VOL146, January 2018

New Year Message


Change is the basic nature of time. Time is visualized in retrospect, present and prospect. The dynamics of change of everything is brought about by time, not only on this earth but also in the universe. In the eternal time-flow, human life is an infinitesimally small period when compared with the incomprehensible time eternal. All the animate and inanimate aspects of the earth are “kala dharmi”, which means, they are bound to abide by the principles of time. Since time is dynamic and not static, therefore, changes in the world and our lives are a fundamental principle of nature and the eternal reality.

Some people may visualize the fore-going statements as a philosophical approach to life. Even if we do not accept this philosophical theorization of time, the fact remains that we exist within a limited threshold of a life time and are subject to a perennial state of flux. None, how-so-ever mighty, has ever been able to resist the changes wrought by time. Birth contains the blue print of death. The moment one speaks about the moment, the moment is gone. Time and the propulsion of changes are compulsive in nature.

Given this backdrop, what are the options left with the human beings with their limited physical, mental and spiritual capabilities? Trying to resist, they can’t withstand the onslaught of the mighty force that will sweep them away; even their existence on earth may get defaced. All the epics of the Greek, Roman and Indian civilizations and human history have shown that all attempts of the mortals to immortalize themselves have failed.

The other option is to flow with the tide of time, which means to willingly accept the changes. From childhood to adulthood to old age leading to death are the phases of biological transition in all animals including human beings. Such physical changes also precipitate mental changes. Mental changes include changes in emotion, thought, attitude and behavior of an individual. Quintessentially, it implies experiencing changes within oneself and the world around. The other changes around can be social, economic, cultural, physical, political or domestic in nature. Some people don’t want to accept that they need to undergo any change even when they enter into a different and difficult phase of life. Far to speak of trying, some of them attempt to resist any change in their thought, attitude and behavior to adjust with the altering circumstances. If one accepts such changes volitionally then the transition becomes smooth. The non-volitional changes wrought and forced upon us by time are hard and, at times, disastrous. For example, if Duryodhana had changed his attitude, after seeing the fall of his own brothers and relatives, things would have been less disastrous. Similarly, if Ravan, the king of Lanka had changed his attitude after being advised by all his well-wishers to let Sita go honorably, the battle of Ramayana would not have been precipitated. The fall of many great characters of the Greek and Roman epics and dramas also establishes the veracity of this truth.

Hence, the greatest lesson to be learnt in life is to notice the approaching changes within oneself, in others in relation to one-self and also the changes around. Having realized this, one should sincerely analyse the characteristics and probable effects of such changes. The next step is to try to bring suitable changes in thought, behavior and attitude. Howsoever painful, one should strive to bring the required changes gradually, watching each step carefully during the process. One does not have to lose faith in himself, if the speed of the change is not commensurate with the desired target. One should not give up attempts to bring about positive changes due to failures and obstructions in the process. More importantly, one should not allow skepticism or cynicism to creep into one’s mind. It must be appreciated that God or the unknown principles of higher nature have an inscrutable way of making things happen at a certain point of time. Since change is the basic principle of nature, any attempt towards positive change is bound to bear fruits, sooner or later. Thus, manifested changes in life are divinely ordained and a struggle to bring about such changes, within us and around us, is bound to succeed. As they say, even the mighty God does not violate the principles of the working of his own universe. So why be afraid of facing the challenges of change!

One should pray God and the Guru to give him the wisdom to face the trials and tribulations of change and live a happy and meaningful life.

Dr. C.B. Satpathy, Gurugram


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