……“While at Shirdi, Baba used to mutter something occasionally, a sort of loud-thinking, which only He understood. At times, He would say astound¬ing things either completely out of context for the listeners or out of reach of their imagination. On one such occasion, He was heard telling a devotee that in future big buildings would come up in Shirdi, big people would visit the place and also that people would make a bee-line there. The meanings of His divine utterances were not understood then. Today a crowd - at average of about thirty thousand, is visiting Shirdi every day. People from all parts of India, both the richest and the poorest, are visiting Shirdi. Baba can never be wrong as He had knowledge of the past and future, not only of the individuals meeting Him but also about events before and after the duration of His physical existence.

Incarnations like Baba playa role, both at micro and macro levels. At the micro-level, they take care of the individual souls, not only of human beings but also of other species, who are drawn to them by their mighty will like chained birds, as Baba used to say. Baba used to recall His past life relationships with many of them, in one case, stretching as far back as seventy-two lives. He also spoke about the past lives of other species. At a macro-level, Baba once commented that during 1854 and 1858, He was busy with Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, thereby, indicating his role in the transitional phase of Indian history. Earlier, Baba had spoken about Mughal Emperor Humayun and the birth of Akbar in which he had a role to play.

Limited human intelligence can only perceive the activities at micro-level of the Perfect Masters; it can never perceive their role at the macro-level. History, therefore, is a limited projection of human activities at micro-level. No historian so far, has been able to bring about the hidden game of the Perfect Masters behind all the temporal powers on this earth.”…….


……“So far as Lobha is concerned, it is excessive greed and is looked down upon even in an ordinary person, and much more in a person who aims at spiritual uplift. But so far as Nana was concerned, Lobha does not appear to have been a defect in his character. In any case, Lobha is only an exaggeration of one's attachment to moneys and goods. Baba took very good care to see that Nana’s attachment did not reach excessive heights. Baba adopted his usual methods for this purpose. It is ‘Dana’ that is the exact opposite of, and, therefore, the antitode for, the venom called attachment or greed. This truth comes from even the date of the Brihadaranyaka. Prajapati was approached by his three sets of children, the Devas, the Naras, and the Asuras. Each of these came and said, ‘Please give us instruction as to what we should do’. Prajapati answered. ‘Da, Da, Da,’ to each of these. In the case of the gods, the ‘Da’ required for them was Dama that is, self-control, moderation. In the case of the Asuras, the ‘Da’ required was Daya, i.e. mercy. Their excessive cruel nature had to be met by the spirit of compassion, which was the antidote for their cruelty. In the case of men, the ‘Da’ was ‘Daana’ i.e, charity. Man’s natural instinct is to grasp, to be greedy, and to get more and more, and the best way of checking this greed is by making man give up all that he has got. Daana forces a man to part with his money, etc. and by constant parting, he will get accustomed to feel quite nonchalant, quite unaffected while parting with moneys or when moneys are lost. Thus ‘Da’ (Daana) is the recipe given to men as the rule of their life by Prajapati.

The importance of eradicating greed from one’s nature may be seen from the simplest and one of the best of all the 108 Upanishads-viz., lsavasya Upanishad, so much praised by Mahatma Gandhi. In the very first verse of this Upanishad, the order is given, ‘Ma Gridhah Kasyasvid Danam’. That is, ‘Covet not wealth whosesoever it may be.’ Or it may be translated thus, ‘Covet not; whose is wealth?’ This means, what is your wealth today is mine tomorrow and somebody else’s on the third day. So there is nothing fixed about wealth, and one need not concern oneself so much about this fleeting possession. Therefore, Daana has been specially insisted upon not only in the Vedas and Upanishads (dakshina is prescribed for all the rituals) but also by Baba in his daily practice. Baba the Soul of Vairagya never cared to ask for moneys in the beginning. But when visitors began to rush upon him in crowds, in hundreds, he began to ask for dakshina, which had various meanings and explanations. One way of keeping out undesirable people, the over-greedy people who think of nothing except money is to ask for dakshina. A lawyer, who went to see Baba when alive, noted that he, a lawyer, accustomed to get money from others, was being asked to pay money to Baba. So he felt repelled and never again visited Baba during his life time. That is evidently one of the ideas underlying Baba's demand in some cases. In many other cases also, the demand of dakshina serves the purpose of reducing attachment. In the case of Nana, Baba used to demand off and on various sums, and so Nana was accustomed to take with him large sums like Rs. 300 or Rs. 400 whenever he visited Shirdi. Whenever Baba asked for money, Nana would give him money. This constant giving of money to Baba would naturally reduce his attachment to wealth.”……



The room was filled with pure gold light,
By HIS presence, it shone,
And when the man woke up,
He was not alone.

