VOL133, July 2014


On Faith

The word faith is also taken as confidence or trust in a person or thing or a belief. It is a highly personal issue. Deposing faith in another person implies a trust on that person’s ability to come up to one’s expectations. At times, it is an obligation of loyalty to another person’s promise, engagement or oath. In normal human relationships, the failure to fulfill the presupposed conditions is tantamount to a breach of faith. In Christian theology the trust in God and in his promises is made through Christ and his scriptures by which human beings are justified and saved. In Hinduism Shri Geeta delineates the virtue of faith in a sloka which reads “Yoga-Kshema Bahamyaham”. Here God promises that whosoever surrenders to Him shall have the protection for all that he possesses and also be given what he deserves. In all religions belief in God is based on such a presupposition.

The word faith is not as simple a word as it appears to be. In the past various religions following various faiths had protracted antagonism with each other, bringing about lot of destruction of human life and property. History shows that this word has been the most argued and arguable issue and, therefore, most argument prone. Faith in God, in whatever form or in the Spiritual Masters, emanates as an intense feeling of heart. Faith is basically not intellect based. Each religion tries to impress upon it’s followers to reposit trust in it’s ethical and spiritual tenets. It has been found that even if children of a religion are preached the same principles of ethics, all of them do not necessarily generate the same intensity or faith. Therefore their faith in these principles and in God varies. Hence after preaching the principles of ethics every person should be left free to decide for himself and generate his own faith. Such an approach will go a long way in establishing social cohesion and peaceful coexistence between individuals and groups in any place in the world.

Jai Shri Sai

Shri C. B. Satpathy, New Delhi


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