……“Human beings, a very few of them, in the path of spiritual evolution spread over hundreds of lives, reach the “Beyond State of God”. Having reached that state, a few of them, as a player in the Divine game come to the earth in human embodiment. Some such souls, known as Shivatmas remain in the God state or the Parambramha state, with all the attributes of God i.e. unlimited power, unlimited knowledge and unlimited love. It is this attribute of unlimited love or kindness that forces some of them to come down to earth in human form and ameliorate the misery of life-forms on earth. Such a soul is known as a ‘Sadguru’. When the Sadguru leaves His body, the same Divine “love aspect” operates through another body, ready for the purpose. Someone may ask as to where does the soul of Sadguru go after he leaves his body. The soul of Sadguru is eternal, all pervading and always in the state of Parabramha or Almighty. All Sadgurus are the same spirit and are within each other as much as they are within God or in a state of God. There are five Sadgurus guiding the affairs of the Universe at any point even today and at all points of time to come. For example, if an ant were to move on the body of one Sadguru, the sensation will be felt by the other Sadgurus. Their personalities may seem to be different but their egos are one - the ego of the Oversoul or God. Being in God state whatever they say becomes the command of God for that time as also for all times to come.

While thinking of Shri Shirdi Sai, in the context of His Mahasamadhi day, we must remember that-:

• Shri Sai, as the Param Sadguru is God, is in God and will always remain as God.

• He had embodied Himself by the love aspect of God for the suffering lot, and that His kindness is unfathomable.

• His job is to carry out the functions of God - creation, sustenance and destruction, and to lead souls in their spiritual journey towards Divinity. After leaving the body He is there in his God state, as a cosmic reality.

• He is looking after His devotees and children as much today as He used to when He was at Shirdi.

• His devotees may go on taking birth life after life, but Shri Sai will be there always to help and guide them towards happiness and spiritual evolution.

We must, therefore, make Him our mainstay of life and pray to Him with all our heart and soul.”…….


……“Charity or alms-giving is stressed in every religion as also in the Hindu scriptures as stated already. Yet as very few understand and practice it correctly, Baba had to give Nana instructions on Daana to reduce lobha, moha and mada especially through increasing contact with God. Baba’s instructions to Nana are found in the Gospel 306-309. The first advice was that alms giving should be straightforward. No one when asked for alms should utter falsehood and say ‘I have not got it’ (the money or other things prayed for), when he has got it, but only decline to give it in polite terms and say that circumstances do not allow the giving. No crooked ways should be adopted. Yet after this advice was given, some time later, Nana, who had promised to pay Rs. 300 for charity to be done at the Kopergaon Datta temple, did not bring the money and therefore avoided a visit to the temple, which was on his way to Shirdi. He, with the approval of his friend, took a detour through a very thorny path, as a result of which he and his friend ran thorns in their bodies. When they reached Shirdi, Baba would not talk to them.

C: - Why don't you talk to me?

B:-Nana, when a man says he will remember the lessons I taught him but really does not, how can I talk to him?

C:-Baba I remember all your lessons.

B: - You gentleman, you evade seeing ‘Sircar’ (God Datta and take a detour. Why? Because the sadhu will ask you for ¬Rs. 300. Is this the way to remember my lesson? If you have not got the money, if it was not easy to arrange it, you have only to tell him the fact. Will that saint eat you? But what device is this to avoid the temple of God for fear of the saint demanding money? Well then, have not thorns pierced your feet and body and the posterior part of your sapient friend? How can I talk to such a person?

Again Baba advised Nana to give his alms without any arrogance or anger and that if any beggar was not pleased and wanted more, then the beggar should be answered suavely. Wrath and official authority should not be flung at him. Nana thought this quite easy. But on one occasion when his wife was being pestered at Kalyan by a Brahmin beggar woman, who was not content with one-eighth of a measure, one-fourth of a measure, one-half of a measure, or one measure, or even 2 measures, of Bhajani (Poriarisi porikollu) i.e. fried and seasoned rice, and who threatened not to leave the house (at all) till the whole stock of four measures in the possession of the lady was handed over to her, Nana’s wife lost patience and sent for her husband. Nana came and gave it hot to the beggar woman. ‘Either you take what is given or the peon will neck you out’, he stiffly remarked. Then the beggar woman left. When later Nana went to Baba, Baba again refused to talk to him. “Mitra Dandam Abhashanam” is the well known saying. That means, ‘The way to punish a friend is by refusing to talk to him.’ When Nana asked for an explanation, Baba said, ‘You forgot the lesson I gave. When that beggar woman was importuning you for more and more bhajani, why did you show your anger and official authority, and threaten to neck her out? What mattered it if you suavely refused to give more? The woman would have remained for some time longer and left of her own accord’. Nana recognized that this mysteriously over watching guardian angel of his was watching him every moment and anticipating the temptations and evils that would befall him, and that he should be more careful in carrying out his (Baba’s) instructions. Thus, Lobha by leading to arrogance, insolence etc. in Nana was put down by Baba, and Nana recognized more and more what true daana was.”……




A fakir, Jawahar Ali by name, who was a resident of Ahmednagar, came to Rahata, along with his disciples. Choosing an open space near the Veerbhadra temple, the fakir set up his camp there. But the fakir was really very fortunate. Had it not been so, how could he have had such a famous and delightful disciple as Sai?