Beside him was his Baba,
Holding his hand,
And Shri Sai Baba did not leave him,
As they walked throughout the land.

The man became poor and helpless,
Old age got the best of him,
And when he would struggle,
Baba tended to his every whim.

The poor sick man turned around one day,
And saw footprints that he thought were his,
But Baba's footprints were gone,
What was the meaning of this?

"Oh, Baba! You said you were always with me,
"Baba, you have lied,
You're not with me in sickness!"
The poor old man cried.

"Those footprints are mine,
There is no limit to my love,
In sickness, I have carried you."
Said Baba's voice from above.

Pallavi Shankar

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Baba's Miracles in my Life

How we entered Baba’s kingdom
Baba had entered our household in the year 1982 when I was a child. My brother was around 8 months old and had diarrhea, which was not getting cured despite medication. On the advice of a neighbour, my parents took my brother to Shirdi. And immediately my brother's diarrhea was cured. Thus we were included in Baba's durbar for life.

Nothing much had happened in my life till the year 2000 when I suddenly and occasionally witnessed Baba’s miracles. I started doing Baba’s Parayan and used to chant Vishnu Sahasra Namam daily.

I was having tooth ache, I could see a black decay in my tooth. I wanted to go to a dentist but somehow my visit would get postponed. One night I had a dream that there was a doctor and he was drilling my tooth and giving me treatment. The next morning I woke up and checked my tooth and to my delight my tooth decay had gone. This was a miracle, which I had not asked for but I am sure it is Baba’s miracle to show me I am under his patronage.

In the year 2001, I was working in Mumbai and my fiancé was in Hyderabad. We used to fight frequently even thought we loved each other very much, as there were serious problems between us. One day I broke my engagement with him. This was a very difficult period in my life and I suffered a lot mentally. My fiancé then came to Mumbai to make up with me. But I was unsure and so decided to leave everything to Baba and started parayanam. On the last day of parayanam I suddenly felt that I should marry him. I attribute this decision to BABA.

After my marriage, I came back to Mumbai. My mind was very disturbed as my mother in law was a Christian convert and that had an effect on my husband. That night in the train I saw Baba in my dream, and then I saw Christ, then again Baba and then again Christ. I felt that through this Baba had given me the message that Christ and Baba are not different.

In the year 2002 another miracle happened in the context of my Visa. My application for a study visa had been rejected on two earlier occasions. So when my company applied for a visa on my behalf the consulate did not give it but put it on observation. I thought my visa had been rejected this time also. I kept praying to Baba. One night I dreamt that some sadhu had come to my house and told me “Do not worry , you will get a visa” and disappeared. Then 2-3 days after which I got a call from consulate that I could go and collect my visa.

I was very happy and thankful to Baba. However, while I went to the US, I returned prematurely within 2 months. This left me very disappointed and depressed as I do not understand why Baba did not make me settle there. Now I have so many responsibilities that I cannot go there though I still aspire to go.

I was married in May 2002 but stayed in Mumbai. I could not get a transfer to Hyderabad. In November 2002 I went to Shirdi and prayed for my transfer. I became pregnant in December 2002 and had to take continuous bed rest. Citing this as a strong reason I again applied for a transfer. I was facing difficulties in the process. Then on 7th February 2003 night I had a dream in which I saw a fakir and I felt he was Baba. He asked me for Dakshina, I gave some amount, he asked me for more, which I gave. I felt he was testing me to see if I would give him everything I had. He again asked me for dakshina, and I said I don’t have anything left. He then said: “Do not worry, your transfer will be done”.
On Monday when I contacted my manager, he asked me to leave for Hyderabad. Now this was a miracle because none of my papers had been approved and signed, and were still pending but I was asked to leave. What is a greater miracle then this leela of Sai.

In April 2003 I was in my 5th month of pregnancy. I was working in an office 5 km from my house. I received a relocation letter to another office which was quite far away. I was very tense as I was not keeping good health and the doctor had advised me rest. I was praying to Baba and was sure He would take care of me. I called one of my colleagues who worked in that office earlier. To my surprise and utter cheer she told me that the office just shifted on the previous day to some other place, which was 7 km from my house. I really thanked Baba for caring for me.

