……“The first such quality as 1 feel is faith in Him. Mere intellectual faith acquired over a period of time by reading books, discussions etc., may develop certain amount of conviction in Him but this level of faith is not enough, even though at the earlier stages it may be necessary. People are often seen saying, even publicly, that “I can sacrifice my life for Baba” or that “In this world 1 can depend on nobody except Him fully”. However, if we closely observe their lifestyle, the way they interact with people, their reaction to adversities of others, their reaction to individuals and groups around them in the society, one would find that their proclaimed convictions are a mere exercise in substance-less assertiveness. If the faith in Baba is genuine, they would. not be indulging in the manipulations they do in relation to other people being fully aware that Baba many times forbade people, and reprimanded devotees for committing such acts to satisfy their smallest of interest. We have to watch whether we are acting truthfully, howsoever difficult it may be, according to the advice of Baba. Faith reflects in everyday reality. It is not mental luxury or a philosophical dream. Therefore, on this Guru Purnima day besides the celebration, that we would be observing, let us seriously think about this strength of our faith in Baba.”…….


……“Lastly comes the example of the rivers. All the above mentioned examples are all objects which retain their identity as separate from the objects to which they are drawn. In the last, namely, the rivers, the perfection of the current of devotion is attained by losing one’s own entity or existence in that of the Divine or the end of the course. The river is inevitably drawn down. Does water go back or upward? It is drawn downward and downward, and finally it meets the ocean. The waters of the rivers were originally part of the ocean, and after being held up in the form of water vapour, cloud and rain, they take the shape of a river. So, it is the oceanic waters that flow through the rivers and get back to their original source. The devotion of the river which was issued out of that immense, endless, infinite expanse called the ocean makes it get back to that ocean and be lost in it. Once the rivers Ganges, Indus, get into the ocean, they cannot be pieced out again as Ganges or Indus water. Purnalaya is the end of the devotion and that is obtained by the jivas surrendering themselves, that is, making Atma nivedana, which is the ninth mode mentioned in the Navavidha bhakti. That is both devotion and also absorption. After that there is nothing further to reach. ”……




My wife has been suffering from Endometriosis since 1997 and was under treatment due to extreme pain. We consulted doctors at Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Presently I am posted at Moradabad (UP) whereas my family is residing at Ajmer (Raj). Suddenly in January 2005 my wife suffered severe abdominal pain and had to be admitted to the hospital. The doctors said it was an emergency and advised immediate surgery. When I reached there I was unable to decide what to do. As the surgery was complicated we have been avoiding it. Advanced technology was not available in Ajmer. How could the surgery be done? The doctor was not allowing us to shift her anywhere as there was danger to her life. After passing through considerable state of indecision for the whole day, I went to the temple of Sai Baba for his blessings and help. Ultimately at 12.30 (midnight) I surrendered everything to asked Shri Sai Baba and decided to get the surgery scheduled for the next day.

In the morning when my wife was being taken to the operation theatre I gave her Baba’s Udi, showed her Sai Baba’s photo and asked her to leave everything to Baba. The operation took 2-1/2 hours and was successful. I immediately went to Baba’s temple to offer my gratitude. When I came back my wife was conscious so I put Udi on her forehead and told her that I had been to Baba’s temple. I was stunned to hear what she told me! She said that before anesthesia when she was remembering all the Gods and Sai Baba, suddenly she opened her eyes and clearly saw Sai Baba smiling in the big light over operation table. I was overwhelmed at Sai Baba’s utmost kindness in taking care of everything and ensuring the success of the operation. Everybody was surprised at the fast post operative recovery of my wife. She got real Blessings Of Sadguru Sri Sai Baba.

P.K. Das

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And I called my Master 

…And I called my Master
With mute lips
And a loud heart
‘O Master, so grateful am I
The seed of your love in me
Sowed by you
Has sprout and is longing
Only for thou.’

‘Please my Master
Let my heart be
Only in you
And in none else
Let my soul go
Only to you
And to none else, and
Let my love be
Only for you
And for none else.’

Then came His message
‘O my child,
I have nothing but love
For thou and for thee
And you must love me
The way I ought to be.
Love one and love all
Love those whom you can
And those whom you can’t;
Then my child
Accomplished my purpose will be
And you will love me
The way I ought to be.’

‘Thus my child
Your heart is in me
And in none else
Your soul comes to me
And to none else
And you love only me
And none else.’

Debabrata Satpathy

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Baba the Abode of Mercy

Bow to the Kind Sai Who is the Abode of Mercy and Who is affectionate towards His devotees. By His mere darshan, He does away with their fear of this 'bhava' (samsar) and destroys their calamities. He was first Nirgun (formless), but on account of the devotion of His Bhaktas, He was obliged to take a form. To give liberation - self-realisation to the Bhaktas is the mission of the saints, and for Sai - the Chief of them, that mission is inevitable. Those who take refuge in His Feet have all their sins destroyed and their progress is certain. Remembering His Feet, Brahmins from holy places come to Him and read scriptures and chant the Gayatri mantra in His presence. We, who are weak and without any merits, do not know what Bhakti is but we know this much, that though all others may leave us, Sai won't forsake us. Those whom He favours get enormous strength, discrimination between the Unreal and the Real and knowledge.

Sai knows fully the desire of His devotees and fulfills the same. Hence they get what they want and are grateful. So we invoke Him and prostrate ourselves before Him. Forgetting all our faults let Him free us from all anxieties. He who being overcome with calamities remembers and prays Sai thus, will get his mind calmed and pacified through His grace.



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Thanks and regards to the "Heritage of Shirdi Sai" team for their hard work and devotion in carrying out such an inspiring and heart-warming effort of touching the lives of the readers. We wait anxiously for every issue of Sai Heritage E-Zine and hope that it's frequency is increased in the coming days. Wishing you all the best in your efforts.

Sushil Saxena
New Delhi

Herewith, I would like to thank you for sending me the Newsletter Sai Heritage E-Zine. I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and I have never been to India and I have got to know my dear Baba only by receiving one of his books. It just happened that I found exactly the same book in a bookshop without even looking for it. I love him very much and I had promised him last year that if I could raise the assets of my children to more every year then I would spend some amount of money (which He knows Himself) for Shirdi Baba Temple. But since last year somehow I have lost most of my assets and now I am facing a lot of difficulties, I am sure my dear Baba will help me to overcome this problem very soon. If one day I overcome my problem I will surely come to India and spend the money that I have promised my dear Baba. Right now unfortunately I could not be of any help but by receiving your articles it gives me a feeling that my dear Baba is behind all these contacts just to show me that he is aware of what is going on. I only would like to ask for my Dear Baba's energy be with me and my family to overcome this problem.

Yar Yavari

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