Only a Sadguru or Qutab or Perfect Master or Master or Kamil can lead a man to God. All other Gurus, called by whatever name can’t lead a soul to God or Over soul, but can only show the path within their capacities.

A man comes into contact with a Sadguru only as a result of accumulation of lots of good deeds in the past lives. One can try to seek God by going from Guru to Guru but once the Sadguru comes to his life, he should end his search and surrender to him because he can only give God realisation to the seeker.

When one starts loving a Sadguru and establishes internal contact with him, the divine love latent in his soul slowly come out with all its manifestations.
Only realised souls know that the life under the protection of a Sadguru is much more joyous and meaningful than the so called life in the heaven, how-so-ever grand it may seem.
The Sadguru not only raises the latent divine love in ardent devotee but also leads him in a manner befitting and most convenient for that soul towards God by himself removing all the obstacles that may come in the way.


Destiny is not comparable. Destiny of each person is unique by itself. So don’t suffer by comparing and contrasting your destiny with others’.
Because the past was imperfect and future uncertain, we must not spoil the perfect present.
Difference of opinion should not lead to difference of mind. Half the problems of our life will not arise at all if we remember this.
Instead of conquering the world, conquer your mind. If you conquer your mind, you can conquer the world.
Do not ponder over negative thoughts as this is infectious, which gets into the system. Keep negative thoughts out of your being.


New Year Message January 1995:

On New Year’s Day Shri Sainath told a devotee "Think, what you have done last year? Try to evolve your soul because the life is not a year, a month or a day. It is a time continuum spreading over millenniums. The soul is beyond the concept of year, month or day."

Some people believe in living for today only. The wiser men have always lived not only lived for yesterday and today, but also for tomorrow. Tomorrow will justify today as today explains yesterday. Therefore, it is good to live today but in a way that one does not die tomorrow.

Ram Navami April 1995:
It is the duty of all of us, the children of Lord Sai, to keep up the noble values Sai Baba stood for. They are mutual co-existence, amity with all religion, love and compassion for all living and non-living beings so as to realize Sat-Chit-Anand.

Guru Purnima July 1995:
The word ‘Sadguru’ depicts a personality so vast and universal, that is beyond the comprehension of an ordinary mortal. Only the spiritual seekers get a glimpse of this entity as they advance in the spiritual path. A Sadguru is one who leads the created to the creator. Being himself beyond the multiplicism and dualism of nature, He has the power to pull-out human beings from the limitations of nature imposed on them. Some people think that a living Sadguru is necessary for uplifting the soul of an individual to spiritual heights. However, history reveals that even after leaving their body the Sadgurus continue in their activity of elevating His people.

A Perfect Master is at first a perfect man, a Satpurush. A Satpurush means one who does not suffer any imperfections or limitations that all other creations of God are subject to. God is only perfect and everything else is imperfect.

Maha Samadhi Message October 1995:
Dussehra also used to be celebrated as the day of "Seema Ullanghan" meaning the day of crossing borders. ….. In the path of spiritualism "Seema Ullanghan" does not mean only a state of physical change but it means ‘transcendence’. Transcendence of what? Transcendence of the fetters of body and mind. This can only be achieved by controlling the compulsions of body like hunger, lust, and the men compulsions of mind like greed, jealousy, anger, hatred etc. (the six limitations). When one by one the mental fetters fall off, two elements of mind like ‘desire’ and ‘feelings’ pertaining to those compulsions also vanish. The soul slowly but imperceptibly then enters into a state of pure consciousness. At this stage he goes beyond all bodily fetters, including birth and death. He also crosses the barrier of time and space. The progress in the path of spirituality is the march of the divine consciousness form its primordial state to the original divine self.