please be with him." I called my friend to drive me to the store and we both were just remembering Baba and trying to think of how to contact our doctor. On Saturdays out here doctors do not work. Ten minutes later my husband called to tell me that our doctor was there in the store and he was taking care of him till I reached. My friend and I looked at each other and we both blurted out 'Baba is there.' As soon as we reached there the doctor asked us to meet him at his clinic and he said he would need to put stitches. I thank Baba a million times for being there with me and my family. We never know but he is always there with us.

Sheena, USA

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Thank you very much for your newsletter by e-mail. It is Sai's grace. I have been looking at it and fearing that it could be one of those letters asking me to send them to a fixed number of people or I would suffer disaster. I did not open it. But today, seated at my computer, anxious and full of fear of deception regarding a tenancy problem, I ventured to open it and find a little solace.
I respect Baba. But I am not one of those who go every week, fast, become vegetarian, but do not work for the salary they take. I do not indulge in hate politics. I do not deceive anyone, or take what is not rightfully mine. I help as much as I can and seek God's help to give me the wherewithal to help others.
Now I seek His blessings once again and beg him to bring stability in my life and in the life of my children. I have been deceived - so many times - husband, his brothers, my brother, strangers, and now I fear deception from my tenant. How can I pray to Sai Baba to help me? Is there a formal procedure? Please guide me. I am in great distress. I have faced court cases, lost them, I have been beaten up by my husband's sister in law and he stood watching, I have been forced to leave home with my children and seek refuge in the university quarters and he stood watching. I feel it is my last birth's karma otherwise it could not be so bad.

Please guide me if you can. I feel so depressed with the injustice meted to me!!!

Geetha Reddy Anant, Chennai


Today Sai has confirmed the end of your sufferings sorrows and pains. I knocked at heaven's door this morning, Sai asked me...My child! What can I do for you? And I said, Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message...Sai smiled and answered...Request granted.

Deepa H, Seattle, WA, USA

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Thank you so much for building a platform of for Sai Devotees to send their feelings/thoughts on Baba. May Baba fulfill the wishes of people in need and fill their lives with all the happiness in this world. May Baba bless all with healthy mind so that every body starts respecting each other and lives in harmonious atmosphere.

Ajay Dwivedi, Dwarka - New Delhi

I am receiving this Sai Heritage E-Zine newsletter since last week through my friend. I asked for direct subscription of the newsletter on my email id. I got it today and I am really thankful. The last article in today’s newsletter given by a child of 7 years regarding Baba not liking people who cheat and lie during exams answered questions going on in my mind. I have my exams coming and I was really worried about it. Thanks so much for boosting my morale.

Geeta Nair, Mumbai

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