My mother in law had converted to Christianity and before I came to her house in Hyderabad she told me that I should not put any photos and I should not light Diya. But does Baba leave his kids? To my utter surprise when I came to Hyderabad my Father in law gave me a calendar with Baba’s photo. I had stuck that calendar on the wall with a gum. One day the calendar fell down, and I did not put it back on the wall. After few days I wanted to do parayanam of Baba. And I could not find the calendar photo. I searched frantically for it and thought that my Mother in law had thrown it away. It was Wednesday and I was wondering whether to buy a new photo of Baba since I wanted to start parayanam the next day.

But can you imagine what had happened? While rearranging the clothes on the shelves my mother in law found that calendar and gave it to me. What a great miracle. Baba had not only come to me in time but also proved that my Mother in law was innocent by giving me calendar through her.

Om Sai Ram



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An apology to BABA
Dear BABA,
'I' have prayed a lot and 'I' believed that when I prayed, all my problems would be solved. I kept many fasts. Yet my problems always remained. I was told not to lose trust in you so I persisted in my prayers. I continued my prayers and my wish list kept on increasing.
I thought I would be safe if I pray to you, but what is this BABA? I am get hurt, meet with accidents, fall sick. This is not why I pray to you. I ask you to take care of 'MY' family but we have some problem or the other with matters of health, money and studies. But 'WHY' is it so, have 'I' not prayed to you enough? 'I' keep looking for a decent job and kept 'MY' requests at your feet; instead I end up doing casual work. Now I am angry with you because YOU do not answer my prayers. I need to pray to ANOTHER God who listens to me and fulfills my prayers. The others who NEVER pray to you are always happy, I Pray, yet you allow me to be miserable?
Are you talking to me? I hear words in the wind, is that you BABA? Ok now that I said I will stop praying to you and look for comfort elsewhere you have decided to talk to me? I am listening……
Oh! I am so ashamed of my behavior BABA. I have been so selfish all these days. I prayed to you with a selfish intention, yet you held me close to your heart. I asked for things, which were small, yet I did not see beyond my wishes. You gave me better things in life yet I held a grudge for little things and did not appreciate the bigger things.
You never let me starve and always gave me a job either casual or otherwise yet I have been ungrateful to you. When I fell down and had the accident you rescued me and bore the pain of the impact otherwise I would have been crippled for life. I escaped with a bruise and worked out my karma.
When things were not going the way I wanted them to, I did not realise you had better plans for me. I only kept the negatives in my heart and forgot to thank you. I did not realise that what I wanted and you did not give it to me is what I did not need.
You always took care of my family and protected and guided them. Hence, they were able to overcome their weaknesses and be stronger and successful in every venture. The failures you gave me BABA, I now realize, are stepping stones to make me resilient, strong and capable to survive in this harsh competitive world. When I did casual jobs you wanted to break my ego and respect every work. Yet I did not know your intentions.
When I hurled abuses at you for not listening to “MY” prayers and not being sensitive to “MY” needs you still kept holding me and consoled me during times of disappointment by giving little surprises which I took for granted.
BABA, today I realised how selfish I am. This note is to apologise to you for my selfishness, for my narrow minded views, for not taking everything in my life as your wish, as you wanted me to be better person. From now on I will not wail, let your will prevail. After all I am your child and you are my parent, how can you see me suffer? I will do my duty. I leave the result in your hands. I accept your judgment and gratefully accept your decisions. I will be disappointed for sure when I do not get what I aim for, but I ask you to give me the strength to get over my disappointments and never give up perseverance. Thank you for every meal, thank you for every failure. Thank you for NOT fulfilling all my wishes for I know you have a bigger plan for my future.
Humble pranams
Your daughter
Anitha Kandukuri
Canberra, Australia.

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As an ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai since very long time, I found this site interesting as it gives an opportunity to know more about several devotees and from Shirdi Sai site as well. I shall try to subscribe to the magazine and also to contribute some articles.

Lanka Venkata Subba Rao, Visakhapatnam.

Your magazine can become a number one on Shri Sai Baba. A good vibrant editorial based on knowledge on the functioning of a magazine and the devotees should have an urge to go in for the magazine they are looking for.

M Krishna Kumar, Secunderabad

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