The fakir was very learned. The Quran-e-sharif was at the tips of his fingers. Many people - some selfish, some spiritual, and some pious and faithful - became his followers. He began constructing an Idgah. Some time went by; he was then accused of defiling the temple of Veerbhadra. Then the construction work of the Idgah came to a halt and the fakir was driven out of the village. From there he came to Shirdi and stayed with Baba in the mosque. The Fakir was a sweet talker. The whole village adored him and people said that he had cast a spell on Baba too, and charmed him completely. 'You be my disciple' said he to Baba, and Baba, with his playful disposition, assented. The fakir was delighted and took Baba out of Shirdi.

With an eminent disciple like Baba, Jawahar Ali became the guru. Then they both decided to go and live in Rahata.

The guru did not know his disciples marvelous ways; but the disciple knew the guru's short-comings. But never did the disciple show disrespect, thereby observing the duties of a good disciple. Whatever command came form the guru's mouth, proper or improper, was obeyed, no sooner it was given. Baba even served His master in various ways. Thus the days passed in service of the Guru. But then it so happened that though they would come to Shirdi off and on, their main stay was in Rahata. The loving devotees of Baba in Shirdi did not like Baba staying away from them in Rahata. They thought that by yogic powers the Fakir had bound Sai to himself, whereas Baba's plan was altogether different, it was His way of destroying the ego. The villagers were greatly agitated in their minds to see Shri Sai so much in the power of Jawahar Ali and were in serious thought as to how he could be won back.

As gold and it's lustre, as lamp and it's light, so was the inseparable state of this guru and disciple. And they both had this experience of Oneness. So they went in a deputation to bring Baba back to Shirdi. When they met Baba near the Idgah and told Him the purpose of their visit, Baba said to them that the Fakir was an angry, ill-tempered fellow, he would not leave Him and that, they should better go back to Shirdi without Him before the Fakir returned. While they were thus talking, the Fakir turned up and was very angry with them for trying to take away his Disciple. There was some hot discussion and altercation, and it was finally decided that both the Fakir and Baba should return to Shirdi. After a few days the Fakir was brought in the presence of
Guru Devidas, who was dispassion incarnate and a dhayani. He engaged the Fakir in a religious debate in Shirdi and exploded all his misconceptions. Thus Jawahar Ali was worsted and fled from Shirdi. He went and stayed in Vaijapur and returned to Shirdi after many years and prostrated humbly before Shri Sainath. All his misconceptions about himself being the guru and Sai his disciple, were dispelled and by repentance he was purified. Baba also accepted him with respect, as before.

Such were Baba's inscrutable ways! The issues got resolved when the proper time came. In this case Sainath showed by His conduct and practice, how one should get rid of egoism and do the duties of a disciple to attain the highest end, viz., self-realization.

There is no better state than that one should completely surrender to one's guru, or that one should totally accept the disciple as one's own. Without this relationship one cannot cross the ocean of worldly life.

Bow to Shri Sai, Peace Be to All

Shammi Chopra, Canada

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Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, my Lord and Master, my God, my Friend and my Confidante. What can I write about him when I exist because of his Kripa?

The year was 1999 and we had just moved into Delhi. My wife Anu developed a large tumour on her back. We consulted many doctors. The unanimous decision was that an operation was needed and a Biopsy will be required to decide malignancy. Malignant is a malignant word. We got really scared. My wife has been always been scared of the scalpel. She lost her father at the very young age of 11 years and ever since has regarded Shirdi Sai has her father. So she kept putting off the operation on one pretext or the other, saying - Baba will cure me, etc. The growth meanwhile became the size of a fist and was painful to touch.

One day during the Morning Prayer I asked Baba to spare Anu the operation and said that I would donate the money saved by not having to undergo the operation as building material for Baba’s temple in Sadhaura (a small hamlet near Jagadhari) where some construction was required. Doctors had given us an estimate of Rs. 12 to 15 thousand). Why Sadhaura is another story - some other time.

A week passed and then suddenly a doctor friend of mine whom we had been consulting telephoned me that his elder brother - a renowned surgeon from Lucknow was going to be in town to operate upon his sister-in-law and maybe we would like to seek his opinion in the matter. When we reached the hospital on the designated day the surgeon from Lucknow was operating in the O.T. Soon he came out and my friend told him about Anu's problem. The surgeon told Anu to step into the O.T. so that he could examine her. I waited outside and after 20 minutes or so Anu walked out and told me that she had been operated upon - a sample taken for Biopsy and sent to the lab and we were free to go home! Anu was of course in pain and completely bewildered. When I enquired about the charges, I was told there was no charge because friends do not charge each other! We just could not believe it.

In Delhi where a doctor could charge you even if you asked him the directions to his clinic an operation had been performed without charge! This was a gesture unheard of. We were completely dumbstruck by Baba’s Leela. The right way to get rid of the tumour apparently was an operation, whether Anu liked it or not. Keeping Anu’s fears in mind however the operation had been carried out without any fuss, almost as you would pull out a child’s loose tooth by diverting the child’s attention while saying, let me see... let me see…..and then khat comes out. To top it all no charge because the money thus saved would have better use in a temple situated 200 kms away. This was Sai leela and its fantastic execution to the minutest detail. But then these are small things for my Sarkar, $ainath of Shirdi. And this was not the end. There was more to follow!!

I remembered my prayer and my promise and pledged to complete it soonest. In fact I even called up Shri Navneet Sharma the caretaker and Panditji of Baba’s mandir at Sadhaura and promised him that I will be soon organizing some construction material for the temple. Incidentally this is a small temple standing on pillars in the middle of a pond and some of the structures needed reinforcement and hence the need for cement, iron girders etc.

Time passed and I got busy and kept postponing the promised visit to Sadhaura. After about 6 months as good luck would have it my friend Sanjeev Gupta was going to Shirdi and on the spur of the moment he asked me to join him. So without any program or reservation, off I went see my Sarkar. Summons from the Chief, I thought. We reached Shirdi very comfortably and had nice Darshan. Next day Sanjeev told me about a fine temple of Baba near Kopargaon constructed by Shri Chavan Baba who was himself spiritually a very realized person and was known to our Shri Satpathyji. The meeting with Chavan Baba also known as Dhondi Baba was very eventful. Dhondi Baba seemed to know all about us without our even opening our mouths. We were humbled and moved. Dhondi Baba then suddenly looked at me and said “Rajeev Sahib ek aadmi Dilli se aya tha; usney bola tha ki wo cement aur sariya bhejega. Maloom nathi baad mein nahi aaya” (Rajeev Sahib, one fellow from Delhi had promised 'to send cement and iron girders; did not show up after that). I listened to him, made some sympathetic noises; touched his feet took prasad and came back to Shirdi. While attending the shej aarti the same night, suddenly what Dhondi Baba, had said came to my mind “Dilli se ek aadmi aaya tha...” and I realized the importance of that sentence and realized that woh admi mein hi hun. I felt like a worm, but at the same time I also felt elated that Baba had spoken to me and had gently reminded to do as I had promised. It was again a confirmation (if ever needed) of how forgiving and kind my Sadguru is. After the aarti I shared this with Sanjeev Gupta, my friend who was with me. He too was flabbergasted and gave me his quota of gallis.

Duly chastened, I returned to Delhi and the day after made a plan to go to Sadhaura. Sanjeev, wanting to see the culmination of this Sai leela, joined me.

It is a four-hour drive to Sadhaura from Delhi and we reached around 11 am.

Together with Shri Navneet Sharmaji we proceeded to the hardware shop. I had carried with me Rs. 15000/- as per my promise with Baba. We bought bricks, cement, iron girders, and paid for everything - a total of Rs. 14,850!

We decided then to spend time in the mandir while the goods came in. I had paid for the goods and now felt relieved. Of the fifteen thousand, only Rs. 150 was left. I was happy that my estimate had been right and that we had not run short of money. Just then a bullock cart walla, who had brought sand came to us and said that he had not been paid. Sanjeev and I looked at each other and even though we could guess the answer. I asked him “how much?” “Rs. 150, sahib” of course was the answer!! My Sadguru had even done my accounting for me.

Sanjeev and I were stunned. So was Shri Navneetji. There was complete silence accompanied by tears of gratitude.

Slowly we started back for Delhi with our hearts filled in love and gratitude for Baba Sai the Param Sadguru.

Rajeev Dar, Delhi

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Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful when you don't know something, for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations,
Because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge,
Because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary, because it means you've made a difference.

It's easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks.
Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings.

Vrinda Kumar, Delhi

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As an ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai since very long time, I found this site interesting as it gives an opportunity to know more about several devotees and from other Shirdi Sai websitessite as well. I shall try to subscribe to the magazine and also to contribute some articles.

Lanka Venkata Subba Rao, Visakhapatnam

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